Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Yesterday, I watched that movie: Starstruck. Starring Sterling Knight, Danielle Campbell, Brandon Mychal Smith, Chelsea Staub, Maggie Castle, Dan O’Connor, Beth Littleford. It was one of the cliche ‘everybody lives happily ever after’ kind of movies, but it was still good.

I also watched Bounty Hunter. That was a good movie. It had a little humor, a little action, and a little romance, that was promptly killed and stomped on. Hey, it’s true. It was one of those movies where they left all these loose ends that were neatly tied at the end of the movie.

English has been my enemy this whole break. I haven’t been able to write at all. This sucks… when the break started I thought ‘great, I’ll be able to do so much with my stories, all of them, and maybe I’ll be able to update some stuff on mibba…’ As if. Nothing came to me. I scrapped so much that I’m starting to doubt my abilities to even finish the chapter, let alone the whole story…
Everything I wrote either sounded stupid, weird, awkward, or all three. Argh. *Epic Writers Block*

Also, Sakura Girl by NewS is out, here’s the PV

Poor Ryo got slapped, and this is one of the few times I thought he didn’t look too bad…
And Massu *tear* he looked so happy, and then… it was so sad… his face just crumpled…

Currently: Attempting my English ISP (like I said. The English language doesn’t like me this week)

Reading: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Hero by Sterling Knight (Drew Ryan Scott) (I believe Sterling lip synced for the movie… though I think he can sing… hm…)

One Day.

One day until math exams. Sigh. That’s sad…. But at least it’ll be the end. The end to the longest, most annoying subject invented.

I’ve spent the past three hours studying, but with my tendency to get distracted, I’ve been on the same questions for the whole time. Smart, eh?

This is such a cute//cool video of Masuda Takahisa, from NewS

^^ I just love him~~

Currently:Still. Doing. Math.

Reading: I’m not sure what’s next. Finished Ironside. It was so good~~ love Roiben~^^

Listening to: Superman by Massu~

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