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Destination NV, H1N1, and Success

Yesterday, was Destination NV at my school. Every year, kids who are graduating from grade 8/9 (depending on the school) and are thinking of going to NV for their high school career, would go to NV with their teachers and then get shown around the school by volunteer tour guides, and informed on a bunch of different courses and programs that NV has. So this year, like last year, I volunteered as a tour guide, and was able to get my middle school as the group I would tour. Being a tour guide, or even any part of Destination NV, you get a free pizza lunch and drinks, and in the end of it all, you get voluteer hours. They used to give out cookies to both the visiting students and the tour guides, but this year, it was just to the visiting students…*sad* the school’s cookies are like the god of cookies! They taste absolutely AMAZING~

Hehee.. okay back to the point… I was able to see my favourite teacher (EVER!!!) and one of my grade eight teachers who was a pretty cool guy. I also got to see some of my friends siblings, and my friends Justin, and a few people who weren’t near the friends catagory… for one, there was a guy that’s my friend’s brother. He’s two years younger than me, and yet he was able to make-fun of me and my friends. Sad. I was bullied by a kid who’s two years younger than me and like five inches shorter… > _ <

In the end, Destination NV was really fun. I heard a lot of stories about my middles school from my old teachers, and my friend Justin, and I even got some cookie~~^^ the things you get from knowing people~

After the awesomeness of Destination NV, I had to go to the doctors and get my H1N1 flu shot. It was fine when the shot was done, but then, hours later, it felt like bricks had been thrown at my shoulder, and I couldn’t move my hand right… I also think the shot either made me WAY more emotional than usual, or I was just shedding none stop tears for no reason. Odd… Plus, today when I woke up, the pain was even worse, but I think it was from both a huge impact to my shoulder from someone running yesterday, plus the shot in the shoulder area that resulted in such pain. I mean, it’s hard to move my shoulder, but I can at least move my hands now… improvement~

Lastly~~ I successfully got a 91.7% on a math quiz. When I saw it, my jaw dropped. My standards had quickly fallen after all those sixties. *still shocked!*

Currently: Doing my math homework, and typing out my history thesis, at alternate times of course… hmm… how much easier life would be if you had like six arms to do different tasks…

Reading: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: Jenny by The Click Five

Teachers tell lies too

History: 90%
Civics: 93%
Science: Unknown and probably will never be known.
Math: Monday.

My history/civics teacher said that he would give us our marks today, and he did. Science… she’s like the slowest marker on earth, so I doubt she has her marks close to ready, and my math teacher said today, and now she says monday. Watch, at the end of next week she’ll say ‘Oh you’ll see on your report card. Okay, slight exageration, but seriously, teachers tell lies too.

Woo~~ last day of civics was today… unfortunately, on Monday, we’re starting careers and my teacher going to be worse than any of my teachers, even my math teacher’ll probably be better. Last year, my careers teacher filled in for my gym teacher and then she started yelling at us because we thought a picture looked like one thing, while she thought it was something else. Turned out we were right, but after that she hated us. Hell, she hates everyone. People say she hates Asians, Russians, etc. Air go. EVERYONE. fun……

Currently: yawning. I are tired. (that’s not a mistake…)

Reading: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (I LOVE HER BOOKS~~ favourite author… for the past six years that is…)

Listening to: I Za Na I Zu Ki by NEWS

Another day of life

Another day of life wasting away in musty classrooms basically doing nothing that prepares us for the real world. When I’m thirty, would I really need to know that Louis Riel died November 6th 1885? Or would I ever need to know that King John was a royal idiot? Probably not, yet we’re forced everyday to endure the classes that could cause most people to fall asleep. Though history is a part of Canadian past, do I really need to learn every gory detail? I’m doing well in it, but jazz it up, death isn’t a very happy prescence first period in the morning.

On top of history, there’s science class, where we are currently starving poor innocent fish. Each group was to buy a fish for this project where we deprive the fish of oxygen, food, and sanitation, for absolutely no valid reason. What’s the point of killing ten+ fish for an experiment. Why not one? Or none?  It’s a pointless assignment of torture and cruelty, yet the school board supports it.

Lastly, math class. This is where the rant really begins.

My teacher is an imbicile. She’s cocky, evil, and irritating. She thinks she is the best mathematician in the school. She tells us that she’s not our crying shoulder and doesn’t care about our life problems. But when the parents come in, it’s like a personality transformation. “I’m always here for you to talk to about anything, you know that, right?” NO! She twists stories as well. My friend was doodling in class and got yelled at by her, and he yelled back. She didn’t like his attitude and sent him to the office. She tells the principle that he yelled at her first and she didn’t appreciate the disruption it had caused in her class. Like, seriously, GET A LIFE. It’s like she has nothing else to do but torture the poor kids in her class. Another time, my friend was asking me a question, I told her to shut it and I got sent to sit at the front of the classroom, where she glared at me with her huge beady eyes. I’m in an honors program for math science and technology, and when we did our test, she put enhanced material we never even learned. Then, after she marked the test, she called all of us stupid. I*insert curses here* HATE HER!!!! She may be good at math, but I’ll never know, because she can’t teach for her life, she can’t speak well, she’s a huge hypocrite, and when we ask for help, she doesn’t bother. Everyone calls her Ms. Cut-Your-Ankle, so basically, she’ll make you go suicidal five minutes into her class.

History’s awesome, without the blood and death. Science is great, if we weren’t killing fish slowly in a bottle. Math is just HELL. Maybe math is just a purgatory we have to work through because karma came back to get us for torturing fish. But either way, school could go burn in hell.

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