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Fun Monday (that’s odd)

So today was an okay day. My awesome first period teacher snapped (like his temper went crazy for about 5 mins…) and then second period me and like 10 other people got let out of class 15 mins early, which is cool, since my teacher isn’t my favourite… but hey. 15 mins makes a bigg difference~~ In science, we did, like, nothing, and ended up with homework… and math was same old, same old. I got 70% on my quiz ^^ *happy* but I got 71% on my science quiz *sad* see how this works for me. Math, anything over 65% is awesome. Science, anything under 80% isn’t good at all.

After school, it was the Anime Club X-Mas Party. So I ate three plates of popcorn, drank pop, and got a bunch of candy from secret santa, which has got to be like the best secrest santa gift I’ve ever recieved (you do not want to know the others…) It was fun~^^

Currently: Working on Math homework (have to keep the marks up)

Reading: Blue Bloods (Which is actually pretty good~)

Listening to: Summer Girl by Stereos

The Marks Are In… and the loser is…

Today, my math mark was given to me. It ended up being a 69. How epically sad. Hey, at least I didn’t fail~~

Total average of know marks:84%
Hopefully my science mark boosts it a little…

Eh. At least my class’s average is higher than the other HMST class~~ probably because we have the two geniuses… *sigh* If only I was one of them….

My science teacher bugs me. She’s like the slowest marker in the whole world. We handed in this project and the other class got it back, but she’s only done half of them, and when we do a test, we recieve it a month later, and take it up the next month. Then, when she’s teaching us stuff, she doesn’t right proper information on the board, leaving us with no notes, and me with no information what-so-ever due to my short-term memory. Plus, when you ask a question, she’s always like “Refer to your textbook and if you can’t find any information, check the internet” and if not that then “I don’t know. Check the internet and tell me tomorrow” Like seriously?

Eh. So long as my mark is good, I’m happy. And so long as I don’t have her as a teacher ever again after this year then, I’m even more happy~~

Currently: Staring blankly at my math homework, wondering if I should even bother trying

Reading: Tempted. It’s okay….

Listening to: Beside You by Marianas Trench

School, School, and More School

Another day of school passes. Nothing fun, nothing amzing, but one thing annoying. Apprarently the school is getting new teachers, so they’ve decided to split up classes. Yay…. er…. to my dismay they’re cutting up my class which is no fun at all, cause I actually like my class, and my teacher… to the extent of liking school… I don’t want to be stuck with some clueless fresh out of school teacher… That’s just… not so good.

Eh. Whatever. We’ll see what happens on Monday. Until then. I have a project to finish for Friday, a Math test, and a History test to study for. Sigh.

Currently: Wondering what I can complete for my project without the help of my group-mates…

Reading: Devoured by Amanda Marrone

Listening to: Vanilla Twilight by Owl City <- great band =)

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