Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Happy Birthday~!

Happy Birthday to you C~! Even though you… kind of… like… don’t read this…

Next up! Mother’s day! Another present to plan/think/buy/make. Fun? Maybe?

I learned I walk really, really fast today. One of my classmates, would I call him a friend? Maybe… but usually he’s just an irritation… anyways. So he likes getting to the bus early, so he can get home faster (… I just like getting away from the school…) so he noticed how I always get to the bus really fast, so he decided to go the same way as I do. So I go down the stairs and he’s like struggling to keep up, then I stop at my locker (which is right beside the stairwell) while he keeps on going down the hallway towards the door. So I shut my locker, and walk towards him, and next thing I know, I’m ahead of him. Then we’re like walking down the hallways and he’s like ‘YO! SLOW DOWN!!’ and I just reply ‘sucker! teehee!’ When we get to the sidewalk, it winds kind of so then I usually cut across the grass, and he’s like ‘quit pushing me off the side walk!!’ and I’m still thinking ‘hehehe…’
I ended up winning still. M’kay, that’s my mini story for the day.

Currently: studying for bio

Reading: nothing at the moment, I gave Burned to a friend so she can read it first and then tell me how it is, hehe~

Listening to: That Should Be Me by Justin Bieber

Oh, so a few days, weeks, whatever, ago, Bieber had met Kim Kardashein… spelling is off I think… anyways. So Justin posts on twitter ‘Check it, my new girlfriend ;D’ or something like that, and then on Kim’s she said ‘I am now a Bieber fan’ because of this, Justin Bieber’s fans went epically balistic. They posted on Justin’s ‘NO! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!’ and on Kim’s they posted things like ‘He’s mine, not yours! I am his number one fan’ and things like that. Some of his fans were even crazy enough to post death threats to Kim. Now those are the insane ones.

^this guy says all that I want to say (and a little bit more…..)

Happy New Years (An Hour Early)

Happy New Years!!! ( An hour early in my time…)

Here’s my little blah about New Years~
It’s been a heck of a year. Said goodbye to some old friends, and hello to new ones. Got great marks and watched them fall in a flash. 2009 was filled with smiles, laughs, tears, and losses.

Top 9 of ’09:
1) Great Average for the final marks in gr 9
2) FINALLY got rid of my braces
3) Made a cool vid for an anime
4) Made some new friends at the beginning of gr 10
5) Read A LOT of books
6) Found out i have a niche for poetry
7) Had a hell of a good time at school, just because of my friends
8 ) Got a cell phone (I know that’s materialistic, but seriously I was happy)
9) Had a great Christmas Party with my family~

Bottom 9 of ’09 ( ‘I see the glass half empty, even when it’s full’ LOL )
1) Became a lazy bum over the summer
2) Forgot that studying actually helps
3) Found out that having internet means a lot of distractions
4) Watched my average fall —->
5) Realized that my new years resolution for 2k9 was forgotten and left in the dust
6) Literally, I can not remember my 2k9 resolution….
7) Got my math teacher as my math teacher (evil)
8 ) Lost two chances that I won’t get back
9) Realize I might get kicked back to NB if I don’t get my average up…

This new year is filled with possibilities, some bad and some good, but no matter what, you know it’s a part of life, and these experiences will stick with you. It’s not a test, it’s a lesson, whether you can really get through the bad and good, and not just roll up into a ball when things get rough.

My new years resolution.
Well, I’d say some grand things, but being realistic, I probably won’t accomplish any of them, especially if it’s really setting the bar too high. Baby steps all the way~

1) Live in the moment. Don’t worry about the past or the future, only in the present. Take things head on, and don’t back down if there’s still room to fight.
2) Clean up my room. No philosophy required, just need to clock in some cleaning time
3) Get my average back. Study hard and quit getting addicted to these stupid game sites that are bringing down my marks
4) Get back together with some old friends~ PLEASANT REUNION xP lmao. Never forget those people who’ve helped me through the ups and the downs since I was 1. ;P getting back with old friends can be fun anyways
5) Exercise. Gotta stop being lazy 24/7. I ain’t fat, but I got to move if I want to live long
6) Be safe, and have fun with family friends. Be happy~

Here’s a funny video that’s about the bad parts of 2k9 (it involves the death and mistakes of stars, so if you’re touchy on the subject, don’t watch)

Stay safe tonight, tomorrow morning and throughout 2010~

Good luck in 2010 and have fun~^^

Currently: Getting ready to watch the BT Countdown to New Years~

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Listening to: Change by Taylor Swift

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