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Sad Tuesday.

Today… History: Essay due Thurs//Careers: Large and important assignment due Thurs//Science: Project due next Fri; Quiz this Thurs; Test next Thurs; Lab due next Fri//Math: Quiz on Fri; Test next Wed// School makes me sad.

Hate to be me. Order of work: H-Essay; C-assignment; S-Quiz;M-Quiz; S-2 Projects; M-Test;S-Test; WINTER BREAK!

Currently: Working on history essay. almost done!!

Reading: 13 reasons why.

Listening to: why not by hilary duff

Two test, One assignment, No sleep

Tonight I have to study for a math quiz, which I will probably do poorly on, since I can’t even understand my homework, and then I have to cram for a history test, which I also won’t do too well on, for I’m no good when it comes to cramming…

On top of that, I have to finish my history notes assignment… thing… and then by the time I understand everything, cram, and then complete all my assignment and homework, it’ll be 6:00 am and I’ll be sleepless.

Currently: Mulling over math homework while reciting facts for history in my head.

Fact of the day: Agnes Macphail was the first femal MP.

Reading: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen (restarted)

Listening to: Replay by Sean Kingston ft. IYAZ

No life for the weekend.

I have too much homework… I shouldn’t even be on this, cause I have only two days to finish all of it…. stressed….

Careers Homework
Math Homework
Science Homework
Science Assignment
Science Acid Rain Assignment
Science Test-Study
Careers Assignment
History Notes for Essay

+ Music Lessons tomorrow (2 hours)
+ Brother’s B-day party (5 hours)
+Sleeping time (8 hours + 8 hours) (16 hours)
+Meals (6 hours)

Time left to do work=21 hours. Joy.

Currently: Debating between math or careers. Let’s see… both are equally annoying and take the same amount of time.

Reading: Nothing. I have no time for a.d.d. (this doesn’t count… starting now)

Listening to: What did you say by Loon ft. Wyclef Jean and Christopher

homework x1000

All I have is homework to do. But I’m so lazy, I haven’t even started, even though I have full knowledge that I won’t be able to do much over the weekend. Put me under the idiot column and be done with it. Math, science, science assignement, science assignment 2, science lab report, careers assignment, and history essay. I mean seriously, can’t teachers give us a break, or like one day that could somehow resemble a break. All there is to do is homework it seems, and if homework isn’t finished, you fail. End of Story. I actually did my homework and ended up with a 75 on the last quiz, so it obviously helps. Too bad there’s SO MUCH work to do. Sigh.

Currently: Starting math, and regaining an ounce of sanity

Reading: nothing… I’m done Tempted, and I’m sorry… it sucked.

Listening to: Snow Express by NEWS

Internet, or no Internet. Which would work?

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to post, to my dismay. My internet was being a bum and didn’t want to connect. I would blame it on the company, but they’re already blaming everything else on earth for their problems, so I think I’ll wait for the issue to come up on the news.

Yesterday was my math test. And I think I did pretty well. Now usually that would be considered a good thing. However, last time I had thought I had done well on a test, I had failed…. epically… so right now, I guess you could say I’m on the fence of failure or passing.

Also, I have a history essay to complete. Now normally, I wouldn’t care about something that’s main point was to write about something, but it’s history, and the themes aren’t the most thrilling. Which brings me back to that issue, where you give me a subject I hold no passion to and tell me to write about it. Well, I can only do so much before I run out of less-than-enthusiastic passion.

Currently: Hungry…

Reading: My sister’s keeper. (well the book’s mine, so I feel no obligation to rush through it…)

Listening to: A little too not over you by David Archuletta


Okay, so it’s not an original drawing… sue me. I’m not exactly sure what it is… Is it a scetch, a drawing, a copycat? Who knows… So I suck at drawing my own characters… well not exactly suck, but I have a lack of imagination for them, so I end up taking pictures from animes/manga, and redraw some of those pictures, and they turn out pretty well, but really, I don’t think that counts as drawing..

Eh. Oh well. I’m better with words anyways. If my dream to become an optomitrist falls flat on its face (whoo. big dream…) then I’d probably be some unknown writer who lives in a box. Thirty years from now, look me up and watch, I’ll be at box number 8 on Yonge and Bathurst writing little notes of insanity all over the walls.

Math test tomorrow… thrilling… er… yeah… I think I’m ready, but I thought I was ready for the quiz and I ended up failing, so I think my judgement lacks some kind of ground. Either way, I think I’m ready, but I’m going to study for hours tonight just in case.

Currently: staring blankly at my math notebook having no initiative to begin the review.

Reading: My Sister’s Keeper still. The books pretty good~~~

Listening to: I wouln’t have nothing…? I think that’s what it’s called… by Mitchell Musso and Emily Osment

School, School, and More School

Another day of school passes. Nothing fun, nothing amzing, but one thing annoying. Apprarently the school is getting new teachers, so they’ve decided to split up classes. Yay…. er…. to my dismay they’re cutting up my class which is no fun at all, cause I actually like my class, and my teacher… to the extent of liking school… I don’t want to be stuck with some clueless fresh out of school teacher… That’s just… not so good.

Eh. Whatever. We’ll see what happens on Monday. Until then. I have a project to finish for Friday, a Math test, and a History test to study for. Sigh.

Currently: Wondering what I can complete for my project without the help of my group-mates…

Reading: Devoured by Amanda Marrone

Listening to: Vanilla Twilight by Owl City <- great band =)

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