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Screwed Up Presentations

Ack! It was too short. That was my first thought when I had stopped speaking for my History presenation. How right I was. The assignment sheet said ‘subtract five marks for every minute under ten. I had stopped at seven. I’m so stupid. When I timed it at home, it was fifteen. It must have magically turned shorter over night…

Well, at least I am done with all presentations. I had also done my Careers presentation right after, and I know that had gone much better than my history one. So History and Careers presentations are done. All that’s left are science projects, and exams~

Then Semester Two~~

2010 looks good starting… January 28th~

Currently: Typing out Science assignment

Reading: Just finished Valiant, it wasn’t too bad… wasn’t the greatest though. Starting either Cupcake or Ironside… We’ll see.

Listening to: Believe by Orianthi

Twelve more days ’til exams

Twelve. More. Days. This is what I was reminded of first thing in the morning. The principle of the school is relatively new, just started in September at NV. So every morning, he decides to go onto the P.A. system and tell us how many minutes there are left until the bell rings. Obviously, this guy needs a new hobby. So today he says: “There are ten more minutes until first bell. Let’s finish up those conversations and get to class. Remember, there are twelve more days until exams. You can get a lot accomplished in these twelve days, so let’s get moving.” Is there something about the class averages that you don’t like or something? Are we not getting enough accomplished for you liking?


I can’t wait until next semester. Other than grade 11 bio, all my other classes should be fun, or a breeze to get though. Granted, there will be projects, homework, etc, but there well be a happier me~~

Currently: Starting my science homework

Reading: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen (x-mas present version~~)

Listening to: Already Over by Red

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