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Fallen Angels

Oh. My. Goodness! I just finished Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It was way past amazing. The ending was totally unexpected, and she was able to string all the books events together so well. According to her bio at the back of the book, it’s her first published book, and I personally think it was better than some authors that have had years of experience. And I have to admit, Patch is one of the best male leads I read about. My friend D said that Patch beat Cassandra Clare’s male character, Jace Lightwood. I love both characters~

 And I should seriously stop reading and start seeing the real world… maybe next week. I now wish there was a second book to Hush, Hush. Just so there would be more Patch^^

 Math thought for the day:

Patch > Jace > All other male characters

 Need more proof that I need a life? I’m watching Barney. Yes, the huge purple dinosaur. I’m at my grandparents’ house basically babysitting my brother. Free, free, free at last… while watching my brother. Unfortunately, there’s also little internet connection. So this is my post attempt. I’ve tried all morning, and the farthest I got was my homepage. So if this is posted at 7 at night, you know I tried, at least.

 Oh look. Barney’s singing about popcorn…. And it’s making me hungry….

 Currently: Digging for a snack. Thanks to the giant purple dinosaur.

 Reading: Cupcake by Rachel Cohn

Listening to: Barney’s Popcorn song. I’m so cool.

So this is posted later than I wanted it to be… *sad* Sweet, sweet internet~ hehehe….

So for the rest of the day, after giving up on the poor internet connection, I decided to watch Mall Cop. I’m sorry, but it looked a thousand times better in the previews, as most movies do…. Then when my mom came by to pick me, my brother, and my sister up, the car windows were messed up. The windows wouldn’t close. I asked her why they were open in the first place, since it’s like -12 degrees Celcius here, and she replied: “I was testing them.” In the middle of winter. In the cold. Obviously they failed that test, and we ended up having to drive home with a garbage bag for a window. Thank goodness it’s not far.

So yeah, that’s my blurb for the day…. though I wish I had been able to post earlier, this shall have to work.

=) Bye for now!

School Tomorrow….

Gah! There’s school tomorrow? I thought we had a two week break… Oh! It’s over? Really? Damn… Hm? What was I doing? Work.

It seems that even when we have a break, we don’t really have a break. It’s so screwed up this system. TDSB says that teacher’s can’t give more than two hours of homework each day. Then why do I spend seven hours each night in my room doing work? TDSB says that teachers can’t give us work over breaks. Then why did I not have a break, but my math ISP to complete, my history ISP to work on, my careers ISP part two to complete and a science project. All due the first or second day back, except my history presentation. How does that work, or make any sense!? TDSB says that cafeterias shouldn’t sell junk food or pop. So in the machines at my school, there is water and juice, but in the cafeteria they sell pop and the most unhealthy food. I’m not complaining but obviously, TDSB rules lie. None of their rules are helping the balance of education we have. Instead, the students striving to get into good universities and colleges to get good jobs in society, are all living their lives glued to books. There’s no time for life when you have a thousand projects to complete, while balancing homework, volunteer work, and ACTUAL work on top of it all. Teachers and parents are always saying ‘you should get a job’ easier said than done Einsteins; 1. Interviews and resumes have to match and be approved; 2. We have to worry about doing well in school whilst still holding onto our job; 3. You want to get me a job, and do all my work, then BE MY GUEST.

I can not wait ’til I’m done with school, then no more stress from school, or volunteer work, or teachers, or parents. Just one simple focus. Work. Sure it’s be stressful too, but it won’t be four different subjects of stress, just one. If I’m an accountant. Numbers. If I’m an optometrist. Science. One main focus.

Being a kid is stressful. The only time we have is during the summer, which doesn’t count for much, since half of us are still confined in our rooms, cause all our friends are on the other side of the earth having the time of their lives.

Hahaha~ so there’s my rant for the day. Now I somehow feel a little bit lighter~

Currently: Gluing my science project together

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (almost done. so awesome~~)

Listening to: Saviour by Lights


Today was fun. Well, the afternoon was…

I went to piano classes as usual, then me and my family went to this swarovski bead/jewellery shop and I bought around $80 worth of stuff. Yay~ Then we went to eat at my favourite restaurant~~^^ Later we went grocery shopping for a little bit, and then I went to go see New Moon with my friend J. It was a good movie~ Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were really good in the movie, and while watching the previews, we saw Rob Pat’s other movie, Remember Me, and I want to go see that now, not because of Rob Pat, cause no offense he’s not the best looking guy, but because the movie seems really intense, with a good story line. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations^^ Then I had pizza, and now I’m here. Winter Break is fun so far. Now I’ve got to go do the dishes. Yeah, not fun but hey, it’s a part of life!

Currently: Going to go wash dishes

Reading: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I ruined my friend’s surprise, plus I forgot the other book at school….

Listening to: Tong Hua by Guang Liang

Winter Break Begins~

Yeah~! Winter Break is finally here. ‘Course there’s still work to be done, but at least schools on hold for a while.

Today was totally fun, and… free? Well, in first period History, our teacher was late, so another teacher filled in. all we did was chat, since there were only five people in the class~ Then in second period, Careers, my teacher let us talk and do as we pleased, so I happily finished Blue Bloods, and I have to say, the book is awesome. Not cliche, and not too out there. I enjoyed it a lot, so now I need to find the second book to read… In fourth, or well… third period, we just ran around the class taking pictures, drawing on the board, and chilling. It was hilarious some of the things my friends did. Then in last period… or fourth period? Our school counts lunch as period three, since some people have classes at that time, and so it’s a little confusing. Well, anyways, in math we just ran around the school, exchanged gifts (well I recieved, but I’m giving after the break ^^) and our teacher was surprisingly nice today, so she gave out chocolate and let us play cards, and draw all over the board, and run around to other classes. It was a fun day.

Later on, at 11:30? :40? somewhere around there, the Holiday Assembly started. It was pretty cool, even though some of the performances were the same as the ones from Destination NV. They did the study hall skit again, but I think it was better this time. It’s basically Quest Crew (america’s best dance crew season 2//so you think you can dance) but high school kid version. It was fun~ They also did a skit about the true meaning of Christmas which was good =) A few people sang, but I think my favourite perfomance was the teacher’s performance. First the male teachers did this kind of rockband thing, where they all play instruments and one female sings, so they did two of those, and then the female teachers came out and danced to Single Ladies by Beyonce. It was really good ^^

My favourite student performer was this girl who sang Fireflies by Owl City, she did it really well, and then everybody brought out their cell phones and started waving them back and forth. The whole assembly was awesome~

Currently: Just chilling. Finally~!!

Reading: Starting Dreamland by Sarah Dessen if my friend permits it (this is what happens when you try to give a book lover a book, and try impossibly hard to not give away the secret)

Listening to: Tic Toc by Kesha

Two More Day ‘Til Freedom!

Yes, there are only two more days until the end of school. Then, hallelujah, it’s winter break!

However, before celbrations begin, I must complete my careers assignment, my history essay, my science assignment, and take one last science test before the break. But Friday’s a half-day, so yay!


Currently: Starting to study for Science

Reading: Blue Bloods

Listening to: Heaven Can Wait by We The Kings

Sad Tuesday.

Today… History: Essay due Thurs//Careers: Large and important assignment due Thurs//Science: Project due next Fri; Quiz this Thurs; Test next Thurs; Lab due next Fri//Math: Quiz on Fri; Test next Wed// School makes me sad.

Hate to be me. Order of work: H-Essay; C-assignment; S-Quiz;M-Quiz; S-2 Projects; M-Test;S-Test; WINTER BREAK!

Currently: Working on history essay. almost done!!

Reading: 13 reasons why.

Listening to: why not by hilary duff


Maybe I should stop getting so distracted and finally finish all my homework… Nah.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The day before Monday but you can still sleep in. This week is going to be as boring as any other. I seriously just can’t wait til winter break


No school, no homework, no teachers, yay~~ and best of all, PRESENTS~~ and MONEY!! ahaha. No, I’m not some greedy rich girl, which is probably why I look forward to money because I have about $3 in my wallet. I need something to live off, and $3 sure ain’t enough.

Fact of the Day: Battle of Ypres is pronounced EEp and was fought with the ‘new’ weapon of chlorine gas -.- history is great… if you want to live in the past, but to live everyday to its fullest you can’t live in the past nor future, but in the present, taking each punch as life rolls on.

Currently: Studying for history and still trying to complete my science letter

Listening to: Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Reading: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (gave up on Resurrection)

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