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Typical Saturday

Ah, today was a usual, typical Saturday. Piano in the morning, computer, then my sister’s dance class, computer, blah, blah, blah, and computer. You can see I tend to waste away my life in front of the computer.

Hana Yori Dango is getting good. What am I saying? It’s been good since the beginning. I’m almost done the first season (this is the Jap version, in case you haven’t figured that out yet). I’m on the last episode and she’s like in some beauty pageant kind of thing. Cliffhanger, that’s what the end of ep 8 was. Don’t worry, I won’t give away anything. Poor Rui though… (hehehe~~) Sojiro and Akira are like the most mature. When Rui fools with Domyouji, and finally admits it, they’re both like ‘WHAT THE HECK *sigh*’ It’s so funny~~

I watched Step Up for the first time yesterday (yes I’m really slow with movies) (that’s the area I procrastinate the most in). It was good, but that might just be because I like Chatum Tatum’s acting. GI Joe, She’s the Man, all his movies are good, but that might also be because of the other actors. I love Amanda Bynes’ acting too, she always plays the hilarious, silly character, with like two lines of seriousness. Which then makes me think of Oliver James, whom I think looks good and is great at acting too. And then comes Hilary Duff, who used to be my, like, idol, and is now in Gossip Girl as Olivia. Her singing was what I loved about her.

Okay I think I’m done with my analysis of stars for now.

Currently: Going to wash dishes

Reading: Darklight by Lesley Livingston (Sorry, I wrote the author wrong yesterday)

Listening to: Apologize by One Republic

Final Fantasy III

Okay, so I have no work, I’m too lazy to practice piano, so I’ve decided to play my Final Fantasy game, which I had received on x-mas. I died eight times on one stage. That was utterly pathetic.

Today is my best friend J’s 16th birthday. Now see, any year that we didn’t have exams, I’d have some amazing gift. But I’ve got nothing… I totally forgot. Damned school. So this morning I was like hey it’s the 30th, one more day left ’til… AW *beep*. Yeah. Well hey, I’ve known her for four years, and have remembered her birthday everytime…. my parents have known my aunt (their sister-in-law) for like 20 years, and they remembered her birthday… today… two days late…so I’m not TOO bad…

Any present suggestions for a happy-go-lucky, upbeat, 16 year old girl? No? Didn’t think so….
I’m thinking charm bracelet…. *sigh* I hate giving presents.

My family and I are watching G.I Joe together~ I can’t wait, I’ve been wanting to see that movie for so long… so now we finally will! *happy*

Currently: Playing Final Fantasy…

Reading: I don’t know what’s next… I finished the Truth About Forever. It was really good. Wes was.. *heart*

Listening to: Stephen by Ke$ha

Piano Recital

Since I was five, I’ve been taking piano lessons. I first began at Yamaha’s School of Music, and then went onto private lessons with my Aunt L’s cousin. She’s a pretty good teacher and every 3-6 months, we have a recital at her house, where all her students, and sometimes parents, get together. The students play their selected pieces and then after, we eat, play Nintendo Wii, PS3, or make stuff, like bracelets, etc. That’s where I’m headed off tonight. I’m ready to play, but my pieces are so long, I kind of worry that the audience will fall asleep. One piece is about five minutes while the other is three, but it feels like its so much longer than it is. Eh, I’ll see later whether it really is that boring…

Currently: Getting ready for the recital

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games was AMAZING!!!!!)

Listening to: No Average Angel by Tiffany

Snap! Holidays are over!

Wow, last week went by so fast. I still have so much work to complete. *sad*

I successfully cleaned my room. It’s amazing how much junk I had stacked up. My method to cleaning on a daily basis is kick everything to the side, and get back to it later. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two years, walking on a certain path, surrounded by mountains… of junk… Eh, now it’s totally clean. Which means I can also go to P-Mall tomorrow with a few friends, unless my parents decide to be a bunch of bums and not let me go, even though I cleaned my WHOLE room (when they asked for AT LEAST half) and practiced piano for an hour everyday since Wednesday last week. If they don’t let me go, then I’ll be greatly upset.

Currently: Starting my Science Project… again… I SERIOUSLY need to ACTUALLY start…

Reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Listening to: Fearless by Taylor Swift

Spaghetti arms

I’d talk about how great my day was, but that’s too much to right with one hand. Anyone out there get the H1N1 shot? I got it today and now one of my arms is practically useless. Joy. And my mom expects me to go to piano lessons tommorrow, with my messed up arm. And she says I waste money.

Currently: near tears. me+pain= crying, I think it’s a reflex or something, but it just happens…

Reading: Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: the radio. 98.1 CHFI.

Busy Saturday

Today started with the average piano lessons in the morning, and then to celebrate my brother’s birthday-though it’s a week early-we picked up my grandparents and then went back to our house to eat. Then we brought them along to my sister’s dance class. While she was at that, we ended up at Hillcrest Mall, walking around aimlessly. Fun. Then we picked up my sister, visited various Chinese stores to find some sort of frozen chicken… and then dropped my grandparents off at their house. After, we went to the library and I picked up a bunch of books for my history project, and then we went to Centerpoint Mall so my mom could buy more plates. When she was done, we went to buy pizza for dinner, and the finally got home at six thirty. Then I spent the next hour doing dishes. I have had about five minutes to myself, and now I’m being yelled at to go play piano. Who in the world said weekends were fun?

Currently: Reading while ignoring orders

Reading: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson. (still love her books~~)

Listening to: Russian Roulette by Rihanna (o-o lots of ‘r’s)

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