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Fallen Angels

Oh. My. Goodness! I just finished Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. It was way past amazing. The ending was totally unexpected, and she was able to string all the books events together so well. According to her bio at the back of the book, it’s her first published book, and I personally think it was better than some authors that have had years of experience. And I have to admit, Patch is one of the best male leads I read about. My friend D said that Patch beat Cassandra Clare’s male character, Jace Lightwood. I love both characters~

 And I should seriously stop reading and start seeing the real world… maybe next week. I now wish there was a second book to Hush, Hush. Just so there would be more Patch^^

 Math thought for the day:

Patch > Jace > All other male characters

 Need more proof that I need a life? I’m watching Barney. Yes, the huge purple dinosaur. I’m at my grandparents’ house basically babysitting my brother. Free, free, free at last… while watching my brother. Unfortunately, there’s also little internet connection. So this is my post attempt. I’ve tried all morning, and the farthest I got was my homepage. So if this is posted at 7 at night, you know I tried, at least.

 Oh look. Barney’s singing about popcorn…. And it’s making me hungry….

 Currently: Digging for a snack. Thanks to the giant purple dinosaur.

 Reading: Cupcake by Rachel Cohn

Listening to: Barney’s Popcorn song. I’m so cool.

So this is posted later than I wanted it to be… *sad* Sweet, sweet internet~ hehehe….

So for the rest of the day, after giving up on the poor internet connection, I decided to watch Mall Cop. I’m sorry, but it looked a thousand times better in the previews, as most movies do…. Then when my mom came by to pick me, my brother, and my sister up, the car windows were messed up. The windows wouldn’t close. I asked her why they were open in the first place, since it’s like -12 degrees Celcius here, and she replied: “I was testing them.” In the middle of winter. In the cold. Obviously they failed that test, and we ended up having to drive home with a garbage bag for a window. Thank goodness it’s not far.

So yeah, that’s my blurb for the day…. though I wish I had been able to post earlier, this shall have to work.

=) Bye for now!

Fun Monday (that’s odd)

So today was an okay day. My awesome first period teacher snapped (like his temper went crazy for about 5 mins…) and then second period me and like 10 other people got let out of class 15 mins early, which is cool, since my teacher isn’t my favourite… but hey. 15 mins makes a bigg difference~~ In science, we did, like, nothing, and ended up with homework… and math was same old, same old. I got 70% on my quiz ^^ *happy* but I got 71% on my science quiz *sad* see how this works for me. Math, anything over 65% is awesome. Science, anything under 80% isn’t good at all.

After school, it was the Anime Club X-Mas Party. So I ate three plates of popcorn, drank pop, and got a bunch of candy from secret santa, which has got to be like the best secrest santa gift I’ve ever recieved (you do not want to know the others…) It was fun~^^

Currently: Working on Math homework (have to keep the marks up)

Reading: Blue Bloods (Which is actually pretty good~)

Listening to: Summer Girl by Stereos

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