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There’s No Life After You

Demi Lovato: Me, Myself, and Time
Good song~

So today was blah. Nothing really interesting nor exciting happened…Yeah can’t think of anything…

Currently: Studying, what else is new?

Reading: Extras by Scott Westerfeld. I’m almost done… it’s like a never ending book… or maybe I just subconsciously find it boring… not sure.

Listening to: Me, Myself, and Time by Demi Lovato

New SNSD Song~

Woot~! SNSD (Girl’s Generation) has their new Music Video out: Run Devil Run~
Gosh, all Koreans, I swear they’re all pretty, even the ones who think they aren’t are.

Here’s their new MV:

Awesome, isn’t it?

So today I spent the morning watching my brother in Bayview Village. You see, I love the annoying brat, but do you know how hard it is to watch a three year old kid in a mall were there is not a single toy store, and in the only store there is any chance of playing, your mother forbids the kid to play? It’s hell!
So I spent three hours watching my brother, running back and forth through the mall (it isn’t the biggest mall either), all because of my sister. She had to go to the dentist and get some stuff done, and then she had to go look for a freaking graduation dress. See, usually I wouldn’t mind. But when we got back to our house, I said I had enough of my brother for the day (he was screaming), and my sister just rolled her eyes and said: whatever, you didn’t even do anything. At that moment, I wanted to like stand on her face *seethe*


Anyways, so I kind of started my business report, but got confused, so gave up. I’m halfway through my English ISP book that I’m using for the bookreport (Along for the Ride), and my biology assignment is giving me a headache…

So I went from HAPPY to angry to exasperated.
Sigh. Again.

Currently: trying to do bio, but getting distracted by my book and msn

Reading: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: Our Time is Here by Demi Lovato

4 More Days

Four more days until March Break! Hoorah! I’m sorry, I just really don’t like school.

In bio, today, we started disecting pigs. I’m fine with it, I mean, they’re already dead, plus I don’t queasy easily, though the smell was to die for. Seriously, smell it and your nose will wrinkle with disgust and you’ll find yourself retreating from the stink. What’s worse, is that I had cut the pig and was pulling back the skin, when it snapped back, sending unidentifiable white liquid from the pig flying into my face, mainly my mouth. Yum… *goes to a bush to upchuck*

Other than that, it wasn’t too bad…

I have a business test tomorrow. I should be studying… But I REALLY don’t want to. I have this test to go through, and then a bio test on Friday, and then FREEDOM!!!

I also have a tech assignment, plus my bandsaw box thing… I’m almost done? Kind of? Aha~

So I finished Need by Carrie Jones today, and it was overall not too bad. Granted, it had pixies and were-wolves/eagles/tigers/bears. But at least there weren’t any vampires~~

Currently: Tech Assignment

Reading: Either Waiting for Normal, Alisson Rules, or Along for the Ride… We’ll see.

Listening to: Catch Me by Demi Lovato

Biology’s a ….. nevermind.

I hate tests. They shouldn’t be allowed to exist. Sigh. I mean, just give us the lesson. You don’t actually have to test our knowledge or give us a mark. If we want to learn, we’ll listen, and we’ll learn. If we don’t, then there are other people in the class who would love to listen to you banter about a subject that I really don’t care about.
From English, I learn new words and all that jazz; Science, I learned about climate and optics, which will come in handy in my future; History, I can relate to many events in history that come up in like presidential/prime minster…al? speeches, or during the school day when we celebrate stuff like Martin Luther King day; Careers and Civics, well that’s the stuff I’ll need when I’m older and have to deal with the jail system (not that I’m thinking about getting arrested or whatever) or getting a job (I think we all need that… unless you’re a hobo then that’s a different story); In Business, you learn about the TSX, businesses, how they run, etc. I might just need that in life. Especially the TSX stuff. Everyone buys stocks these days; In Technology, we learn how to use tools and how to handle wood. Knowledge that I’ll probably use when helping my dad fix our basement; In Biology, I learned enough to be able to identify certain problems/bacteria/organs/enzymes when watching shows like Dr. Oz. All this I learned through school. As much as I hate half those subjects, I still learned something useful. However, I don’t need to be tested for EVERY SINGLE unit, chapter, whatever! It’s pointless, and just makes me rant, as I’m currently doing… Sigh

Also notice how math isn’t there at all? Well, seriously? When will I need to know the equation of a line or parabola. When will I need to know all this trigonometric equations and formulas. I still have them all memorized, but have yet to use it in the real world. All of the useful math, I learned in gr 4-6. Done.

Another good video for Shugo Chara. This time, Utau is also in it.

This is a great opportunity to whoever can sing (I can’t!) Aha~ I love Marianas Trench music~

Biology Facts for the Day:
I’ve got nothing…
And I have a test tomorrow…

Currently: Thinking I should seriously start studying for Bio…

Reading: Nothing at the Moment… I might start ‘Waiting for Normal’ by Leslie Connor, but only if I have time.

Listening to: Remember December by Demi Lovato

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