Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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It is Friday! Yeah! Okay, so there is really no significance to this Friday, since I didn’t need to be in school, but I’m still happy. Exams are done, and my favourite subject, English, is starting once again~

Four more workless days, and then it’s back to school. That should be fun~

I should really get my volunteer hours done… but I’m just too lazy. <-epic dedication right there!

Some random things by my friends on Facebook:
Cops never think it’s as funny as you do. They sent me a picture of me speeding, so I sent a picture of a check… so they sent me a picture of handcuffs.
“It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and say the opposite.”
“A stupid person should keep silent. But if he knew this, he would not be a stupid person.”

Currently: Reading a little, writing a little, and listening to my music…. a little

Reading: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (I’ll read cupcake and shrimp eventually….)

Listening to: Oh! by SNSD (My friend D got me addicted…)

I’m Just Beige

I’m just beige. Boring. Normal. I tune out the rest of the world with music, I ignore everyone through reading, I hide away in my room every night doing homework, I write as I please and then scrap the idea ten seconds later. I have no significant quality that can amaze people, enthrall them, or even to relate to them. I spend more time in my room than I do anywhere else. I spend more time doing homework then hanging with my friends. I have no social life, and yet here I am, alive, well and sane. How does that work?

Normal people go insane from spending too much time on their own. They start talking to themselves and then they get kicked to the asylum and then forgotten. I guess I would count as forgotten. In my house, my door never open, no one bothers me. Ever. I could be screaming and I would never be heard. It’s just the way my life works, the way it always have. I’ve always lived up to my parents expectations. Doing well in school, never doing drugs, all the junk. And yet their star child is my sister who gets the most attention of everyone. The only time I get some kind of attention is if I do badly in school. I guess it’s reflexive for me to try to do my best in school, and maybe that’s why I shy away from too much attention. I wear black 24/7 to blend into the background, and yet half the time, I’m trying to be heard, by my peers or by my family. Forgotten. That’s the word for me.

Currently: Working on a careers assignment

Reading: Just finished Beige by Cecil Castellucci, my insperation for todays blah. xP

Beginning to read: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: Bad Boy by Cascada


Have you ever thought about the career you want to pursue? Is it wrong to not have a career and some kind of path to follow after school? Is it wrong to choose the courses you enjoy until university? Is it wrong to not know how your life is going to work out? And why are so many things wrong in so many people’s minds?

I’ve given my future a thought. I want to be an optomitrist. But the thing is, I’m lazy, so does that make me unqualified for this? There’s so much work that must be put into the process in order to even dream about doing this as a career. But people eventually end up being an optomitrist, or a doctor, or a surgeon. I, personally, suck at math. Does that make me less qualified for this type of work? If so, then what can I do?

Teachers keep telling us that we have to have a plan for our lives, that we have to know what comes after school’s done. But most don’t and end up stressing about what they’re going to do about their lives. Such pointless stress. Come what may, and live each day to its fullest~

Currently: reading

Reading: Tempted

Listening to: Taiyou no Namida by NEWS

Busy Saturday

Today started with the average piano lessons in the morning, and then to celebrate my brother’s birthday-though it’s a week early-we picked up my grandparents and then went back to our house to eat. Then we brought them along to my sister’s dance class. While she was at that, we ended up at Hillcrest Mall, walking around aimlessly. Fun. Then we picked up my sister, visited various Chinese stores to find some sort of frozen chicken… and then dropped my grandparents off at their house. After, we went to the library and I picked up a bunch of books for my history project, and then we went to Centerpoint Mall so my mom could buy more plates. When she was done, we went to buy pizza for dinner, and the finally got home at six thirty. Then I spent the next hour doing dishes. I have had about five minutes to myself, and now I’m being yelled at to go play piano. Who in the world said weekends were fun?

Currently: Reading while ignoring orders

Reading: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. (still love her books~~)

Listening to: Russian Roulette by Rihanna (o-o lots of ‘r’s)

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