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Biology’s a ….. nevermind.

I hate tests. They shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Sigh. I mean, just give us the lesson. You don’t actually have to test our knowledge or give us a mark. If we want to learn, we’ll listen, and we’ll learn. If we don’t, then there are other people in the class who would love to listen to you banter about a subject that I really don’t care about.
From English, I learn new words and all that jazz; Science, I learned about climate and optics, which will come in handy in my future; History, I can relate to many events in history that come up in like presidential/prime minster…al? speeches, or during the school day when we celebrate stuff like Martin Luther King day; Careers and Civics, well that’s the stuff I’ll need when I’m older and have to deal with the jail system (not that I’m thinking about getting arrested or whatever) or getting a job (I think we all need that… unless you’re a hobo then that’s a different story); In Business, you learn about the TSX, businesses, how they run, etc. I might just need that in life. Especially the TSX stuff. Everyone buys stocks these days; In Technology, we learn how to use tools and how to handle wood. Knowledge that I’ll probably use when helping my dad fix our basement; In Biology, I learned enough to be able to identify certain problems/bacteria/organs/enzymes when watching shows like Dr. Oz. All this I learned through school. As much as I hate half those subjects, I still learned something useful. However, I don’t need to be tested for EVERY SINGLE unit, chapter, whatever! It’s pointless, and just makes me rant, as I’m currently doing… Sigh

Also notice how math isn’t there at all? Well, seriously? When will I need to know the equation of a line or parabola. When will I need to know all this trigonometric equations and formulas. I still have them all memorized, but have yet to use it in the real world. All of the useful math, I learned in gr 4-6. Done.

Another good video for Shugo Chara. This time, Utau is also in it.

This is a great opportunity to whoever can sing (I can’t!) Aha~ I love Marianas Trench music~

Biology Facts for the Day:
I’ve got nothing…
And I have a test tomorrow…

Currently: Thinking I should seriously start studying for Bio…

Reading: Nothing at the Moment… I might start ‘Waiting for Normal’ by Leslie Connor, but only if I have time.

Listening to: Remember December by Demi Lovato

Sleepy Thursday

Ah~ Today, I’ve been like tired the whole day, I was like the walking dead… Sigh. I fell asleep in two of my classes. Ugh.

Still have to do my business assignment… and A LOT of bio homework… Sigh…

Another few fan videos of Shugo Chara~

Hana Yori Dango

I like the second theme way better than the theme for the first season for some reason… eh.

Currently: Supposedly doing my business assignment

Reading: Vampire Academy: Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

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Bittersweet Love

I’m reading Dear John, and that’s one of the reviewer’s comments. I’m half-way through and it’s so well written, like all his books, and so sweet~

Ugh, I have to finish my business assignment, but I really, really, really don’t want to. Since we can’t type it (because too many people copy and paste from the Internet), we have to handwrite it, which is one of my least favourite things to do.

My mini rant for the day:
Today, I was waiting for the bus, and when it came, it was stuffed with middle school kids. So a bunch of them got off, and the others moved further back on the bus, and there was way more than enough room for lil’ old me to fit. But no. I step on to the bus, and the freaking bus driver closes the door on me, while I’m in the middle, so it was either get off the step, or be stuck in the door. I got off. So the stupid driver’s like watching me get stuck in the door, and doesn’t bother open it again, even though there was room, and he knew I was there. And the middle school kids are looking at the driver like he has some mental problem, and it was such a freaking piss off! Then I had to wait for the next bus… which basically meant waiting outside for 30 mins with some creepy girl from my school staring at me with her magnifying glasses… Stupid TTC should go buy some better drivers. Like seriously.

Okay, I’m done being angry~

Yesterday I was bored of my tech assignment, so I began looking at Shugo Chara fan videos. I don’t really like Shugo Chara, but the fan videos are usually good to watch.

I like the song, and the video’s not bad either. Another reason why I like looking at these videos: they give me new music to listen too.

There was a job/volunteer fair at my school today, and I know my parents REALLY want me to do something productive this summer (let’s just say I spent a great amount of last summer on sites such as Neopets and Moshimonsters) (Don’t ask…). So I’ll either volunteer somewhere or get a job. But in order to get a job, I need a SIN number. Something I should have applied for during my non-productive summer…

Okay back to homework….

Currently: doing business assignment

Reading: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

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Today was another average school day. I have a business test tomorrow, so I have to start studying for that… some time today…

There’s this manga, Shugo Chara, which I find slightly childish, but not badly written…
This video was made using clips from the anime (which I’ve never watched…) but makes me want to watch…
The maker is really good with this video making thing, cause all of her videos are awesome~~

That’s her newest one, and it’s so good~ it’s a little off sync in the middle, but that’s just because of youtube…

So the news for today’s Olympic events:
Men’s Snowboarding half-pike was today, but I didn’t hang around long enough to watch it all…
Woman’s Downhill Skiing went over pretty well, though Canada didn’t win any medals, we still did well. The highest ranked person was 6th. Another lady, I believe she was Canadian, had to be airlifted away because of injury… hopefully she’s okay…

Currently, the US has gotten 10 medals, Germany has 9, France has 7, and Canada is tied with Norway with 5. Come on Canada~~!!! Eh, we’ll do well with hockey, that’s a given. Our team(s) (men and woman…) ROCK~!

Currently: Doing my English homework (and avoiding studying…)

Reading: Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

Listening to: Riding Solo by Jason Derulo

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