Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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This Lullaby

This book I’m reading is addicting. Though I find all books addicting, I know this books will end good cause the authors good~

Math is amazing! I actually understand what we’re doing in there. It’s a miracle!

Tomorrow is Destination NV at my school. It’s a half-day with classes, and then once everyone goes home, kids who’re in grade eight and are thinking of going to NV next year get toured around the school by students like me~ I figure. free pizza lunch, free cookies, and volunteer hours, by showing people around a school that I know practically by heart. Easy job~

Currently: Reading This Lullaby~~

Reading: This Lullaby… in case you didn’t catch that~

Listening to: Hajimete No Koi Ga Owaru Toki by some asian artist… hehehe…

I’m Just Beige

I’m just beige. Boring. Normal. I tune out the rest of the world with music, I ignore everyone through reading, I hide away in my room every night doing homework, I write as I please and then scrap the idea ten seconds later. I have no significant quality that can amaze people, enthrall them, or even to relate to them. I spend more time in my room than I do anywhere else. I spend more time doing homework then hanging with my friends. I have no social life, and yet here I am, alive, well and sane. How does that work?

Normal people go insane from spending too much time on their own. They start talking to themselves and then they get kicked to the asylum and then forgotten. I guess I would count as forgotten. In my house, my door never open, no one bothers me. Ever. I could be screaming and I would never be heard. It’s just the way my life works, the way it always have. I’ve always lived up to my parents expectations. Doing well in school, never doing drugs, all the junk. And yet their star child is my sister who gets the most attention of everyone. The only time I get some kind of attention is if I do badly in school. I guess it’s reflexive for me to try to do my best in school, and maybe that’s why I shy away from too much attention. I wear black 24/7 to blend into the background, and yet half the time, I’m trying to be heard, by my peers or by my family. Forgotten. That’s the word for me.

Currently: Working on a careers assignment

Reading: Just finished Beige by Cecil Castellucci, my insperation for todays blah. xP

Beginning to read: This Lullaby by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: Bad Boy by Cascada

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