Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Radiant Shadows

So this weekend I saw three movies (not in theaters..) : My Sister’s Keeper, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, and Up. My Sister’s Keeper was really good, but it was totally different from the book, Campbell had some relationship problems with the guardian ad litem, Julia, who wasn’t even in the movie… and then Jesse had way more problems in the book than in the movie. Lastly, the ending was totally and epically not the same…. not. at. all.
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs was weird, that’s all I can say about it…
Up was cute. I had seen the beginning on my friend’s mp3/mp4 once, but I hadn’t seen the end until yesterday, it was really, really good~ and it had a moral to it too =]

I still need to do my biography… I have yet to understand what I’m supposed to do for it though…

This is a catchy song, she has a lot of talent. Yes, she. Tanya Manibusan~
Pardon the language….

This song is also really addictive…
David Choi’s ‘That Girl’
Video by Wong Fu =]

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My Life Is Average

I’m bored out of my mind today. My parents have me locked up in my room ‘studying’. So I attempted and failed. I mean, history and science. I know I should study, but they make me tired, and I only woke up an hour ago.

In my boredom, I went to and began looking at random entries. Here are the ones I thought were interesting//funny.

1.Today, I’ve read a few MLIA’s about town names like Intercourse, Paradise and so on. It makes me wonder what unimaginative, lazy person named my town “Newtown”. MLIA.

2.A few days ago, my family went to my cousins house. The first thing my mom said when she saw their dog was, “Oh you look so masculine!” my uncle (her brother) looked annoyed at her and said to his dog, “Don’t worry, Lucy, they used to say the same thing about her.” I’ve never seen my dad laugh harder in my entire life. MLIA.

3.Recently, I was eating Burger King food with my sister-in-law when she noticed that the sandwich wrappers have the DISHWASHER SAFE logo on them. It’s nice to know that if I ever need to wash a sandwich wrapper, I won’t have to do it by hand. Thanks, Burger King. MLIA.

4.Today in psych class, we were discussing ‘personal bubbles’. If you are too close to someone, without even realizing it, they will move away from you. Interested, my friend decided to try it. It worked on three people, then she tried it on my boyfriend. She got right up in his face, and looked him dead in the eye. He looked at her, blinked and stepped even closer. She stepped back. I love him. MLIA

5.Today my mom told me that this morning she went to get a mug out of one of our cabinets. It happened to be way in the back, and when she picked it up, she heard something move inside it. Thinking it was a cockroach and being terrified of them, she threw the mug into the sink, screaming. When she dared to look over the edge of the sink, it was an just empty mug with a little paper star. I put that star there months ago in the hopes that it would freak her out. I really wish I could high five my past self. MLIA.

6.Today, I was eating at a restaurant and an elderly man came up to our table and asked if he could do a magic trick for us while we waited for our food. We agreed and he did a couple of really awesome tricks. When our waiter came back, we asked him how long the guy had been working there. Apparently, he doesn’t. MLIA

7.I convinced my best friend that my boyfriend saw the world in black and white. When we got to a traffic light he started screaming WHAT COLOR IS IT? I in turn yelled GREEN when it was red. He ran the light. I think I’m in love. MLIA

Okay. I think I should stop for the day. I seriously need to start studying…

Have funn this weekend everyone. And let us continue to keep our goal for this year. Stay Alive! Sound good?

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Working Sunday

Yay~ I understand Trig. Thank Goodnes!

Hehehe… so today’s basically been a work day, catching up on all the work I’ve skipped or have been too lazy to complete.

However, in the middle of it all, I went A.D.D and started watching videos on youtube. This girl (I think the user’s a girl…) who’s username is MyVampireEyes. She makes the videos for animes such as Shugo Chara, Pandora Hearts etc and they’re always so awesome. I was watching some of her videos again and wish I could make one to…

Well, I have tried, and I’ve completed a few, but I have yet to figure out how to actually get it online…

Here are some of her/his… videos =)
(the beginnings are like her little theme songs, they vary as time goes on)


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