Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Yesterday, I watched that movie: Starstruck. Starring Sterling Knight, Danielle Campbell, Brandon Mychal Smith, Chelsea Staub, Maggie Castle, Dan O’Connor, Beth Littleford. It was one of the cliche ‘everybody lives happily ever after’ kind of movies, but it was still good.

I also watched Bounty Hunter. That was a good movie. It had a little humor, a little action, and a little romance, that was promptly killed and stomped on. Hey, it’s true. It was one of those movies where they left all these loose ends that were neatly tied at the end of the movie.

English has been my enemy this whole break. I haven’t been able to write at all. This sucks… when the break started I thought ‘great, I’ll be able to do so much with my stories, all of them, and maybe I’ll be able to update some stuff on mibba…’ As if. Nothing came to me. I scrapped so much that I’m starting to doubt my abilities to even finish the chapter, let alone the whole story…
Everything I wrote either sounded stupid, weird, awkward, or all three. Argh. *Epic Writers Block*

Also, Sakura Girl by NewS is out, here’s the PV

Poor Ryo got slapped, and this is one of the few times I thought he didn’t look too bad…
And Massu *tear* he looked so happy, and then… it was so sad… his face just crumpled…

Currently: Attempting my English ISP (like I said. The English language doesn’t like me this week)

Reading: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Hero by Sterling Knight (Drew Ryan Scott) (I believe Sterling lip synced for the movie… though I think he can sing… hm…)

One Day.

One day until math exams. Sigh. That’s sad…. But at least it’ll be the end. The end to the longest, most annoying subject invented.

I’ve spent the past three hours studying, but with my tendency to get distracted, I’ve been on the same questions for the whole time. Smart, eh?

This is such a cute//cool video of Masuda Takahisa, from NewS

^^ I just love him~~

Currently:Still. Doing. Math.

Reading: I’m not sure what’s next. Finished Ironside. It was so good~~ love Roiben~^^

Listening to: Superman by Massu~

Stressful Thursaday

Sigh. I’m tired. And I have two tests to study for for tomorrow. Joy.

I know this isn’t funny, but I can help but smile a little when I think of it. A few days ago, someone, or ones… tried to set the school on fire. In two of the first floor girls bathrooms, someone filled the trashcan with a bunch of paper, and used a lighter, or match, and set two bathrooms on fire. Unfortunately, it happened at four so everyone, except for the poor girls volleyball team (who were wearing their t-shirt and shorts volleyball uniform). That’s pretty epic that someone actually tried to set the school on fire. Too bad it didn’t actually burn down to ashes. Now we have to still do exams….

Currently: Reading. Yes I’m the worst procrastinator alive.

Reading: Wonderous Stange By Lesley Livingston

Listening to: Loveless by Yamapi

homework x1000

All I have is homework to do. But I’m so lazy, I haven’t even started, even though I have full knowledge that I won’t be able to do much over the weekend. Put me under the idiot column and be done with it. Math, science, science assignement, science assignment 2, science lab report, careers assignment, and history essay. I mean seriously, can’t teachers give us a break, or like one day that could somehow resemble a break. All there is to do is homework it seems, and if homework isn’t finished, you fail. End of Story. I actually did my homework and ended up with a 75 on the last quiz, so it obviously helps. Too bad there’s SO MUCH work to do. Sigh.

Currently: Starting math, and regaining an ounce of sanity

Reading: nothing… I’m done Tempted, and I’m sorry… it sucked.

Listening to: Snow Express by NEWS


Have you ever thought about the career you want to pursue? Is it wrong to not have a career and some kind of path to follow after school? Is it wrong to choose the courses you enjoy until university? Is it wrong to not know how your life is going to work out? And why are so many things wrong in so many people’s minds?

I’ve given my future a thought. I want to be an optomitrist. But the thing is, I’m lazy, so does that make me unqualified for this? There’s so much work that must be put into the process in order to even dream about doing this as a career. But people eventually end up being an optomitrist, or a doctor, or a surgeon. I, personally, suck at math. Does that make me less qualified for this type of work? If so, then what can I do?

Teachers keep telling us that we have to have a plan for our lives, that we have to know what comes after school’s done. But most don’t and end up stressing about what they’re going to do about their lives. Such pointless stress. Come what may, and live each day to its fullest~

Currently: reading

Reading: Tempted

Listening to: Taiyou no Namida by NEWS

Remembering Sunday

Remembrance day is Wednesday and through tradition, my family visits the cemetery the weekend before it. My grandmother’s parents are there, along with my aunt. My aunt was killed when she was eighteen, so naturally, I never met her. She was riding home in a taxi from her friend’s house. In the middle of an intersection, the taxi got T-Boned by another car, instantly killing her and the taxi driver. Every year, we visit her, along with my great-grandparents around Remembrance Day, Christmas, and Easter.

And after every visit to the cemetery, there must be a meal. Usually we go to this Chinese restaurant called Empire or was once called New World, which was bought out by Empire, but then last year the restaurant (Empire) closed down. Don’t know why, but it did. So today, we ended up going to the Best Dragon Chinese restaurant on Steeles across from Centerpoint. This was the very same restaurant that we had seen a rat a few weeks ago. Very appealing, don’t you think? My sister, dad, and I had to listen to my mother rant about the germs and diseases that are lodged in the restaurant for the 30 minute ride over to the restaurant. Fun.

Overall, the meal was good, and no rats made an appearance today. It was just a normal family get together, which was quite enjoyable.

Currently: thinking about starting my math homework…

Reading: Tempted by P.C Cast and Kristen Cast (sixth book to the house of night novels) (I got it today~~)

Listening to: Summer Time by NEWS (~~^^)

Teachers tell lies too

History: 90%
Civics: 93%
Science: Unknown and probably will never be known.
Math: Monday.

My history/civics teacher said that he would give us our marks today, and he did. Science… she’s like the slowest marker on earth, so I doubt she has her marks close to ready, and my math teacher said today, and now she says monday. Watch, at the end of next week she’ll say ‘Oh you’ll see on your report card. Okay, slight exageration, but seriously, teachers tell lies too.

Woo~~ last day of civics was today… unfortunately, on Monday, we’re starting careers and my teacher going to be worse than any of my teachers, even my math teacher’ll probably be better. Last year, my careers teacher filled in for my gym teacher and then she started yelling at us because we thought a picture looked like one thing, while she thought it was something else. Turned out we were right, but after that she hated us. Hell, she hates everyone. People say she hates Asians, Russians, etc. Air go. EVERYONE. fun……

Currently: yawning. I are tired. (that’s not a mistake…)

Reading: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (I LOVE HER BOOKS~~ favourite author… for the past six years that is…)

Listening to: I Za Na I Zu Ki by NEWS

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