Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Screaming at the top of my lungs
Hoping someone, somewhere
Would hear my desperate calls
For help, for salvation

Constantly yelling
Trying to be heard
By those who just
Don’t want to hear it

Government says
We all have a voice
To state our opinions
And tell them what we want

In the end
We are all trapped
Just little puppets
For the people in the big seats

We have nothing
We are worth nothing
Not to them at least
Not to one another either

When someone dies
People say ‘Oh, so sad’
Then move on
With their lives and ways

When a rule or law is passed
People say ‘What the hell!’
Then sit on the sidelines
And do as they are told

The boundaries are set
No one is getting through
Anytime in the near future
Anytime in eternity

But really
We have a voice
We have a say
Or maybe not

We are all just human
Not one more important
Than the other
None worth more than the other

We are just in a dog eat dog world
Where people who want power
Are able to gain it
But what would happen

If we were all free
Truly free
Free from rules
Would there be chaos?

Or would that create
What some may call
A peaceful and happy
Free Nation
A peaceful and happy
Free World

Monkey in the Middle

Always in the center
Of the fight
Of the strife
Of the relationship

When my parents argue
I’m stuck in between
When my friends fight
I’m the monkey in the middle

I’ll never be
On one side
Or the other
I’ll always be in the center

The referee
Of each dispute
For everyone I know
But when it’s my turn

I look one way
To the other
And see no one around
To be the in center

No one to run to
No one to depend on
No one to fall on
No one to catch me

I’ll be the one screaming
As I drop to the abyss
Down to the nothingness
Into the darkness

That I have helped others
Crawl their way out of
The same fissure
That I always find myself caught in

Never helped
Always the helper
Which one is better?
Which one will keep me alive?

In Between


No matter
How I feel
What I say
What I do

We’ll never
Be the same
We’ll never
Be together

We’ve changed
Grown apart
And yet these
Feelings linger still

Forever a part
Of my life
Of my story
Of my soul

But I still wonder
Between then and now
Between us
Between the beginning and end

I have to wonder
Am I still a part of you?
Do I still cross your mind?
Will you still think of me?

These are questions
That will never be answered
Because I’ll never ask
It’ll all a mystery

Only a mind reader can crack
Your mind
My mind
And all the thoughts in between

Falling Apart

Your love
Is conditional
Only given
When you’re satisfied

I’m continuously trying
To make you proud
Working my hardest
Just to meet your expectations

The bar set so high
I miss it by a mile
And when you look down upon me
All I see is disappointment

You’re the reason
I work so hard
Pushing myself past my limits
Damaging my well being in the process

You don’t care
What little love you give
Is faker than a Barbie doll
Useless once obtained

Blaming you for my problems
Is like saying the Earth is flat
Utterly and completely

You’ll push me further
From yourself
Bringing the bar up
Another notch or two

Impossible to please
Horrible to deal with
This is the reason
My world is falling apart


Music plays on forever
In that forever
We live but a day

We are a spec
In the whole spectrum
Of life and eternity

No one lives forever
No matter what Twilight says
No one can out smart time

We learn new things
We change the world
We, as a whole, make a difference

In the end
We will all be
One day

Live and Learn

Mistakes are made
By one; by all
It’s a universal fad
That lives on forever

Everyone lives
Either a long or short life
But no one can
Live forever

Through our lives
We see success
We see failures
We see our own selves

We discover what we love
No one person
Exactly like another
Each one favouring difference


There are those
Who wish they could see more
Who’s lives are set for them
Who’s lives are shorter than any other

We need time
To always be on our side
To understand who we are
Who the people around us are

We need time
To make mistakes
To learn from them
To push our way past them

We need time
To live
To learn
To be happy


The city which is the home of my home,
My safety line, my best friend,
The city full of chances,
Where freedom is not a dream, but a reality

Each street is like another adventure,
Taking you away from life,
Bringing you to a land of fantasy,
Where exploration is the goal and the fun

With the CN Tower looking over you,
Watching you like a loving mother,
Like the Northern Star,
It leads you back home

My shelter from violence,
Where fear is but a myth,
A utopia full of hope,
Toronto, reaching towards the sky

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