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Go Canada Go!

We WON!! Our Men’s hockey team beat Team USA by 1 point, the last goal scored during overtime by Sydney Crosby, who, I’m sorry, could have done better during the actual game. First the shootout and now overtime. Sigh. Ah well! CANADA WON!
We finish with 14 Golds, 7 Silvers, and 5 Bronze medals~

I just finished watching the Closing Ceremony, and it was half boring half awesome…
There was a small showing of Nikki and some French girl singing I Believe (eng/french), it sounded nice~
After the Opening Ceremony, the USA said that the Canadian hosted Olympics was a failure from the start, the opening ceremony must have been directed by clowns, they couldn’t even get the fourth torch up!
As Canadians, we are nothing but gracious, so we took that US story, and made it into a humourous act. They got a mime to act as the mechanic and fix the last torch so it would rise up with the other four. The performance was quite entertaining. After that though, there were speeches, anthem sang, etc. In between all that monotonous official business though, there was a performance by Eva Avila, Derek Miller, and Nikki Yanofsky, which sounded great! I think Nikki looks a little like Selena Gomez, I don’t know why though… Anyone else see the resemblance?
Then there were more anthems, and more speeches. Later Neil Young performed and then there were then a few speeches by three different Canadian comedians: William Shatner, er.. can’t remember the female…, and Michael J Fox.
Another story from the US: They said that in the opening ceremony, Betty Fox (Terry Fox’s mother) or in their case, Michael J Fox’s mother, walked with the Canadian flag. They also said that it was Michael J Fox who ran across Canada to spread awareness for cancer. Only the US can make this mistake. Only them… (What a FAIL)
Then there was a performance by Michael Buble~ (Awesome artist~) and there were dancers and performers who brought out huge rolling stands… and boards.. and animals? There were some huge cut out RCMPs and hockey players, then there were large beavers, and then some moose balloons… I didn’t really get the point of that…
After, the whole stage turned into a dance floor where all the athletes and volunteers danced to music. Performances done were: Nickelback: Burn it to the ground, Avril Lavigne: My Happy Ending and Girlfriend, Alanis Morissette: Wunderkind, Hedley: Cha’Ching, Marie-Mai: Emmone-Moi, I can’t remember what K’OS sang… and Simple Plan: Your Love Is A Lie… and that’s all I remember… Aha~ I think I got everyone~^^
That was about it. I pretty much only liked the music, though the comedians were funny, along with the mime~^^

The Vancouver 2010 Olympics draw to a close, but the Paralympics is starting March 12^^

Today is the last day of the Chines New Years Celebration, meaning the New Year officially begins. So we went out to dinner with my dad’s side again. I love our dinners just because they’re hilarious.
The main entertainment today came from the fortune cookies.
See Asian fortune cookies always have either bad grammer, are dumb, or really simple.
My aunt’s said: Respect isn’t given, it’s earned. Thanks, I kind of learned that in Kindergarten
My cousin R’s said: You will read this and say ‘Geez! I could come up with a better fortune than that!’
My cousin K’s said: About time I got out of that cookie!
My dad’s said: Woman’s intuition like feather on arrow. May help flight to truth.
I love Asian restarants~
Happy New Year Asians~^^

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Canada Won A Gold!

Yesterday, Freestyle Skier Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada their first Gold Medal on the Freestyle Skiing-Men’s Monguls event. The first Gold medal on our home turf. Finally. It’s cool though, the first medal for Canada was won during the Ladies’ Moguls, and now the first Gold has been won on the Men’s Monguls. Seems like we’re pretty good at the Monguls. Yesterday, I also watched Figure Skating. Canada hadn’t done so well, but of course, China did. One of the pairs from China looked like they had gotten mugged. The guy’s shirt was like shredded, and just horribly designed. However, their routine was good, and so was everyone elses’, mainly because they all had to do the same turns, lifts, etc. I only watched the short program though, so I’m not entirely sure how it all worked out, though the news will probably re-run it again…. and again…. and again.

The US is still on top, when it comes to medals. They currently have a total of six, while Germany has collected four, and France and Canada has obtained a total of three.

So today is Family Day, and my dad has to work since it’s not a ‘Federal’ Holiday. Which is unfair. So much for Family day. It’s more like ‘Mom, Siblings, and Alicia being forced to spend the day together’ day. That’s not very fun…

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Quatchi, Sumi, Miga and Muk Muk: Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Yesterday, was the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I, personally, thought that the whole thing was just stupid. They focused all of it, practically, on the Native/First Nation people. The government treats them like unwanted garbage, and then feature them in the Olympics. Not that it’s bad, it’s just hypocritical. They should have focused on the fact that Canada was multicultural, seeing as there were a lot of various cultures there, in the stadium, who will be participating in the games. However, I did think the light show was pretty cool. Nikki Yanofsky is an amazing singer, who sang the 2010 Olympic Theme on the CD and O Canada at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony. At the end, the opera singer who sang the Greece Olympic Theme (the traditional theme) was CREEPY… maybe it’s just that I’m not a great fan of opera singing, but I just didn’t like it… at all…

Nikki Yanofsky singing I believe (CD version)

2010 mascots

I love Miga~ It’s so cute^^

Making fun of MukMuk

I just found that funny~

Unfortunately, yesterday, before the opening ceremony, an athlete from the Georgian team died while practicing for the Skeleton event. The Skeleton is when you’re diving head first on a sled going around the track at around 140 miles/hour. He had flown off his sled and instantly hit a metal pole to the side of the track, killing him. His death was acknowledge during the opening ceremony by the Georgian team, as the brought in their flag with a black ribbon on the pole, and wearing black scarves and straps on their arms.
Terrible accidents happen in any sport. The Skeleton is one of the most dangerous events to be tangled with, and those who go into it know what can happen. However, even with the acknowledgment of the dangers, it is still a loss.

Okay, back to the boring life of lil’ ol’ me~
Eh, didn’t do anything interesting, except go out for dinner at the rat infested Chinese restaurant. I don’t know why we keep going back there after the rat incident… but we do.

Also, yesterday I finished Darklight by Lesley Livingston. The end was crazy, and totally unexpected. Like the last chapter made me sad… no I didn’t cry… this time… I felt so bad for Sonny, especially after everything he went through. He didn’t even know, half the time, what was happening to him, nor what was within him. And I felt sorry for Kelley too, she practically killed both their happiness with one blow. I wonder if Fenn and Kelley are going to get together, because obviously, Fenn is in love with Kelley. Obviously~~

Today, so far has been boring. Piano, then shopping for groceries, yay….

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