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Sleepy Thursday

Ah~ Today, I’ve been like tired the whole day, I was like the walking dead… Sigh. I fell asleep in two of my classes. Ugh.

Still have to do my business assignment… and A LOT of bio homework… Sigh…

Another few fan videos of Shugo Chara~

Hana Yori Dango

I like the second theme way better than the theme for the first season for some reason… eh.

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We’re THIRD!

Canada is now at third in medal rankings with 25 medals, Germany is in second place with 29, and USA is still at the top with 36 medals.

Canada has a total of 13 Gold medals: Men’s Moguls, Ladies’ Snowboard, Ladies 1000m Speed Skating, Men’s Skeleton, Figure Skating: Ice Dance, Ladies’ Ski Cross: Freestyle, Women’s Hockey, Women’s Bobsleigh, Speed Skating: Men’s 500m, Speed Skating: Men’s 5000m Relay, Speed Skating: Men’s Team, Snowboarding: Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom, and Men’s Curling~
Canada has racked up a total of 7 Silver medals: Curling Women’s, Bobsleigh: Women’s, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 3000m Relay, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 1500m, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 500m, Men’s Snowboard Cross, and Ladies’ Moguls
Canada’s also got 5 Bronze medals: Bobsleigh: Four-Man, Speed Skating: Men’s 500m, Ladies’ Figure Skating, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 5000m, and Speed Skating: Ladies’ 3000m

Unlike the USA our Gold outweighs our Bronze medals~ We even set a record! Way awesome team Canada~
Tomorrow is the last and final day of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I have to say, it was pretty awesome~~

Today was an average Saturday: Piano, Lunch, Studying, Dinner, TV, More Studying.
I did get to watch some of the Canadian Curling game (Men’s) they won, so that’s a sign that the game was good (or Norway just wasn’t…) (Though they did play well)

I also found out that the USA’s Men’s Hockey Team is the coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs. That just proves our team sucks, not because of the coach, but because of our players. When was the last time we won the Stanley’s Cup?

I also downloaded a bunch of songs today, most of which aren’t even out on CD yet. Sometimes I wonder why these unreleased songs are on the Internet, and how these people even get them in order to put them up, but other than that, I take advantage of the fact. They were mostly unreleased Jason Derulo Songs. He’s one of my favourite artists~ I’m definitely going to buy his CD (even though I probably have half of the songs on his CD being released March 2nd…) Ah well, all his music is good anyways~

AND (almost done) I finished season 2 of Hana Yori Dango~ Ohmygawd! It was so good~~~ So romantic, and so hilarious. I love Domyouji’s Japanese, it’s just hilarious. Sojiroh’s a playboy, Akira’s the nicest, Domyouji is the least intelligent, and Rui is the most. I love them all though~~
Sometime soon, I shall watch the finale movie for it and will be done~ Though I’ll probably rewatch it later on^^

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Science Center~

Aha… I haven’t posted for the past two days I think… sorry! I’ve been busy… So I have a lot of news to catch up on~~

So first things first. The Olympics.
USA now have 32 medals, Germany has 26, Norway’s got 19, and Canada has racked up 17.
Hockey: The Canadian’s Men’s Hockey team won their game against Russia 7-3 I believe, moving them up to the next round. Their semi-final round is to be played today.

Hockey: Canada’s Women’s Hockey team won Gold yesterday, the score being 2-0. After their win, the audience filed out, and the women took to the ice once more, carrying beer and champagne. They won, why not celebrate? See I think that they deserve to celebrate, seeing as they did win Gold for the country. However, the media didn’t think so. They snapped pictures of the team’s eighteen year old player chugging down a beer. ‘Course she was also the one to score the only two goals of the game in the first round, but no one mentions that. Only the fact that she was drinking, on the ice. Whatever *eyes roll* they deserve to party a little after being stressed and worked so much. According to a poll taken this morning, 85% of people thought that there was NOTHING wrong with them celebrating their success, while the other 15% of people thought that that was a wrong and unforgivable thing. I’m part of that 85%. Girls just wanna have fun~!

Bobsleigh: I believe we won Gold and Silver for this one, womens I think…

Skating: Joannie Rochette won Gold in Figure Skating, competing fatastically, even after the shock of her mother’s death. Congrats to her~!

Speed Skating: Clara Hughes walks away from the Winter Olympics receiving a Bronze medal for her fantastic run. She’s going into retirement I believe, unless she’s still going to compete in the Summer Olympics… She has had an amazing athletic career, being the only person to ever win medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympics~
I think that’s all I’ve got for now, Go Canada!

Oh! I got this cute Miga toy fron McDonalds that’s like snowboarding! This is like the only time I like McDonald’s existance.

Next thing: Science Center Trip
So today people in gr 11 bio went to the Science Center to see the exibit Body Works, that’s like specially featured there. I’m sorry, but I thought it was a waste of 20 dollars, plus another 10 for lunch. Though the food was good, it just wasn’t worth THAT much.


My friends testing their reaction time (had to black out some people (or well one for now…))

A flying tree! I’m so mature…

The exibit we visited (we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside though…)

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OH! I’m on the last episode before the finale of season 2, and oh my gosh, it’s so addicting, sad, weird, and stupid all together. I seriously hate Domyouji’s mom, and Makino’s family is still really spazzy… And ugh, I hate Umi, some friend! *eyes roll* *stares at the episode in disbelief and hatred* I still love Rui, and Akira’s way too nice to be the son of a mafia leader, but Sojiroh’s still cool, and Domyouji…he’s… argh *unmentionable spoilers*

Okay, NOW I’m done~!


So, I’ve been watching way too much Hana Yori Dango (it’s so addicting, it’s not even funny…) so I used up half of this month’s Internet allowance. Now, my dad has cut me off. No more Rui or Domyouji this month *Sad*

That drama is epically addicting. Plus it’s always on my mind. Someone could say something and my mind would somehow connect it to HYD, which is highly annoying and yet interesting. I was up to the fifth episode of season two, and it was getting intense. Now I have to wait until I can finish it….
Aha~ When I saw Akira’s house, I broke down laughing, I think it was either episode 3 or 4 that Makino and Yuki went to his house. Either way, if you see it, guaranteed you will either laugh, be disturbed, or be eternally shocked by it.
I have to say (as much as I would have hated to, like… yesterday) but Shigeru is turning nicer in my point of view. She’s come to understand that patience is a virtue… something that Domo (my nickname for Domyouji) took a while to understand. While still thinking it’s from Hemmingyay… I love his Japanese, always needing to be corrected~
But Rui is still the best! He’s finally fighting for what he wants and believes in… too bad other people aren’t as accepting of his choices…

Okay, I’m done teasing you~

So today I have to start this biology project, and it’s dumb mainly because we’re in groups chosen by her. Now this would usually be okay with me. However, one of my group members doesn’t seem to like communicating through technology, thus never going on Facebook nor MSN. While the other is ALWAYS on MSN, but doesn’t respond for two-three hours, sometimes never responding. See now that bugs me.

Tech is also getting bothersome, since, well, I don’t understand the instructions of her assignments (my teacher) she words things odd and very vague, so I’m left confused, and not being able to understand fully what I’m supposed to do.

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Lord Of The Flies

Okay. So I hate this book. I’m not sure if it’s the food source, the hunting, the killing, or the fact that they’re all guys running around in their underwear. Sure. It has meaning and all that, but it’s so disturbing.

Okay, I’m going crazy over Hana Yori Dango. Domyouji turned into such an a-hole. Oh Gosh, I cried again cause of Makino. When she was talking to Tsubaki (sp) (Domyouji’s sister) she was like saying all these things and I cried, cause she was crying. I’m so soft. And am still in dire need for a life….

Okay, I’ve got nothing else to say today so yeah.

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Hana Yori Dango

Yay~~ I finished the first season of this drama this morning. I’m so soft, I cried at the end. It wasn’t sad, per say, it was more sweet~ Domyouji, his words made me tear up. Okay… I shouldn’t give away any spoilers, that’s mean. But my questions is what happens in the second season. I love the last line of second season’s description:
Will this become a love… square?
This makes me want to watch the season so much~~! But I have to be good with the internet usage… or my dad’ll take away my computer. But if he does, my marks would probably go up…hehehe…..

The saddest part about watching HYD is that now, everytime someone mentions something like Harry Potter, I think of HYD. Just now I was thinking about how my posture sucks, and automatically I thought of HYD. Sigh. I need a life.

I was bored yesterday, so I decided to post a bunch of poems on here. Yes, that is what I do at times of boredom.

Currently: Writing a story. And yes, it’s different from the one that I stole a part of and posted.

Reading: Darklight, the beginning is uber boring…

Listening to: Loveless by Yamshita Tomohisa (Yamapi)
(I need to download new music….)

Typical Saturday

Ah, today was a usual, typical Saturday. Piano in the morning, computer, then my sister’s dance class, computer, blah, blah, blah, and computer. You can see I tend to waste away my life in front of the computer.

Hana Yori Dango is getting good. What am I saying? It’s been good since the beginning. I’m almost done the first season (this is the Jap version, in case you haven’t figured that out yet). I’m on the last episode and she’s like in some beauty pageant kind of thing. Cliffhanger, that’s what the end of ep 8 was. Don’t worry, I won’t give away anything. Poor Rui though… (hehehe~~) Sojiro and Akira are like the most mature. When Rui fools with Domyouji, and finally admits it, they’re both like ‘WHAT THE HECK *sigh*’ It’s so funny~~

I watched Step Up for the first time yesterday (yes I’m really slow with movies) (that’s the area I procrastinate the most in). It was good, but that might just be because I like Chatum Tatum’s acting. GI Joe, She’s the Man, all his movies are good, but that might also be because of the other actors. I love Amanda Bynes’ acting too, she always plays the hilarious, silly character, with like two lines of seriousness. Which then makes me think of Oliver James, whom I think looks good and is great at acting too. And then comes Hilary Duff, who used to be my, like, idol, and is now in Gossip Girl as Olivia. Her singing was what I loved about her.

Okay I think I’m done with my analysis of stars for now.

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