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Thursday Blues

This week has been pretty crazy. It was a short week, ’cause of Victoria day, and all, but it was so stressful, and the real stress starts… now.

On Tuesday, it was a modified day, and I was hanging with my friends A, M, and D. So M had like D’s Wii remote or controller.. anyways, so he gave it to A and was like ‘hey! happy birthday!’ so then D was like ‘NO! that’s mine, man!!’ so I take it from A, look then pass it back. Then he ended up passing it back to me, and D like sat on me trying to get it. So we spent about 10 minutes arguing over his Wii remote, tackling each other, twisting limbs, pinching, tickling, etc. It was definitely the most entertaining part of my day.

Then on Wednesday… yesterday, life was boring… we had a 2 hour lunch because of the school carnival. I got a jumbo freezie for 50 cents and that was about all the time I spent at the actual carnival…

Today, we had SAC (student activity council) assembly for elections. That was really, really, really, boring. But hey, I got to skip Biology class~

This whole week has been extremely hot out… like 38 degrees Celsius with humid ex. It’s crazy…
Tomorrow, it’ll be a beautiful 23 degrees out, jean! no shorts!

Okay, I have to go study for a business and english test. Fun…

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Listening to: Hate That I Love You by Rihanna ft. Ne-yo

Busy Saturday

Today started with the average piano lessons in the morning, and then to celebrate my brother’s birthday-though it’s a week early-we picked up my grandparents and then went back to our house to eat. Then we brought them along to my sister’s dance class. While she was at that, we ended up at Hillcrest Mall, walking around aimlessly. Fun. Then we picked up my sister, visited various Chinese stores to find some sort of frozen chicken… and then dropped my grandparents off at their house. After, we went to the library and I picked up a bunch of books for my history project, and then we went to Centerpoint Mall so my mom could buy more plates. When she was done, we went to buy pizza for dinner, and the finally got home at six thirty. Then I spent the next hour doing dishes. I have had about five minutes to myself, and now I’m being yelled at to go play piano. Who in the world said weekends were fun?

Currently: Reading while ignoring orders

Reading: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. (still love her books~~)

Listening to: Russian Roulette by Rihanna (o-o lots of ‘r’s)

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