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Radiant Shadows

So this weekend I saw three movies (not in theaters..) : My Sister’s Keeper, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Up. My Sister’s Keeper was really good, but it was totally different from the book, Campbell had some relationship problems with the guardian ad litem, Julia, who wasn’t even in the movie… and then Jesse had way more problems in the book than in the movie. Lastly, the ending was totally and epically not the same…. not. at. all.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was weird, that’s all I can say about it…
Up was cute. I had seen the beginning on my friend’s mp3/mp4 once, but I hadn’t seen the end until yesterday, it was really, really good~ and it had a moral to it too =]

I still need to do my biography… I have yet to understand what I’m supposed to do for it though…

This is a catchy song, she has a lot of talent. Yes, she. Tanya Manibusan~
Pardon the language….

This song is also really addictive…
David Choi’s ‘That Girl’
Video by Wong Fu =]

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Typical Saturday

Ah, today was a usual, typical Saturday. Piano in the morning, computer, then my sister’s dance class, computer, blah, blah, blah, and computer. You can see I tend to waste away my life in front of the computer.

Hana Yori Dango is getting good. What am I saying? It’s been good since the beginning. I’m almost done the first season (this is the Jap version, in case you haven’t figured that out yet). I’m on the last episode and she’s like in some beauty pageant kind of thing. Cliffhanger, that’s what the end of ep 8 was. Don’t worry, I won’t give away anything. Poor Rui though… (hehehe~~) Sojiro and Akira are like the most mature. When Rui fools with Domyouji, and finally admits it, they’re both like ‘WHAT THE HECK *sigh*’ It’s so funny~~

I watched Step Up for the first time yesterday (yes I’m really slow with movies) (that’s the area I procrastinate the most in). It was good, but that might just be because I like Chatum Tatum’s acting. GI Joe, She’s the Man, all his movies are good, but that might also be because of the other actors. I love Amanda Bynes’ acting too, she always plays the hilarious, silly character, with like two lines of seriousness. Which then makes me think of Oliver James, whom I think looks good and is great at acting too. And then comes Hilary Duff, who used to be my, like, idol, and is now in Gossip Girl as Olivia. Her singing was what I loved about her.

Okay I think I’m done with my analysis of stars for now.

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Christmas Eve!

It’s finally Christmas Eve~

Yesterday, my mother baked up a storm, while I washed, what I think is, every dish in the house. Every time I thought I was finished, she’d bring another thing, or a pile of things, for me to wash. So yesterday, in all, she made cream caramel, oatmeal cookies, breakfast, lunch, dinner, while me and my sister decorated Tuesday’s cookies with a ton of icing. Delicious.

Today, as everyone knows, is Christmas Eve. Yeah! Hehehe~ Tonight, I’m going over to my cousin’s house for the Christmas Family Party. Which is about thirty or so people, my grandparents, my dad and his two brother’s families, totalling 14. Plus my aunt’s family, which includes her parents, and her two brothers and their families, plus my other aunt’s parents and brother and sister. It’s a big house. But seriously, every year, the party is so fun, and it’s great just hanging around with family, and extended family~~

Tomorrow is Christmas, which means PRESENTS~~ and more partying =)

YAY~ *epically hyper today*

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