Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Two Days Left

Two more days of freedom, and then back to school we go. Oh well, it was fun at least.

Yesterday, I went to Yorkdale, and we spent two hours in the Bay shopping for a suit for my dad. What a waste of two hours. Then after, we got five minutes in Indigo, and then we had to go, because my dad had to go get his hair cut. That was probably the most boring trip to Yorkdale I’ve ever had. Sigh.

So my actual Internet is kind of..used up. So if I don’t post (like yesterday) you’ll know why~

I watched How to Deal yesterday~ It was good. The movie was a mix of Sarah Dessen’s books This Summer and Someone Like You. The screen writer was able to mix the two together well. Granted, it wasn’t like crazy like Harry Potter, nor was it enlightening and amazing like Avatar, and it wasn’t about sparkly vampires like Twilight. But it was pretty good overall.

Yesterday, I also watched the Grammys. I loved the performances so much. Pink’s performance was awesome. She was singing while being pulled up on a piece of white fabric, and in the middle, she was dipped in water, which she sent flying over the audience in a fountain at the end of the song as she spun downwards back onto the ground. Taylor Swift was able to walk off with many wins, including the Album of the Year award, winning it over Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Beyonce’s performance was good too. She was singing If I Were A Boy. I love her dress in the performance~~ Lady Gaga opened the show singing Poker Face, and then another song with Elton John. As always, her performances were creepy and yet great.

Also, last night, they did a tribute to Michael Jackson. They showed a part of his movie, This Is It, and they sang with him, in a way. Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Smoky Robinson, and Jennifer Hudson all sang with Michael (his voice from the movie). The whole tribute was introduced by Lionel Richie, who had co-written ‘We Are The World’ with Michael years ago. The tribute was touching, and after his children came up to the stand to thank the audience for the Michael’s award.

This year’s Grammy’s was definitely one that would never be forgotten.

Currently: Cleaning my room…. again…

Reading: The Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda

Listening to: Angels Cry by Mariah Carey and Ne-Yo

According to you~~

That’s a good song. It’s like the story of my life, except the ‘him’ part doesn’t apply to me. I fail with love…. that’s just kind of sad…

Worked the whole day on my history presentation. Which is pretty sad, since it’s just my essay copy and pasted onto another document…

Hehehehe.. tomorrow, it’s crunch time!

In today’s football news, the Saints CREAMED the Cardinals. The score was 45 to 14, I think the Cardinals need to start prepping for next year NOW. Too bad the Steelers sucked this year. Pittsburgh’s team was WAY better last year, winning the Superbowl and all. This year their defense sucked. They killed the best team!! (you can see where my loyalty lies) (though it shouldn’t lie anywhere… I live in Canada…)

After watching the game, I helped my dad carry doors down to the basement, since he’s building it and all. Those things are HEAVY. But they look so light….

Currently: Bored and tired

Reading: Just finished The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones. Starting Valiant by Holly Black again. Must finish.

Listening to: According to you By Orianthi

To be.

Of all feelings
Of all thoughts
Of all senses

Like a hollow shell
Not seeing
Not hearing

Everything around me
Is blurred
Never to be
Acknowledged as a whole

Thoughts pass
Through the mind
Like racing cars
Overwhelmed by the feeling

Flies by faster
Than the speed of sound
Than the speed of light

Blocks my vision
As I search for myself
As I hope to be more

Than I am today
For tomorrow
Is but another day
In life

To discover who
I really am
Who the people
Around me are

To find out more
About everyone
I know
And don’t

To be myself
Whoever she may be
To be a leader
Not a follower

To be me…

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