Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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March Break!

Finally, a partial break… well for the most part. I have a bio lab due the Monday back to school plus I need to study for a bio test on the Tuesday after break. Then I have to finish my business assignment on franchises, and then my English ISP, well book report, for the second week of April. Ah well. At least there isn’t school~!

I finished Gone by Lisa McMann yesterday. Overall, it wasn’t a bad ending to the series.
Basically the book is about this girl, Janie Hannagan, who is able to go into people’s dreams. Her mother’s a drunk, and her dad left. Her best friend Carrie is amazing, but there are some things you just can’t share, no matter how much you want to. She later finds a few other Dream Catchers, as they call them, and learns about the downside to these powers. Not sure what to do with herself, she sets out to make one of the biggest decisions of her life.
Good series, and it’s so simply written, that it just makes it better~

Yesterday, I watched the Proposal and the Time Traveler’s Wife.
The Proposal was so funny~ It was amazing. My parents were being bums and kept saying that the movie was junk, but when they saw it with me, they loved it too~ Ryan Reynolds is such a hilarious actor. *Awestruck*
The Time Traveler’s Wife was really good too, but not really funny. More devastatingly sad, sweet, and emotional. Right up there with P.S. I Love You~ *movie freak* and *book freak* Hehehe~

Also, yesterday, the Paralympics started in Vancouver~ I seriously believe that all those events done by regular athletes are twenty times harder when you’re in the Paralympics. Seriously. Go Canada~!

Currently: Playing the Wii

Reading: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen (I’m using this book for my book report) (It’s good so far~)

Listening to: Perfect by Hedley

It’s Spring~~ (Soon)

Ah. Spring is almost upon us. Time for the snow (what’s left of it) to melt, for the birds (many who never left) to return, and for the lakes and rivers (which were basically running for the whole season) to melt. Okay, so it was a warm winter, we did have… well one real snowy week… Okay so there really was no winter… What was I trying to say?

OH! Yeah, the weather was really nice today. I can’t wait for the summer where I can wear a t-shirt and have no need for a stinking coat~
Plus, the time is being reset again. Spring Forward! Too bad we lose an hour… ah well.

I like that song. Oprah promoted them, and now they’re huge… though they are pretty good (overall)

Bio test tomorrow… and then it is MARCH BREAK! YAY!!
I’m probably going to try to get some volunteer hours, or maybe hang with some old friends. Or I might try to go skating at one of the indoor rinks. Surprisingly, I haven’t gone once yet… Sigh, homework really kills any opportunity for a life.

Currently: Studying Bio

Reading: Gone by Lisa McMann

Listening to: Need you now by Lady Antebellum


I look at you
And feel my world sway
All my senses are dulled
And a euphoric oblivion takes over

In the school hallway
Where hundreds of voices
Fly back and forth
I recognize only yours

As I run across the street
You’re already there
Grinning down at me
Now it’s a contest

When I’m with you
I feel as if I were
Walking in a dream
Like some crazy fantasy

But dreams
Are meant for sleeping
And fantasies
Are meant for storybooks

That’s what I’m doing
And it’s all
Because of you

Currently: Bio homework

Reading: Gone by Lisa McMann (turns out it was none of the above from yesterday’s choices)

Listening to: Falling Down by Tiffany Giardina

Once upon a dream

Love was once mine, Once upon a dream~

Okay yeah that was random. You can’t blame me for being bored.

I have a story to tell~

Now everyone gather around and settle down.

Okay, I’m joking… Kind of…

Today was a pretty average day, civics presentation, science quiz, math review class, etc. But Today, I walked into my first perios class (history) with my teacher, first thing in the morning, and we found that the window in the classroom was broken. *ohhhh* Later on we found out someone had tried to break in, though I’m not entirely sure what you could steal from a classroom. ‘OH LOOKY HERE! I stole a pencil from my history class!!!!’ Yay? Either way, the window was broken, but some dude came into fix it so now it’s shiny and clear. THE END.

Ahahaha. Interesting eh? but seriously, what is there to steal in a classroom, especially a history classroom, unless you wanted an old map from W.W.I then I don’t see anything that could be worth stealing. Eh. Odd people think what they think, same with criminals, and window breakers.

Currently: Attempting math homework

Reading: Fade by Lisa McMann (I LOVE THIS BOOK~~~~)

Listening to: Cherish by NEWS (Asian Band)

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