Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Remembering Sunday

Remembrance day is Wednesday and through tradition, my family visits the cemetery the weekend before it. My grandmother’s parents are there, along with my aunt. My aunt was killed when she was eighteen, so naturally, I never met her. She was riding home in a taxi from her friend’s house. In the middle of an intersection, the taxi got T-Boned by another car, instantly killing her and the taxi driver. Every year, we visit her, along with my great-grandparents around Remembrance Day, Christmas, and Easter.

And after every visit to the cemetery, there must be a meal. Usually we go to this Chinese restaurant called Empire or was once called New World, which was bought out by Empire, but then last year the restaurant (Empire) closed down. Don’t know why, but it did. So today, we ended up going to the Best Dragon Chinese restaurant on Steeles across from Centerpoint. This was the very same restaurant that we had seen a rat a few weeks ago. Very appealing, don’t you think? My sister, dad, and I had to listen to my mother rant about the germs and diseases that are lodged in the restaurant for the 30 minute ride over to the restaurant. Fun.

Overall, the meal was good, and no rats made an appearance today. It was just a normal family get together, which was quite enjoyable.

Currently: thinking about starting my math homework…

Reading: Tempted by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast (sixth book to the house of night novels) (I got it today~~)

Listening to: Summer Time by NEWS (~~^^)


Maybe I should stop getting so distracted and finally finish all my homework… Nah.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The day before Monday but you can still sleep in. This week is going to be as boring as any other. I seriously just can’t wait til winter break


No school, no homework, no teachers, yay~~ and best of all, PRESENTS~~ and MONEY!! ahaha. No, I’m not some greedy rich girl, which is probably why I look forward to money because I have about $3 in my wallet. I need something to live off, and $3 sure ain’t enough.

Fact of the Day: Battle of Ypres is pronounced EEp and was fought with the ‘new’ weapon of chlorine gas -.- history is great… if you want to live in the past, but to live everyday to its fullest you can’t live in the past nor future, but in the present, taking each punch as life rolls on.

Currently: Studying for history and still trying to complete my science letter

Listening to: Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Reading: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (gave up on Resurrection)

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