Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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It’s Tuesday…

Should I be happy? Or sad? Eh, whatever.

Yesterday, my mom invited my cousin over for some easter stuff, and to just hang out. He’s seven… So he, my brother, and my sister played the Wii for the whole morning, while I helped my mom make pastries. Then I did the dishes, and then we ate pizza for lunch, then I did the dishes, helped watch my brother, helped make cookies, then we ate the desserts, and then I did the dishes again. Somewhere in there they did an Easter egg hunt, and then went to the backyard to go on the swings. He left around three, and the I finished my ISP and then helped with dinner. I then did the dinner dishes, and then practiced piano. Then I went to my room to finish off some homework I had forgotten about. When I was helping with my brother’s bath, my mom was like ‘You’re finally helping. You didn’t do anything today.’ I swear, I wanted to slap here there and then… thank goodness I have about one ounce of self control…Like seriously *flare of anger*

Today was blah. I woke up too early, and then I wi’ent to school. I hate when it rains and you’re walking along the side walk and have to avoid stepping on worms. I’m not scored of stepping on them, it’s just that I seriously don’t want to kill them, nor do I want worm junk on my shoes…

So then in business I read a book… I kind of felt bad because I really like the teacher, and he’s so nice… but his lessons today was something he’s been focused on for the past week, and I was bored out of my mind…
In biology, we did a lab, where I stared into a microscope with a light for like 20 minutes and turned myself momentarily blind…
In tech, we got a bunch of assignments back and our overall marks. I got a 96% *happy* We also had to use this software: Soft Plan; and I was totally lost. But I somehow got through my first floor floor plan of the assignment (we have to make a doll house). Thank the world for manuals~
Last period we watched Mean Girls. I’ve seen it before. But I forgot like half of what happens…
Eh. It was a pretty boring day…

Currently: studying (supposedly) for biology quiz tomorrow

Reading: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (it’s so good so far~~~)

Listening to: The Lost Get Found by Britt Nicole

**Reminder to me: dowload Darkness Eyes by DBSK

Virus Scans Suck

As I’ve learned through experience, all virus scans suck. I’ve tried about seven different companies including Norton, Mcafee (spelling?), Windows, and the list goes on. However, each one of them suck. For every single virus scan I’ve had, I’ve gotten either tapped by spyware, invaded by a virus, or something else along that line. Either way, they’ve all failed me.

So now, my laptop is out of commission for a website gave me this virus where the whole computer freezes and nothing can be accessed or moved. So sad. There goes like half of my assignments and projects from the years past.

Currently: Starting my homework. I know, even during winter break I have to deal with homework. Explain this lack of logic, please!

Reading: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (I LOVE HER BOOKS ^^) (Just Listen was so awesome)

Listening to: Come What May by Nicole Kidman (spelling… again…), and that guy…..

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