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Happy Birthday~!

Happy Birthday Grandma. No seriously, it’s her birthday. Though she’ll never see this cause she can’t even work a mouse, I’d just like to announce it, cause I literally have nothing to talk about today.

So we went out to dinner today, and we ate, we spoke, lalala, bout it.

Er… business is boring, some girl stole my worksheets and didn’t give em back… Biology was dumb, because there was a supply and she was like ‘be quiet and do your work!’ *shuffles paper* ‘SHUSH’ yeah… fun. Tech, I finished my orthographic and isometric drawing. The isometric looked so messed up… English. We got a lecture on Shakespeare (is that even spelt right?) . It was quite monotonous. It was a supply, and all she did was talk. ‘Kay, like my actual teacher is like ‘discussions are amazing’ but this lady was so into it, it wasn’t even funny. Seriously, she had like 4 books spread out in front of her, with little tabs stuck into it, with facts about the old poet. Obsession much?

After school was the usual… well not for this week (I was picked up, like, everyday…)… run for the bus, race a kid, and then end up missing the next bus. Sigh. I got off the first bus and saw my second bus was there, so I run for it, and then right when I get to the door, the idiot driver closes it, and I’m like FUUUUUU. and he just stares forward and drives. Sigh. The kid I raced was like smirking, laughing practically. Bum. Next time he misses his bus, I’ll be there laughing ( unless I missed mine too… )

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Talent Show

Today was the school’s talent show, but I’ll get to that later.

Business, I think our teacher is seriously starting to hate the class. He seems kind of angry all the time now, as if he’s ready to blow up in a second. I don’t blame him though. In our class there’s always like only five people who answer, and then he seems to not like two of the five. Plus, people are always talking and stuff. The problem is, he’s really nice, and people take advantage of that. Oh well, I can’t control em, and I’m not going to try… as much as I like him as a teacher, I also like that I’m not really hated by anyone… well almost anyone…

Biology, we had a quiz and then… what did we do? Just like talk? Oh wait. We got an assignment for some debate about the ‘Planet Earth’ movie we watched yesterday, which I had fallen asleep whilst watching it.

So Talent Show. It was … interesting.
First up: NV cheerleaders. Lots of kicks and dancing and pyramids.
Next: Some girl singing an original song, it wasn’t too bad…
Dance Crew Time. Some Filipino group danced, and they were pretty funny.
Then my friend Anna’s brother performed a long arse piano piece. That was so boring. I’m sorry, but seriously…
Two guys performed a song (instrumental (piano and drums)) called God Knows.
Then a girl sang ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz
Followed by another dance group that did a dance in another assembly with the song ‘So Dope’ this time with Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’
M (another friend… kinda… again) sang ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus. It was good (the vocals) but the dance was so … well… yeah… she shouldn’t dance, let’s just say that…
Then a girl dance crew, all asians, they were good. Guys loved them -rolls eyes- pigs.
After, R and D (two guys that are friends (kinda) of mine) played some song on electric guitars. They were REALLY boring… It sounded like they were at a funeral or something… Then for one second, they had a interesting section, and D flew onto his knees as if he was a heavy rocker… it was…. pretty boring. I’m sorry to say…
My (kinda (again)) friend A’s brother’s girlfriend played a piano piece. I liked her performance because it was a song that I’m currently playing : Le Coucou. Funny name, but annoyingly easy but complicated song. Yeah…
Then an Asian girl sang ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift which wasn’t bad, except for the chorus…
After, some kid played a guitar solo kind of thing that was really good, but his amp was pretty low, so that kind of killed it.
Then my friend O sang ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ by Beyonce which was really good, but kinda dragged on…
Lastly, the teacher’s did this whole band rock and roll thing again. It was really awesome.

I think there were a few I missed, but knowing me I’ll never remember until I’m reminded.

Also, today, after school, I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show : Twilight Saga : Eclipse
So she had Rob Pat, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Dakota Fanning on. Rob was pretty funny, and he spoke the most. I know that a lot of girls are obsessed with him, but I don’t get why. Other’s hate his guts. Again, I don’t get why. He’s not the greatest looking person, but he’s not the worst person out there. He’s not bad with things like interviews, but you’ll never see me drooling over him. It’s not him that everybody loves and hates, it’s his character. I just find that dumb. I’m sorry, but seriously, this whole Twilight thing is out of hand. Through the show, Oprah showed clips of Rob Pat going around to stranger’s houses where he’d knock on their door, and give them tickets to the premiere of Eclipse with Oprah. All of these people were fans of Twilight, and even more obsessed with Edward Cullen. It’s crazy how these people are so obsessed about this series. It’s not that godly. Sigh.
Then TL went to a Sorority House on a university campus, I think. All the girls were obsessed with him, and when he walked into the room, they all like spazzed. Crazy obsessed people…

Best series: Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare or Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (for the supernatural obsessers. Go read those, and you shall toss Twilight out the window. Seriously…)

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Love Is Not Enough

Well, yesterday, Danica sent me like 20 songs for me to listen to, all asian, and I loved all of ’em. So I ended up downloading them all… Yeah… Love is not Enough by Raymond Lam was one of them, so yeah…

So I have a lot of homework today, plus a quiz to study for… and yeah, I’m bored :/

We’re going on a trip to the University of Toronto next Thursday for…. I forgot… but hey, I get out of class, I’m good. We were supposed to go to York like the day after Easter weekend, but she forgot to book it and we ended up stuck in school. So hopefully this one goes through.

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Romeo And Juliet

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo~!
Aw shut thou mouth, tis but three in the morning, you barnacle boot face

I don’t know, but seriously. We’re reading Romeo and Juliet in English class. I love the play, I love pretty much all of his plays, it’s my teacher that I’m not so crazy about.
I mean, yeah, not a bad guy, but seriously. We had an 80 minute class, and read two pages of intro stuff for the play. Yeah discussion are meant for learning. But 80 minutes worth, and two pages read. It’s a waste of a class.

Business, we just took up stuff, and then the class ended. I think the teacher hates me now.. He never even looks my way *sad* ah well, I’m still getting 97 so whatever.
Biology, I have a quiz on Thursday. I have done like no work… I’m so smart. *sigh*
Technology, we have to figure out what to do for a final project, and I’m stuck. There’s only one criteria: make it out of wood.
I’m thinking of making a fancy band saw box, a tree that holds jewellery, or an organization box thing. I don’t know… more dilemmas….

I also need to find out where, when, who, what, blah, blah, blah, for my birthday party. My parents want me to have one, but then every idea I try, they shoot down. Their one option that they want is The Glaze Craze, which is where I had my 12th birthday and my sister had her 8th birthday. I think repetition is to their liking..Sigh… again

Talent Show on Thursday, during fifth period. YAY! No English *happy dance* I’m sorry, that class is way more boring than anything else in the world. Like, seriously.

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Gossip Girl!

Oh my goodness! I just finished watching it, and wow.

Well, I’m more in shock from the preview of next week’s show, which is the season finale! So, at the end of this week’s GG episode, Chuck gives Blair one last chance before he shuts his heart to her, and all those around him. The one condition, meet him at the top of the Empire State Building the next day.

So in the preview, guess who’s back and in trouble. Georgina. Yay. And her goal? To get Dan back into her creepy weirdo hands.That shall be quite appealing. However, its also show Blair, meeting Chuck somewhere, the Empire State Building perhaps? And he opens a box that holds a ring. Okay, 1+1=2, right, so what does this equal? Come on, put the pieces together. Got it? YEAH! I’m not going to say what it is… so if you’re still stuck then…
ANYWAYS.. so Chuck starts: ‘Blair…’ *holds up ring* then out of no where, someone punches him. LIKE OH MY GOSHHH! They’re so close to being the best couple ever again, and some dude punches him. And I paused my tv right at the moment, and guess who’s face I saw. Here’s a hint. It’s a Humphrey.

Gossip Girl’s Season 3 Finale is going to be epic. I can’t wait ~!!

This episode: lies are told (what else is new) by Holland. Dun Dun Dunnnn. Rufus is trapped, William is acting clueless, Jenny’s a bit*h, Serena’s being a stubborn bum, Dan is helping the evil (good) side, Chuck and Blair are vaguely speaking, Nate and Serena are about to fall of a cliff (well their relationship at least) and Lily is confused beyond belief. I think my favourite character this episode is Eric. Gay boy for the win. Like seriously.

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Blowing the Whistle

I don’t know about the title… I just saw my key chain and there was a whistle and I thought ‘hey, when I blow that thing it’s really loud…’ yeah… I don’t know…

This is a very true statement by a very hilarious YouTube…r… youtuber? Anyways. Like seriously. What happens when there’s one of those error reports? I mean I get at least 1 per week and I always press ‘Don’t send’ because well, I really don’t care. It’s not like the crashing of my facebook game will impact me direly. However, once I did send an error report, and it said ‘error report sent’ and I thought ‘okay good, I’m doing something about this, because my project is due tomorrow, it’s two in the morning, and I really don’t want to retype all of that stuff… so what happens now?’ It’s not like some dude appeared at my door and was like ‘HEY! I can get your files back *happy smile*’ Nope. Nothing happened. Well something did happen… I had to retype my project. After that, I just gave up.

So today is Mother’s Day. The day where we honour our mothers (no shit Sherlock, right?) I gave my mom a necklace to show my appreciation for her yelling, and nagging, and all of that junk… Yay.
So my family went out to lunch yesterday with my mom’s parents… that wasn’t interesting really…
And then today, my family went out to lunch with my dad’s parents. That was fun. I ate like three … ha-chengs…. shrimp things… and then was full. My appetite is like sky-high.

The cover for the sequel of Hush, Hush is out~! More Patch ^^ Can’t wait for November…

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Design Challenge

Yesterday, I got 26 views… for writing nothing… cool ~
As per every Saturday, I went to piano lessons and then out to lunch with my mom’s side for my sister’s birthday. Tast Of Japan is the restaurant we went to, my favourite restaurant~ I love Jap food~~
After that, I went with my dad, sister and brother to my sister’s dance class. As she was dancing, we went to Canadian Tires and then Toys R Us. After, we went to go pick her up and then drove through the neighbourhood around the dance studio and went to the Princess Margaret House and Home Lottery grand prize house. That thing… is so freaking huge… I totally want that house… ‘course I’ve wanted all of the other houses that were the grand prize but its not like it has ever happened… One of the other grand prize homes from a few years ago had a home theater. That would have been so cool to have… This one was just really really big… plus I liked the decor~ but there was no theater…
After we got back home, my sister, dad and I watched Avatar, while my brother watched Cars on the other tv… Avatar was really good. The message and the story was really meaningful, while the computerized stuff was so vibrant in colour and the idea was really creative. I love the plants that like glow when you touch it. That made everything so pretty…

Yesterday was the first day in the past year that I hardly went on to the computer. I turned it on for ten minutes to put songs on my phone and that was it. I’m so proud… though I’ll probably spend the rest of today on the computer…

I have business homework and a tech design challenge. Can anyone think of some invention that I can use for this assignment? Cause I’ve got nothing…

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