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Literacy test

Today was to OSSLT, the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test. So basically, it was an English exam that won’t be part of your actual English mark… Anyways. Everyone was stressing about it, and we all had no reason. It was pretty easy, it just required a lot of writing. By the time I got out of there, my hand was killing me.

Today was also parent-teacher conference night. The Principal’s weird but helpful. He organized it so each teacher has a secretary, a student to tell them that they have a line up or if they go over time. It was pretty easy. Some parents were nice, and others were all pushy and demanding. We got free pizza, and all the secretaries and helpers get 5 volunteer hours. Yay.

So far, I’m getting a 97% in Business and 96% in Technology. I’m happy~~

Oh my, god, I finished The Last Song today. It was so sad… but at least that ending wasn’t TOO depressing… Ugh. I was reading it at school, before the secretary thing started and I was like tearing up. The teacher I was helping came over to talk to me, and he gave a me ‘what the heck!?’ kind of face. That was dumb. So I came home and finished the book and like weeped. I think I cried more during Dear John than The Last Song. But both books were really good. I love Nicholas Sparks books~~

Currently: doing nothing, don’t tell my English partner…

Reading: Extras by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Some Asian song that has an Asian name I can’t write out.

It’s Tuesday…

Should I be happy? Or sad? Eh, whatever.

Yesterday, my mom invited my cousin over for some easter stuff, and to just hang out. He’s seven… So he, my brother, and my sister played the Wii for the whole morning, while I helped my mom make pastries. Then I did the dishes, and then we ate pizza for lunch, then I did the dishes, helped watch my brother, helped make cookies, then we ate the desserts, and then I did the dishes again. Somewhere in there they did an Easter egg hunt, and then went to the backyard to go on the swings. He left around three, and the I finished my ISP and then helped with dinner. I then did the dinner dishes, and then practiced piano. Then I went to my room to finish off some homework I had forgotten about. When I was helping with my brother’s bath, my mom was like ‘You’re finally helping. You didn’t do anything today.’ I swear, I wanted to slap here there and then… thank goodness I have about one ounce of self control…Like seriously *flare of anger*

Today was blah. I woke up too early, and then I wi’ent to school. I hate when it rains and you’re walking along the side walk and have to avoid stepping on worms. I’m not scored of stepping on them, it’s just that I seriously don’t want to kill them, nor do I want worm junk on my shoes…

So then in business I read a book… I kind of felt bad because I really like the teacher, and he’s so nice… but his lessons today was something he’s been focused on for the past week, and I was bored out of my mind…
In biology, we did a lab, where I stared into a microscope with a light for like 20 minutes and turned myself momentarily blind…
In tech, we got a bunch of assignments back and our overall marks. I got a 96% *happy* We also had to use this software: Soft Plan; and I was totally lost. But I somehow got through my first floor floor plan of the assignment (we have to make a doll house). Thank the world for manuals~
Last period we watched Mean Girls. I’ve seen it before. But I forgot like half of what happens…
Eh. It was a pretty boring day…

Currently: studying (supposedly) for biology quiz tomorrow

Reading: The Last Song by Nicholas Sparks (it’s so good so far~~~)

Listening to: The Lost Get Found by Britt Nicole

**Reminder to me: dowload Darkness Eyes by DBSK

Bittersweet Love

I’m reading Dear John, and that’s one of the reviewer’s comments. I’m half-way through and it’s so well written, like all his books, and so sweet~

Ugh, I have to finish my business assignment, but I really, really, really don’t want to. Since we can’t type it (because too many people copy and paste from the Internet), we have to handwrite it, which is one of my least favourite things to do.

My mini rant for the day:
Today, I was waiting for the bus, and when it came, it was stuffed with middle school kids. So a bunch of them got off, and the others moved further back on the bus, and there was way more than enough room for lil’ old me to fit. But no. I step on to the bus, and the freaking bus driver closes the door on me, while I’m in the middle, so it was either get off the step, or be stuck in the door. I got off. So the stupid driver’s like watching me get stuck in the door, and doesn’t bother open it again, even though there was room, and he knew I was there. And the middle school kids are looking at the driver like he has some mental problem, and it was such a freaking piss off! Then I had to wait for the next bus… which basically meant waiting outside for 30 mins with some creepy girl from my school staring at me with her magnifying glasses… Stupid TTC should go buy some better drivers. Like seriously.

Okay, I’m done being angry~

Yesterday I was bored of my tech assignment, so I began looking at Shugo Chara fan videos. I don’t really like Shugo Chara, but the fan videos are usually good to watch.

I like the song, and the video’s not bad either. Another reason why I like looking at these videos: they give me new music to listen too.

There was a job/volunteer fair at my school today, and I know my parents REALLY want me to do something productive this summer (let’s just say I spent a great amount of last summer on sites such as Neopets and Moshimonsters) (Don’t ask…). So I’ll either volunteer somewhere or get a job. But in order to get a job, I need a SIN number. Something I should have applied for during my non-productive summer…

Okay back to homework….

Currently: doing business assignment

Reading: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Listening to: Five Days by Patrick Nuo

Olympic Hangover

The olympics is now done, and it left Canada in a hangover after all the excitement.

Since the closing ceremony, all I’ve been doing is reading and homework. Sigh. You can see this entry compared to the olympic info ones is extremely short.

Currently: working on my business assignment, while trying to think of ideas for my tech assignment

Reading: Dear John by Nicholas Sparks

Listening to: Encore by Jason Derulo

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