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It’s the Weekend!

It’s the weekend, so why aren’t I happy? Oh that’s just because all my teachers give way too much work during it.

I like that song. Canadian pride~~~
Yeah, Justin Bieber sings, but thanks to his young sounding voice, it sounds like there’s a little kid aiming high to help those who need it. Good song. Always have liked it~

I just watched Sonny With A Chance the second show of season two, and I think it’s getting dumber and dumber this season. The dance last episode was dumb, and this show is… well there’s really no words for it’s stupidity…

Ah well, I say this, and next week, I’ll be watching episode three.

I finally finished the Pretties this morning. Now it’s on to the Specials. Not a bad series I have to say.
I should really start on my mountain of homework…

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Reading: Specials by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Waving Flag by Canadian Artists

School Tomorrow….

Gah! There’s school tomorrow? I thought we had a two week break… Oh! It’s over? Really? Damn… Hm? What was I doing? Work.

It seems that even when we have a break, we don’t really have a break. It’s so screwed up this system. TDSB says that teacher’s can’t give more than two hours of homework each day.┬áThen why do I spend seven hours each night in my room doing work? TDSB says that teachers can’t give us work over breaks. Then why did I not have a break, but my math ISP to complete, my history ISP to work on, my careers ISP part two to complete and a science project. All due the first or second day back, except my history presentation. How does that work, or make any sense!? TDSB says that cafeterias shouldn’t sell junk food or pop. So in the machines at my school, there is water and juice, but in the cafeteria they sell pop and the most unhealthy food. I’m not complaining but obviously, TDSB rules lie. None of their rules are helping the balance of education we have. Instead, the students striving to get into good universities and colleges to get good jobs in society, are all living their lives glued to books. There’s no time for life when you have a thousand projects to complete, while balancing homework, volunteer work, and ACTUAL work on top of it all. Teachers and parents are always saying ‘you should get a job’ easier said than done Einsteins; 1. Interviews and resumes have to match and be approved; 2. We have to worry about doing well in school whilst still holding onto our job; 3. You want to get me a job, and do all my work, then BE MY GUEST.

I can not wait ’til I’m done with school, then no more stress from school, or volunteer work, or teachers, or parents. Just one simple focus. Work. Sure it’s be stressful too, but it won’t be four different subjects of stress, just one. If I’m an accountant. Numbers. If I’m an optometrist. Science. One main focus.

Being a kid is stressful. The only time we have is during the summer, which doesn’t count for much, since half of us are still confined in our rooms, cause all our friends are on the other side of the earth having the time of their lives.

Hahaha~ so there’s my rant for the day. Now I somehow feel a little bit lighter~

Currently: Gluing my science project together

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (almost done. so awesome~~)

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X-Mas Tree

Today, me and my family put together out Christmas tree. It was tradition for us to do so after the Santa Clause parade. So today consisted of a lot of ornament hanging and ribbon wrapping. You know how in some trees people put a theme to it, not ours. Ours is filled with whatever ornament we thought was cute at the shop. It’s nice though, the different memories and colours. Also, a few days ago, my dad put up the Christmas lights on our roof. Many peopls go full out with their lights, but not my dad. He puts one string across the roof, and thats it. Simple, sometimes a little too simple.

All the Christmas decorating got me thinking about the different songs I used to love~

The Christmas Shoes~ It’s such a touching song. I remember I used to make fun of it when I was younger, but once I sat down and listened to the lyrics, I realized that the song wasn’t stupid… I was for laughing at it…

Another one is Faith Hill’s Where Are You Christmas~She’s an AMAZING Singer~

…I hope those work….

Currently: Bored… which is why I have two posts today~

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