Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Falling for You

When I first met you
You were foolish
A boy who looked
So familiar to another

Friendships formed
And I never thought
I’d fall for someone
Like you

You were just
Another guy
Among the many
I’ve known through life

And yet, I found myself
Watching you in the hallways
From the corner
Of my eyes

Hoping that one day
You’d come up to me
And say
I think I’m falling for you

Months went by
And our friendship grew
I kept on waiting
Wishing for miracles

They never came

One last dance
One last party
One last chance
One last memory

People knew
You knew
And yet
You refused

I asked
You laughed
I cried
Now I’m back

I’m tired
Of missing your friendship
I’m tired
Of missing you

Memories fade
So they say
So why does this broken heart
Still remain?

Sad Tuesday.

Today… History: Essay due Thurs//Careers: Large and important assignment due Thurs//Science: Project due next Fri; Quiz this Thurs; Test next Thurs; Lab due next Fri//Math: Quiz on Fri; Test next Wed// School makes me sad.

Hate to be me. Order of work: H-Essay; C-assignment; S-Quiz;M-Quiz; S-2 Projects; M-Test;S-Test; WINTER BREAK!

Currently: Working on history essay. almost done!!

Reading: 13 reasons why.

Listening to: why not by hilary duff

Once upon a dream

Love was once mine, Once upon a dream~

Okay yeah that was random. You can’t blame me for being bored.

I have a story to tell~

Now everyone gather around and settle down.

Okay, I’m joking… Kind of…

Today was a pretty average day, civics presentation, science quiz, math review class, etc. But Today, I walked into my first perios class (history) with my teacher, first thing in the morning, and we found that the window in the classroom was broken. *ohhhh* Later on we found out someone had tried to break in, though I’m not entirely sure what you could steal from a classroom. ‘OH LOOKY HERE! I stole a pencil from my history class!!!!’ Yay? Either way, the window was broken, but some dude came into fix it so now it’s shiny and clear. THE END.

Ahahaha. Interesting eh? but seriously, what is there to steal in a classroom, especially a history classroom, unless you wanted an old map from W.W.I then I don’t see anything that could be worth stealing. Eh. Odd people think what they think, same with criminals, and window breakers.

Currently: Attempting math homework

Reading: Fade by Lisa McMann (I LOVE THIS BOOK~~~~)

Listening to: Cherish by NEWS (Asian Band)

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