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So You Think YOU Can DANCE !?

Today was the fourth (?) show of season seven’s So you think you can dance.
So there this guy, Alex Wong, and he’s a ballet dancer. However, today, he was told to do hip hop. You’d think: ‘hm.. ballet dancer doing hip hop?’ *turns off tv* ‘Probably isn’t any good’ *goes for a snack*
No way. This guy, is AWESOME, no snack for you!

Their Dance

There’s a weird yellow light thing in the middle of the screen, it’s not part of the background lights or anything, but this is the best video I could find. Enjoy ~~!
*update* GAH the video won’t show on here… *inserts link*

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Quote of the day: ‘Look what I found… MEAT!’ I’ll tell the story to this another day…

Radiant Shadows

So this weekend I saw three movies (not in theaters..) : My Sister’s Keeper, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Up. My Sister’s Keeper was really good, but it was totally different from the book, Campbell had some relationship problems with the guardian ad litem, Julia, who wasn’t even in the movie… and then Jesse had way more problems in the book than in the movie. Lastly, the ending was totally and epically not the same…. not. at. all.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was weird, that’s all I can say about it…
Up was cute. I had seen the beginning on my friend’s mp3/mp4 once, but I hadn’t seen the end until yesterday, it was really, really good~ and it had a moral to it too =]

I still need to do my biography… I have yet to understand what I’m supposed to do for it though…

This is a catchy song, she has a lot of talent. Yes, she. Tanya Manibusan~
Pardon the language….

This song is also really addictive…
David Choi’s ‘That Girl’
Video by Wong Fu =]

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Today was fun. Well, the afternoon was…

I went to piano classes as usual, then me and my family went to this swarovski bead/jewellery shop and I bought around $80 worth of stuff. Yay~ Then we went to eat at my favourite restaurant~~^^ Later we went grocery shopping for a little bit, and then I went to go see New Moon with my friend J. It was a good movie~ Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were really good in the movie, and while watching the previews, we saw Rob Pat’s other movie, Remember Me, and I want to go see that now, not because of Rob Pat, cause no offense he’s not the best looking guy, but because the movie seems really intense, with a good story line. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations^^ Then I had pizza, and now I’m here. Winter Break is fun so far. Now I’ve got to go do the dishes. Yeah, not fun but hey, it’s a part of life!

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