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New SNSD Song~

Woot~! SNSD (Girl’s Generation) has their new Music Video out: Run Devil Run~
Gosh, all Koreans, I swear they’re all pretty, even the ones who think they aren’t are.

Here’s their new MV:

Awesome, isn’t it?

So today I spent the morning watching my brother in Bayview Village. You see, I love the annoying brat, but do you know how hard it is to watch a three year old kid in a mall were there is not a single toy store, and in the only store there is any chance of playing, your mother forbids the kid to play? It’s hell!
So I spent three hours watching my brother, running back and forth through the mall (it isn’t the biggest mall either), all because of my sister. She had to go to the dentist and get some stuff done, and then she had to go look for a freaking graduation dress. See, usually I wouldn’t mind. But when we got back to our house, I said I had enough of my brother for the day (he was screaming), and my sister just rolled her eyes and said: whatever, you didn’t even do anything. At that moment, I wanted to like stand on her face *seethe*


Anyways, so I kind of started my business report, but got confused, so gave up. I’m halfway through my English ISP book that I’m using for the bookreport (Along for the Ride), and my biology assignment is giving me a headache…

So I went from HAPPY to angry to exasperated.
Sigh. Again.

Currently: trying to do bio, but getting distracted by my book and msn

Reading: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: Our Time is Here by Demi Lovato

We’re THIRD!

Canada is now at third in medal rankings with 25 medals, Germany is in second place with 29, and USA is still at the top with 36 medals.

Canada has a total of 13 Gold medals: Men’s Moguls, Ladies’ Snowboard, Ladies 1000m Speed Skating, Men’s Skeleton, Figure Skating: Ice Dance, Ladies’ Ski Cross: Freestyle, Women’s Hockey, Women’s Bobsleigh, Speed Skating: Men’s 500m, Speed Skating: Men’s 5000m Relay, Speed Skating: Men’s Team, Snowboarding: Men’s Parallel Giant Slalom, and Men’s Curling~
Canada has racked up a total of 7 Silver medals: Curling Women’s, Bobsleigh: Women’s, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 3000m Relay, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 1500m, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 500m, Men’s Snowboard Cross, and Ladies’ Moguls
Canada’s also got 5 Bronze medals: Bobsleigh: Four-Man, Speed Skating: Men’s 500m, Ladies’ Figure Skating, Speed Skating: Ladies’ 5000m, and Speed Skating: Ladies’ 3000m

Unlike the USA our Gold outweighs our Bronze medals~ We even set a record! Way awesome team Canada~
Tomorrow is the last and final day of the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. I have to say, it was pretty awesome~~

Today was an average Saturday: Piano, Lunch, Studying, Dinner, TV, More Studying.
I did get to watch some of the Canadian Curling game (Men’s) they won, so that’s a sign that the game was good (or Norway just wasn’t…) (Though they did play well)

I also found out that the USA’s Men’s Hockey Team is the coach for the Toronto Maple Leafs. That just proves our team sucks, not because of the coach, but because of our players. When was the last time we won the Stanley’s Cup?

I also downloaded a bunch of songs today, most of which aren’t even out on CD yet. Sometimes I wonder why these unreleased songs are on the Internet, and how these people even get them in order to put them up, but other than that, I take advantage of the fact. They were mostly unreleased Jason Derulo Songs. He’s one of my favourite artists~ I’m definitely going to buy his CD (even though I probably have half of the songs on his CD being released March 2nd…) Ah well, all his music is good anyways~

AND (almost done) I finished season 2 of Hana Yori Dango~ Ohmygawd! It was so good~~~ So romantic, and so hilarious. I love Domyouji’s Japanese, it’s just hilarious. Sojiroh’s a playboy, Akira’s the nicest, Domyouji is the least intelligent, and Rui is the most. I love them all though~~
Sometime soon, I shall watch the finale movie for it and will be done~ Though I’ll probably rewatch it later on^^

Currently: Business and Writing

Reading: Vampire Academy: Shadow Kiss by Richelle Mead (SO GOOD!!!!)

Listening to: Encore by Jason Derulo


It is Friday! Yeah! Okay, so there is really no significance to this Friday, since I didn’t need to be in school, but I’m still happy. Exams are done, and my favourite subject, English, is starting once again~

Four more workless days, and then it’s back to school. That should be fun~

I should really get my volunteer hours done… but I’m just too lazy. <-epic dedication right there!

Some random things by my friends on Facebook:
Cops never think it’s as funny as you do. They sent me a picture of me speeding, so I sent a picture of a check… so they sent me a picture of handcuffs.
“It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and say the opposite.”
“A stupid person should keep silent. But if he knew this, he would not be a stupid person.”

Currently: Reading a little, writing a little, and listening to my music…. a little

Reading: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (I’ll read cupcake and shrimp eventually….)

Listening to: Oh! by SNSD (My friend D got me addicted…)


So history is boring me to death and science isn’t any better. Only two more! I tell myself that, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Especially with this freaking cold….

Math fact for the day:
Alikiya+studying=epic boredom. See, with just that, I should get an A in math~
If only….

So I should really get back to studying, though I probably won’t. I’d either get distracted, or I’ll just sit there, staring at the review sheets and think ‘Why can’t monkeys fly?’ I swear, I can be Einstein! Starting… Never… It’s odd though. I can memorize music lyrics faster than anything, but when it comes down to scientific or historical facts, it just flies over my head to be forgotten. I can remember the stupidest of things, and when it comes down to school, everything slips away as easily as water. Sigh. My common sense is somewhere up there, and yet my math skills are about rock bottom.

I think I’ll just be a hobo when I grow up. Aim low. Shoot high!

Currently: Testing my friend in history. That’s the closest I’ll get to hardcore studying

Reading: History Notes. Oh you meant a book? Haha you’re funny~~

Listening to: What do you want from me by Adam Lambert

Funny/Truthful Facebook Groups/Pages:
Multiple Choice Thinking Process: Hmm I haven’t used C in a while
Paper beats rock OK I’ll throw a rock at you and you defend yourself with paper
Did you see that? No I’m watching this 9347 inch screen because it’s pretty
So I looked at the first question on my test and realized I was gonna fail
98% of kids drink or smoke before 18. Join this group if you like bagels

That is what happens when I’m bored… hehehe~~

Good luck with exams!


Math. Is. Done. No more. GONE! Yay!! *does a funny dance*
So happy~

I missed a question at the end of the exam. I just blank. It was the last question though. I think my mind just decided to stop to take a breather. Overall, though, I think I did well *crosses fingers* But we’ll see by Feb 3rd.

For my history exam, I am going into it with an 85. My lack of minutes for my presentation made it drop by five… so hopefully exams bring it back up~~ As for science, I’ve got an 83 going into the exam. I need to get that up. I’m determined to get a high(er) average.

But for now, I think I’ll just relax for a while~ I’ve worked my butt off for the math exam. Tomorrow, or tonight, I shall begin doing so for my history and science exam!

Currently: listening to music, while writing.

Reading: Shrimp by Rachel Cohn (Gingerbread was way good^^ The ending was a happy, teary, kind of ending. Cyd Charisse is cool~ but that Justin kid was the perfect duplicate of a careless, stupid, irresponsible, boy. She did well making these characters~)

Listening to: Miss Independent by Neyo~

According to you~~

That’s a good song. It’s like the story of my life, except the ‘him’ part doesn’t apply to me. I fail with love…. that’s just kind of sad…

Worked the whole day on my history presentation. Which is pretty sad, since it’s just my essay copy and pasted onto another document…

Hehehehe.. tomorrow, it’s crunch time!

In today’s football news, the Saints CREAMED the Cardinals. The score was 45 to 14, I think the Cardinals need to start prepping for next year NOW. Too bad the Steelers sucked this year. Pittsburgh’s team was WAY better last year, winning the Superbowl and all. This year their defense sucked. They killed the best team!! (you can see where my loyalty lies) (though it shouldn’t lie anywhere… I live in Canada…)

After watching the game, I helped my dad carry doors down to the basement, since he’s building it and all. Those things are HEAVY. But they look so light….

Currently: Bored and tired

Reading: Just finished The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones. Starting Valiant by Holly Black again. Must finish.

Listening to: According to you By Orianthi

Cool Music

Today I woke up and heard this song, and thought to myself: “Hey this is pretty good.” Turns out it was by one of my fave bands, Faber Drive.

Here’s the song, enjoy~~

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