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I’m 16~!

Okay, it’s nothing big. It’s not like wonders will happen because I’m one year older. As they say, age is but a number. Yesterday was my birthday, so I woke up at seven and the first thing I had to do… was to go to piano lessons. Fun. Then I went out with my mom’s side of the family, and as usual, there was a yelling festival *rolls eyes* We went out to eat at my favourite Jap restaurant (all my b-day lunches have been held at a Japanese restaurant… and I’m Chinese…) and then we went back to their house to eat cake (I had three cakes in total this year *happy*) So I was trying to light my candles, and the matches that my grandparents had were like them. Old. So when I lit the match, I had about 2 seconds to light my candles because the wood was burning away so fast. I almost burned off my fingers… So smart, right?

So now today is post birthday, and I’m stressing over work. I’m like | | <- this close to finishing my business ISP and then I have to finish my design brief for my tech final project (ISP1), and then start on the tech ISP (a group thing) (ISP2) while the rest of my group is like doing other projects…
Sigh. School's just a bundle of fun…

Tuesday is yearbooks~~!! I don't know why, but I love yearbooks. I still have the dumb ones from when I was in grade 5… When I look back at that one, it's like little notes from old friends, and only one or two actually sounded intellectual. Then when I look at my grade 8 yearbook stuff, I see a tonne of 'have a great summer' and then some 'I will miss you' then there are the stupid/creative ones like 'I hope you graduate SPED' and then there is always the '__insert name__ WAS HERE !!!' The best one was from my grade seven teacher 'If you ever become rich… 10% that's all I ask' He was the best teacher on earth ~~
Then I look at last year's yearbook, where there are little pictures, a bunch of 'see ya next year', some idiotic comments, and long notes from all my close friends~
This year, I predict a lot of stupidity from my friends, the usual have a great summer, and the dumb comments that every year, some kid has to make.

Currently: Finishing up my business ISP =D

Reading: Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready & In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje (attempt number 3)

Listening to: What If by that cheetah girl…. Chanel? Don't know her actual name…

Vocaloid Papercraft

So today was anime club, and we were doing paper craft things. that’s when we fold paper to make people, or objects. The two choices people had were a vocaloid character, a cat, or a milk carton.

^this is S’s, which he decided to give away. He made like 20 of them…. they were all better than mine… plus he had regular white paper, and coloured hair and stuff…

^this is mine. Yes, it is yellow. The club leader didn’t have white paper nor a colour printer, so this was the result…I believe this is supposed to be Len, one of the twins in vocaloid or something…

Other than the fact I had a lot of problems with this thing, it was pretty fun~

Today we had a bio test. It was okay… I think… I hope… I knew most of the answers, but still… usually when I think I did well, I tend to do badly, and when I think I did badly, I tend to do badly… it’s a lose lose situation. The best results come up when I just say ‘eh, whatever, come what may ~’

Tomorrow I have a business test, and I think I’m ready… think…
On Wednesday, I have some biology debate thing…
On Thursday, I have a trip to U of T for Bio too..
On Friday… I have an ortho appointment (still have my retainer – . -“), and then my sister has her dance recital and her grad pics, and then my dad has a work meeting… the world seemed to converge on the 23rd for everything…

Currently: studying business

Reading: In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje

Listening to: Year 3000 by The Jonas Brothers

Another Win~

Sorry about yesterday. I came home at like 7, ate dinner, did the dishes, shovelled snow (if only it fell in Vancouver… that’d be helpful…), did my homework, and instantly fell asleep at 11. So I didn’t really have time to post…

Woot! We won another Gold medal and Silver~ Kristina Groves won another medal in speed skating while Figure Skate Partners (Dancers) Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir won Gold~! Yay Canada^^
Also, there was that figure skater, Joannie Rochette, who’s mother died on Sunday from a heart attack. She is still planned to compete in her event though. May her mother rest in peace.
Currently, the USA is STILL first with 25 medals, Germany continues as second with 22, Norway’s got 14, Russia got ahead of us, having 12 medals, and Canada sits in 5th place with 10 medals.

So nothing interesting has happened in the past two days… Just school. Projects, etc. Today was signature day though, where we were to run around the school looking for the correct teacher to sign our course selection sheets, which determined what courses we will have next year. It was quite… tedious. People tended to crowd around one teacher, and you’d be stuck there, but if you were to walk away for a minute or two, everyone in that crowd would have dispersed, content with their signatures.

Currently: Doing my tech assignments

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Two Days Left

Two more days of freedom, and then back to school we go. Oh well, it was fun at least.

Yesterday, I went to Yorkdale, and we spent two hours in the Bay shopping for a suit for my dad. What a waste of two hours. Then after, we got five minutes in Indigo, and then we had to go, because my dad had to go get his hair cut. That was probably the most boring trip to Yorkdale I’ve ever had. Sigh.

So my actual Internet is kind of..used up. So if I don’t post (like yesterday) you’ll know why~

I watched How to Deal yesterday~ It was good. The movie was a mix of Sarah Dessen’s books This Summer and Someone Like You. The screen writer was able to mix the two together well. Granted, it wasn’t like crazy like Harry Potter, nor was it enlightening and amazing like Avatar, and it wasn’t about sparkly vampires like Twilight. But it was pretty good overall.

Yesterday, I also watched the Grammys. I loved the performances so much. Pink’s performance was awesome. She was singing while being pulled up on a piece of white fabric, and in the middle, she was dipped in water, which she sent flying over the audience in a fountain at the end of the song as she spun downwards back onto the ground. Taylor Swift was able to walk off with many wins, including the Album of the Year award, winning it over Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Beyonce’s performance was good too. She was singing If I Were A Boy. I love her dress in the performance~~ Lady Gaga opened the show singing Poker Face, and then another song with Elton John. As always, her performances were creepy and yet great.

Also, last night, they did a tribute to Michael Jackson. They showed a part of his movie, This Is It, and they sang with him, in a way. Celine Dion, Carrie Underwood, Usher, Smoky Robinson, and Jennifer Hudson all sang with Michael (his voice from the movie). The whole tribute was introduced by Lionel Richie, who had co-written ‘We Are The World’ with Michael years ago. The tribute was touching, and after his children came up to the stand to thank the audience for the Michael’s award.

This year’s Grammy’s was definitely one that would never be forgotten.

Currently: Cleaning my room…. again…

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Today was fun. Well, the afternoon was…

I went to piano classes as usual, then me and my family went to this swarovski bead/jewellery shop and I bought around $80 worth of stuff. Yay~ Then we went to eat at my favourite restaurant~~^^ Later we went grocery shopping for a little bit, and then I went to go see New Moon with my friend J. It was a good movie~ Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart were really good in the movie, and while watching the previews, we saw Rob Pat’s other movie, Remember Me, and I want to go see that now, not because of Rob Pat, cause no offense he’s not the best looking guy, but because the movie seems really intense, with a good story line. Hopefully it lives up to my expectations^^ Then I had pizza, and now I’m here. Winter Break is fun so far. Now I’ve got to go do the dishes. Yeah, not fun but hey, it’s a part of life!

Currently: Going to go wash dishes

Reading: Just Listen by Sarah Dessen. I ruined my friend’s surprise, plus I forgot the other book at school….

Listening to: Tong Hua by Guang Liang

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