Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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So You Think YOU Can DANCE !?

Today was the fourth (?) show of season seven’s So you think you can dance.
So there this guy, Alex Wong, and he’s a ballet dancer. However, today, he was told to do hip hop. You’d think: ‘hm.. ballet dancer doing hip hop?’ *turns off tv* ‘Probably isn’t any good’ *goes for a snack*
No way. This guy, is AWESOME, no snack for you!

Their Dance

There’s a weird yellow light thing in the middle of the screen, it’s not part of the background lights or anything, but this is the best video I could find. Enjoy ~~!
*update* GAH the video won’t show on here… *inserts link*

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Quote of the day: ‘Look what I found… MEAT!’ I’ll tell the story to this another day…

According to you~~

That’s a good song. It’s like the story of my life, except the ‘him’ part doesn’t apply to me. I fail with love…. that’s just kind of sad…

Worked the whole day on my history presentation. Which is pretty sad, since it’s just my essay copy and pasted onto another document…

Hehehehe.. tomorrow, it’s crunch time!

In today’s football news, the Saints CREAMED the Cardinals. The score was 45 to 14, I think the Cardinals need to start prepping for next year NOW. Too bad the Steelers sucked this year. Pittsburgh’s team was WAY better last year, winning the Superbowl and all. This year their defense sucked. They killed the best team!! (you can see where my loyalty lies) (though it shouldn’t lie anywhere… I live in Canada…)

After watching the game, I helped my dad carry doors down to the basement, since he’s building it and all. Those things are HEAVY. But they look so light….

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Reading: Just finished The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones. Starting Valiant by Holly Black again. Must finish.

Listening to: According to you By Orianthi

Falling for You

When I first met you
You were foolish
A boy who looked
So familiar to another

Friendships formed
And I never thought
I’d fall for someone
Like you

You were just
Another guy
Among the many
I’ve known through life

And yet, I found myself
Watching you in the hallways
From the corner
Of my eyes

Hoping that one day
You’d come up to me
And say
I think I’m falling for you

Months went by
And our friendship grew
I kept on waiting
Wishing for miracles

They never came

One last dance
One last party
One last chance
One last memory

People knew
You knew
And yet
You refused

I asked
You laughed
I cried
Now I’m back

I’m tired
Of missing your friendship
I’m tired
Of missing you

Memories fade
So they say
So why does this broken heart
Still remain?

Working Sunday

Yay~ I understand Trig. Thank Goodnes!

Hehehe… so today’s basically been a work day, catching up on all the work I’ve skipped or have been too lazy to complete.

However, in the middle of it all, I went A.D.D and started watching videos on youtube. This girl (I think the user’s a girl…) who’s username is MyVampireEyes. She makes the videos for animes such as Shugo Chara, Pandora Hearts etc and they’re always so awesome. I was watching some of her videos again and wish I could make one to…

Well, I have tried, and I’ve completed a few, but I have yet to figure out how to actually get it online…

Here are some of her/his… videos =)
(the beginnings are like her little theme songs, they vary as time goes on)


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Tiresome Thursday

Today is just one of those days where everything just wears on you until you snap and just become really weary and tired. Today was just one of those days. I woke up at five and couldn’t go back to sleep, then had to go out at around seven in the freezing cold to my grandparents place. Then I got yelled at for a little while, and after went to school, and once agains stood around in the freezing cold. When I got to school, I sat on the ground and read a book, normal, then I went to class. On the announcements, five minutes ’til class starts, the principal begins counting down, and I swear, it’s the most annoying thing ever. Once class had begun, we discussed the second world war and the deaths and attacking and stuff, which is just what you want to hear at eight in the morning. In careers class, it wasn’t wany better. Our teacher was on some ranting rampage, and even counted out the papers to make sure we didn’t reprint our assignments. Then, at lunch, I had to study for my science quiz, which I did promptly after lunch, and it bored me out of my mind. Then in math, our teacher gave us work to do, which I was direly grateful for. After school, I once again ventured into the cold, missed my bus, twice, once when leaving school and again at the transfer point, and then ended up giving up and walking home. Once home, I stepped in a puddle in my front foyer with my socks and sighing, put them on the vent to dry. Then I got yelled at to do my homework, since my sister had some concert/recital thing at seven, so I did that, getting distracted every now and then by the tv and then got yelled at some more. Once my sister and parents were gone, I finished my homework and took a nap, woke up to find a spider in front of my face, screamed, killed it, and then watched tv. Then I got yelled at again to continue my studying by my grandparents, and then when my parents got back I quickly retreated to my room, where I was promptly disturbed by my mom insisting that I wasn’t studying and told me to go do the dishes and practice my piano. I had to finish some homework on my computer, so I refused, then after a few more minutes of yelling, I come to rant here. Now, I”m tired and worn down, and ready for some sleep. But I still have stuff to finish and life is wearing on my sanity.

The End.

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