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The Marks Are In… and the loser is…

Today, my math mark was given to me. It ended up being a 69. How epically sad. Hey, at least I didn’t fail~~

Total average of know marks:84%
Hopefully my science mark boosts it a little…

Eh. At least my class’s average is higher than the other HMST class~~ probably because we have the two geniuses… *sigh* If only I was one of them….

My science teacher bugs me. She’s like the slowest marker in the whole world. We handed in this project and the other class got it back, but she’s only done half of them, and when we do a test, we recieve it a month later, and take it up the next month. Then, when she’s teaching us stuff, she doesn’t right proper information on the board, leaving us with no notes, and me with no information what-so-ever due to my short-term memory. Plus, when you ask a question, she’s always like “Refer to your textbook and if you can’t find any information, check the internet” and if not that then “I don’t know. Check the internet and tell me tomorrow” Like seriously?

Eh. So long as my mark is good, I’m happy. And so long as I don’t have her as a teacher ever again after this year then, I’m even more happy~~

Currently: Staring blankly at my math homework, wondering if I should even bother trying

Reading: Tempted. It’s okay….

Listening to: Beside You by Marianas Trench

Teachers tell lies too

History: 90%
Civics: 93%
Science: Unknown and probably will never be known.
Math: Monday.

My history/civics teacher said that he would give us our marks today, and he did. Science… she’s like the slowest marker on earth, so I doubt she has her marks close to ready, and my math teacher said today, and now she says monday. Watch, at the end of next week she’ll say ‘Oh you’ll see on your report card. Okay, slight exageration, but seriously, teachers tell lies too.

Woo~~ last day of civics was today… unfortunately, on Monday, we’re starting careers and my teacher going to be worse than any of my teachers, even my math teacher’ll probably be better. Last year, my careers teacher filled in for my gym teacher and then she started yelling at us because we thought a picture looked like one thing, while she thought it was something else. Turned out we were right, but after that she hated us. Hell, she hates everyone. People say she hates Asians, Russians, etc. Air go. EVERYONE. fun……

Currently: yawning. I are tired. (that’s not a mistake…)

Reading: Suite Scarlett by Maureen Johnson (I LOVE HER BOOKS~~ favourite author… for the past six years that is…)

Listening to: I Za Na I Zu Ki by NEWS

Marks, Report Cards, and Semi-Goodbyes

Today and tomorrow are all about marks. The final marks that are going to sent to the office to be placed on our first term report cards. I know FOR SURE I am not going to be on the top ten or anywhere near it. My math mark is low, low, low, low. hehehe…

Two weeks from now are report cards. Personally, I just want to get them over with, seriously. I know I’m doing okay in everything other than math. History is like free period, while civics is like a bootleg of history and science is my nap session, and math is like going to boot camp, tiring and it drives you insane.

Civics is ending and careers is starting. oh well. I still have the same teacher for history, I’m just not learning civics anymore. yay~ last day of civics is tomorrow~

All my marks are supposedly given to us tomorrow… I think they want to cushion the fall for those who aren’t doing so good….

Currently: doing math homework (see I do the work and do poorly on the tests)

Reading: Still nothing…. I need a book…

Listening to: Weeeek by NEWS

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