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Where is this ‘break’ you speak of?

Teachers talk about long weekends, winter ‘breaks’, march ‘break’, etc, etc. And yet, there is never an actual break from work. Over a four day weekend, there were tests to study for, and presentations to prepare. Over Winter Break, there was a science project, history ISP, math ISP, and careers ISP. Either my definition of ‘break’ is different from the school’s, or the teachers’ or the TDSB just like breaking rules. I thought it was illegal to give more than 2 hours of homework to students, per subject, per night. And yet here I am, staring at about 2+ hours of Biology homework. And I thought teachers weren’t allowed to give homework, projects, etc during breaks or on holiday weekends. So unfair….

The snowboarding event seemed to be doing okay, last time I checked (which was about an hour ago…). Canada was in third in the second run, though it’s hard to hold a place unless you’re first. Even then it’s hard.
Currently, the US hold 8 medals, Germany 6, France 6, and Canada has 4. At least we’re fourth. Hopefully, we get something for snowboarding. It seemed like the lady in third was doing pretty well, though the Switz competitor was REALLY fast, having a time of only 24.45, I believe. That’s crazy! Everyone else kept wiping out on the course… A lady from Australia took a huge, and painful looking wipeout on her second run… while a Japanese woman didn’t fair much better… I think the Canadian course is a little slippery…

In English, we wrote a journal entry from the perspective of one of the characters. I chose Ralph… which I kind of regret, since the people doing Piggy or Simon would have their journals a little shorter than I will….

Bio presentations was…. okay… forgot to do the ‘hook’ at the beginning, though… C’est la vie, what’s done is done. Then tech presentations seemed to go over well, after my stupidity, and a moments panic…

See, I’d say I hate Mondays, but it’s Tuesday, so that really wouldn’t work.

Currently: Doing my bio homework….

Reading: Er… I need to find a book… preferably one from the library… it’s free.

Listening to: Today was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift (aha~ she’s such a ditz in Valentines day. It’s so funny!)

Almost Done~

I am finally almost done my presentation project things….
Thank Goodness.

Currently, my three year old brother is being ninja with a toy golf club and a horseshoe stick. He’s one dangerous three year old.

I have my first exam Friday, and I haven’t even started studying for it yet… And it’s math, making it even harder. Can’t wait for next semester… I think I’ve said that about thirty times since Monday of last week.

Currently: Pasting things onto a poster board for Careers

Reading: *sigh* got no time…

Listening to: Now or Never by Orianthi

Kill me now

One day left until break. I have like three projects due. Fun. Tomorrow’s a half day, and then holiday assembly, and then we can sleep in. Yay~

Currently: working on three projects at the same time…

Reading: Blue Bloods (like 30 mor pages, awesome book~~)

Listening to: Two is better than One by Boys like Girls


Yay. Monday…. another week to gain another pile of homework to waste yet another weekend working on. At least my science unit test is done and over with.

Math: 3 more questions
Science Lab: Started…
Science Antacid questions: Started
Science Acid Rain Assignment: Started
Careers: 3 questions done.

Notice how none of that is actually FINISHED….

Sigh. I hate homework/projects/assignments.

Currently: Wondering how to figure out 

The sum of a number and its reciprocal is 26/5. Find 2 possible values for the number.

^This question

Reading: Nothing…

Listening to: September by Marianas Trench

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