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Good Morning World.

This is a very early post.

Well, yesterday, I would have posted, but I kind of was in pain.
You see, I went biking for the first time since July, and I’m out of practice. Though I’m usually not THIS bad, I was pretty bad yesterday. I wiped out three times, meeting the pavement with the right side of my body. Let’s just say that side isn’t happy this morning. *cringes in pain*
Ah well, it was still a hell of a lot of fun~~

Three more days left of March Break, and I have gotten almost no work done… Yay… Now it’s like cram time. I have to finish my science assignment… and study for a test. Sigh.
And oddly, I have only finished one book so far… I seriously read more when I have school and work and tons of homework than I do without all that. Weird.

Today, I’m going to watch Bounty Hunter (hopefully) or She’s Out Of My League (er…) with Danica and Anna . Can’t wait, I so want to see this movie because it looks so awesome~~!! Bounty Hunter that is. I love Geraud Butler and Jennifer Aniston! They’re movies are always pretty good, plus I loved Friends~~ She’s so out of my League looks like it’ll be funny. I remember that guy who’s starring in it, Jay, when he was with Elisha Cuthbert in Popular Mechanics. Now most kids these days would be like ‘what the heck is Popular Mechanics for Kids!?’ I used to love that show~ Still watch it every now and then.

Just heard this new song by Iyaz (Most Known Song: Replay) and Charice (Most Known Song: Note to God)

It’s not a bad song~

Currently: Attempting to finish my bio assignment. I don’t get, like, half the questions…

Reading: I think I’ll start… eh I don’t know…

Listening to: Pyramid by Charice ft. Iyaz

Science Center~

Aha… I haven’t posted for the past two days I think… sorry! I’ve been busy… So I have a lot of news to catch up on~~

So first things first. The Olympics.
USA now have 32 medals, Germany has 26, Norway’s got 19, and Canada has racked up 17.
Hockey: The Canadian’s Men’s Hockey team won their game against Russia 7-3 I believe, moving them up to the next round. Their semi-final round is to be played today.

Hockey: Canada’s Women’s Hockey team won Gold yesterday, the score being 2-0. After their win, the audience filed out, and the women took to the ice once more, carrying beer and champagne. They won, why not celebrate? See I think that they deserve to celebrate, seeing as they did win Gold for the country. However, the media didn’t think so. They snapped pictures of the team’s eighteen year old player chugging down a beer. ‘Course she was also the one to score the only two goals of the game in the first round, but no one mentions that. Only the fact that she was drinking, on the ice. Whatever *eyes roll* they deserve to party a little after being stressed and worked so much. According to a poll taken this morning, 85% of people thought that there was NOTHING wrong with them celebrating their success, while the other 15% of people thought that that was a wrong and unforgivable thing. I’m part of that 85%. Girls just wanna have fun~!

Bobsleigh: I believe we won Gold and Silver for this one, womens I think…

Skating: Joannie Rochette won Gold in Figure Skating, competing fatastically, even after the shock of her mother’s death. Congrats to her~!

Speed Skating: Clara Hughes walks away from the Winter Olympics receiving a Bronze medal for her fantastic run. She’s going into retirement I believe, unless she’s still going to compete in the Summer Olympics… She has had an amazing athletic career, being the only person to ever win medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympics~
I think that’s all I’ve got for now, Go Canada!

Oh! I got this cute Miga toy fron McDonalds that’s like snowboarding! This is like the only time I like McDonald’s existance.

Next thing: Science Center Trip
So today people in gr 11 bio went to the Science Center to see the exibit Body Works, that’s like specially featured there. I’m sorry, but I thought it was a waste of 20 dollars, plus another 10 for lunch. Though the food was good, it just wasn’t worth THAT much.


My friends testing their reaction time (had to black out some people (or well one for now…))

A flying tree! I’m so mature…

The exibit we visited (we weren’t allowed to take pictures inside though…)

Currently: Studying for a business test on Monday

Reading: Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead (Frostbite was epically suspensful… she’s a really good writer~)

Listening to: Love So Sweet by Arashi (I’ve clearly been watching too much Hana Yori Dango…)

OH! I’m on the last episode before the finale of season 2, and oh my gosh, it’s so addicting, sad, weird, and stupid all together. I seriously hate Domyouji’s mom, and Makino’s family is still really spazzy… And ugh, I hate Umi, some friend! *eyes roll* *stares at the episode in disbelief and hatred* I still love Rui, and Akira’s way too nice to be the son of a mafia leader, but Sojiroh’s still cool, and Domyouji…he’s… argh *unmentionable spoilers*

Okay, NOW I’m done~!

Course Selection!

So it’s that time of year when we have to choose what courses we want for next year. And it’s seriously giving me stress. In the HMST program (hate hate hate hate hate) we have to take chem and physics, math and advanced functions, and tech, plus the mandatory English, leaving us with only 2 electives. I’m thinking yearbook, and accounting, or maybe tech? Sigh… I am the most indecisive person on earth… the thing is, the courses we take next year, dictate what we can take next year. In other words (because of the program) people in HMST have hardly any choice to take math and science, since they’ll be like the only thing we have prerequisites for. Saddest part is: I know what I want to take for grade twelve, but unless I fail the set courses this year, I already have the prerequisites set. Sigh… again…

So today, the Olympic event consisted of Ski Jumping (love watching that), Curling (it’s slow, but intense), and I’m not sure what’s on now… I was watching the Ski Jumping, where someone jumped like 144m and no one was able to top it, and then Curling, I watched the game between Great Britain and the USA. I think Great Britain was winning when I left (those games take so long, and I can’t sit for that long, without like tapping my foot off so I had to leave…)
Currently, USA has obtained 21 medals, Germany has gotten 14, Norway has racked up 10, and Canada’s got 8. (Woot! We won Men’s Skeleton~ Yay Jon Montgomery!)

Currently: Stressing over course selections

Reading: Vampire Academy by Richelle Mead

Listening to: C’est La Vie by B-Witched (old song aha~)

Two More Left

I have…about three more hours until my history exam. And I just don’t feel like studying. Basically, I’ve hardly studied at all. Either I’m too lazy, or my friend RD is wearing on me, and I’m beginning to lose all initiative in school. The saddest part is, RD gets 90s without doing homework, trying on tests, or listening in class, while I get 60s for paying attention, taking careful and neat notes, and studying like hell. Who wins? He does. ALWAYS.

So, with my epic distractions come my friends. I’m talking to them, and there’s stuff about anime, youtube videos, and french. But no history or science cramming. Just random ‘Look this is funny!’ kind of videos.

Here’s one of them:

See that’s both entertaining and mildly disturbing.

Two more exams to go. Two! Today and tomorrow, and then the torture is over… until June. So, when I get back tomorrow, everyone will get to hear my rant about school! Yay! And then I’ll crawl into my little corner and read all the books I had taken out from the library, and shove all history and science facts out of my head. Though I’ll probably need those next year… Who knows what might happen.

*Cries* I may make it into Gr 11 Honours Math Science and Tech. Which is the program I’m in now, but I might actually pass through. That’s good on one side, because then I can stay at NV. On the other hand though, it’s SO MUCH WORK. The courses you need to take next year is: Gr 12 Chemistry, Gr 11 Functions, Gr 12 Functions and Relations, Gr 11 Physics, and some Gr 12 tech course. Fun! So much math….*sad*

Historic thoughts for the day:
Hitler did not change history. HE MADE IT. You can’t change something that was never created.
Triple Alliance-Germany, Italy, Austria-Hungary
Triple Entente-France, Britain, Russia
History is dumb, because the Triple Entente are the allies, and yet they aren’t the Triple Alliance. (sigh)

Currently: Getting epically distracted

Reading: I give up on history

Listening to: Blah Blah Blah By Ke$ha ft. 3OH!3


So history is boring me to death and science isn’t any better. Only two more! I tell myself that, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Especially with this freaking cold….

Math fact for the day:
Alikiya+studying=epic boredom. See, with just that, I should get an A in math~
If only….

So I should really get back to studying, though I probably won’t. I’d either get distracted, or I’ll just sit there, staring at the review sheets and think ‘Why can’t monkeys fly?’ I swear, I can be Einstein! Starting… Never… It’s odd though. I can memorize music lyrics faster than anything, but when it comes down to scientific or historical facts, it just flies over my head to be forgotten. I can remember the stupidest of things, and when it comes down to school, everything slips away as easily as water. Sigh. My common sense is somewhere up there, and yet my math skills are about rock bottom.

I think I’ll just be a hobo when I grow up. Aim low. Shoot high!

Currently: Testing my friend in history. That’s the closest I’ll get to hardcore studying

Reading: History Notes. Oh you meant a book? Haha you’re funny~~

Listening to: What do you want from me by Adam Lambert

Funny/Truthful Facebook Groups/Pages:
Multiple Choice Thinking Process: Hmm I haven’t used C in a while
Paper beats rock OK I’ll throw a rock at you and you defend yourself with paper
Did you see that? No I’m watching this 9347 inch screen because it’s pretty
So I looked at the first question on my test and realized I was gonna fail
98% of kids drink or smoke before 18. Join this group if you like bagels

That is what happens when I’m bored… hehehe~~

Good luck with exams!

I wish I could scream.

Sigh. I’m sick, and that sucks. So I’m coughing away, while attempting to concentrate on studying exams. It’s not easy. I can’t wait until Thursday. Can. Not. Wait.

I’m half-way done studying for history, so I need to start studying for science soon. Joy.

Facts of history (Just because I’m too lazy to start anything) :
-Nellie McClung was the woman who fought for the right to vote, and was voted as Albertan legislature after
-British Privy Council ruled that women were ‘persons’
-Louis Riel was a Metis leader, who led the Metis to many rebellions
-The rebellions of 1837 were the cause of Upper and Lower Canada
-The USA was the result of the American Revolution
-The Quebec Conference was where the colonies agreed on confederation

-Reasons for WWI: Alliance system; Militarism; Nationalism; Imperialism; Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
-Battle of the Marne-First battle of WWI; trench battle
-Battle of Verdun-The longest battle of WWI; Germans declared they would ‘bleed France white’
-Battle of Ypres-Gas
-Battle of the Somme-Most casualties
-Battle of Vimy Ridge-Hill; Great success for Canada
-Battle of Passchendale-Mud; Many died and when it was over, it was abandoned
-Battle of the Mons- Last Battle; Pointless; Occurred Nov 10, 1918-the day before the war ended

Okay, now I’m bored, and you’re probably falling asleep
Good luck on exams (again)

Currently: Bored to death

Reading: Study notes

Listening to: Lost Then Found by Leona Lewis ft. One Republic

My Life Is Average

I’m bored out of my mind today. My parents have me locked up in my room ‘studying’. So I attempted and failed. I mean, history and science. I know I should study, but they make me tired, and I only woke up an hour ago.

In my boredom, I went to and began looking at random entries. Here are the ones I thought were interesting//funny.

1.Today, I’ve read a few MLIA’s about town names like Intercourse, Paradise and so on. It makes me wonder what unimaginative, lazy person named my town “Newtown”. MLIA.

2.A few days ago, my family went to my cousins house. The first thing my mom said when she saw their dog was, “Oh you look so masculine!” my uncle (her brother) looked annoyed at her and said to his dog, “Don’t worry, Lucy, they used to say the same thing about her.” I’ve never seen my dad laugh harder in my entire life. MLIA.

3.Recently, I was eating Burger King food with my sister-in-law when she noticed that the sandwich wrappers have the DISHWASHER SAFE logo on them. It’s nice to know that if I ever need to wash a sandwich wrapper, I won’t have to do it by hand. Thanks, Burger King. MLIA.

4.Today in psych class, we were discussing ‘personal bubbles’. If you are too close to someone, without even realizing it, they will move away from you. Interested, my friend decided to try it. It worked on three people, then she tried it on my boyfriend. She got right up in his face, and looked him dead in the eye. He looked at her, blinked and stepped even closer. She stepped back. I love him. MLIA

5.Today my mom told me that this morning she went to get a mug out of one of our cabinets. It happened to be way in the back, and when she picked it up, she heard something move inside it. Thinking it was a cockroach and being terrified of them, she threw the mug into the sink, screaming. When she dared to look over the edge of the sink, it was an just empty mug with a little paper star. I put that star there months ago in the hopes that it would freak her out. I really wish I could high five my past self. MLIA.

6.Today, I was eating at a restaurant and an elderly man came up to our table and asked if he could do a magic trick for us while we waited for our food. We agreed and he did a couple of really awesome tricks. When our waiter came back, we asked him how long the guy had been working there. Apparently, he doesn’t. MLIA

7.I convinced my best friend that my boyfriend saw the world in black and white. When we got to a traffic light he started screaming WHAT COLOR IS IT? I in turn yelled GREEN when it was red. He ran the light. I think I’m in love. MLIA

Okay. I think I should stop for the day. I seriously need to start studying…

Have funn this weekend everyone. And let us continue to keep our goal for this year. Stay Alive! Sound good?

Currently: ATTEMPTING to study

Reading: I have to not read, or I’ll be epically distracted

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