Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Thanks For Visiting, Summer. Could You Leave Me Alone Now? (via The Life and Times of Nathan Badley…)


Thanks For Visiting, Summer. Could You Leave Me Alone Now? I hate summer. I hate summer more than you can imagine. If I were a superhero, my arch nemesis would be Dr. Summer. I would spend all of my time trying to stop Dr. Summer from destroying Megaopolis, my superhero location, with his heat ray and humidity blaster. I remember when I was young, I lo … Read More

via The Life and Times of Nathan Badley…

The Final Harry Potter = The Death of My Childhood. (via Cassie Moore’s Blog)

The Final Harry Potter = The Death of My Childhood. I just got home, after seeing the final Harry Potter movie with my husband. It was, in a mere word, epic. Truthfully, it was probably one of the best movies I've ever seen. The characters came alive in this movie, and the contrast between good and evil was so strong that it gave me the chills. The humor was perfect, the action magnificent, and the conclusion was a tear-jerker. I loved every moment. Heck, even the cynical reviewers at Rotten Tomat … Read More

via Cassie Moore's Blog

My Life Is Average

I’m bored out of my mind today. My parents have me locked up in my room ‘studying’. So I attempted and failed. I mean, history and science. I know I should study, but they make me tired, and I only woke up an hour ago.

In my boredom, I went to and began looking at random entries. Here are the ones I thought were interesting//funny.

1.Today, I’ve read a few MLIA’s about town names like Intercourse, Paradise and so on. It makes me wonder what unimaginative, lazy person named my town “Newtown”. MLIA.

2.A few days ago, my family went to my cousins house. The first thing my mom said when she saw their dog was, “Oh you look so masculine!” my uncle (her brother) looked annoyed at her and said to his dog, “Don’t worry, Lucy, they used to say the same thing about her.” I’ve never seen my dad laugh harder in my entire life. MLIA.

3.Recently, I was eating Burger King food with my sister-in-law when she noticed that the sandwich wrappers have the DISHWASHER SAFE logo on them. It’s nice to know that if I ever need to wash a sandwich wrapper, I won’t have to do it by hand. Thanks, Burger King. MLIA.

4.Today in psych class, we were discussing ‘personal bubbles’. If you are too close to someone, without even realizing it, they will move away from you. Interested, my friend decided to try it. It worked on three people, then she tried it on my boyfriend. She got right up in his face, and looked him dead in the eye. He looked at her, blinked and stepped even closer. She stepped back. I love him. MLIA

5.Today my mom told me that this morning she went to get a mug out of one of our cabinets. It happened to be way in the back, and when she picked it up, she heard something move inside it. Thinking it was a cockroach and being terrified of them, she threw the mug into the sink, screaming. When she dared to look over the edge of the sink, it was an just empty mug with a little paper star. I put that star there months ago in the hopes that it would freak her out. I really wish I could high five my past self. MLIA.

6.Today, I was eating at a restaurant and an elderly man came up to our table and asked if he could do a magic trick for us while we waited for our food. We agreed and he did a couple of really awesome tricks. When our waiter came back, we asked him how long the guy had been working there. Apparently, he doesn’t. MLIA

7.I convinced my best friend that my boyfriend saw the world in black and white. When we got to a traffic light he started screaming WHAT COLOR IS IT? I in turn yelled GREEN when it was red. He ran the light. I think I’m in love. MLIA

Okay. I think I should stop for the day. I seriously need to start studying…

Have funn this weekend everyone. And let us continue to keep our goal for this year. Stay Alive! Sound good?

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Strong enough to fly
To fragile to touch
Easy to break

Take flight
Letting the world
Fall away
To bliss

To its greatest extent
To everything in life

To go where ever you’d like
To your point of view

To be accepted
For who you are
Who you want to be

Flying free

Tiresome Thursday

Today is just one of those days where everything just wears on you until you snap and just become really weary and tired. Today was just one of those days. I woke up at five and couldn’t go back to sleep, then had to go out at around seven in the freezing cold to my grandparents place. Then I got yelled at for a little while, and after went to school, and once agains stood around in the freezing cold. When I got to school, I sat on the ground and read a book, normal, then I went to class. On the announcements, five minutes ’til class starts, the principal begins counting down, and I swear, it’s the most annoying thing ever. Once class had begun, we discussed the second world war and the deaths and attacking and stuff, which is just what you want to hear at eight in the morning. In careers class, it wasn’t wany better. Our teacher was on some ranting rampage, and even counted out the papers to make sure we didn’t reprint our assignments. Then, at lunch, I had to study for my science quiz, which I did promptly after lunch, and it bored me out of my mind. Then in math, our teacher gave us work to do, which I was direly grateful for. After school, I once again ventured into the cold, missed my bus, twice, once when leaving school and again at the transfer point, and then ended up giving up and walking home. Once home, I stepped in a puddle in my front foyer with my socks and sighing, put them on the vent to dry. Then I got yelled at to do my homework, since my sister had some concert/recital thing at seven, so I did that, getting distracted every now and then by the tv and then got yelled at some more. Once my sister and parents were gone, I finished my homework and took a nap, woke up to find a spider in front of my face, screamed, killed it, and then watched tv. Then I got yelled at again to continue my studying by my grandparents, and then when my parents got back I quickly retreated to my room, where I was promptly disturbed by my mom insisting that I wasn’t studying and told me to go do the dishes and practice my piano. I had to finish some homework on my computer, so I refused, then after a few more minutes of yelling, I come to rant here. Now, I”m tired and worn down, and ready for some sleep. But I still have stuff to finish and life is wearing on my sanity.

The End.

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Have you ever thought about the career you want to pursue? Is it wrong to not have a career and some kind of path to follow after school? Is it wrong to choose the courses you enjoy until university? Is it wrong to not know how your life is going to work out? And why are so many things wrong in so many people’s minds?

I’ve given my future a thought. I want to be an optomitrist. But the thing is, I’m lazy, so does that make me unqualified for this? There’s so much work that must be put into the process in order to even dream about doing this as a career. But people eventually end up being an optomitrist, or a doctor, or a surgeon. I, personally, suck at math. Does that make me less qualified for this type of work? If so, then what can I do?

Teachers keep telling us that we have to have a plan for our lives, that we have to know what comes after school’s done. But most don’t and end up stressing about what they’re going to do about their lives. Such pointless stress. Come what may, and live each day to its fullest~

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School, Life, And Driving

School sucks, as per usual. Today. I recieved math homework, a science assignment, a science lab report, and another science lab report. On top of that. I have a math quiz tomorrow and a history essay to complete.


Life sucks and then you die. A quote that can be found in Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer, the last book to the Twilight series. Though I am not a great fan of this series, and especially this book, this line from the Preface of the Jacob Black character seems to be becoming truer and truer everyday.

Everyday, I sit in my dad’s car and watch him and other drive. In my world, my dad is a good driver, in the real world, he still is a good driver. In other people’s worlds, they’re good drivers, in the real world… they really aren’t. There is this plaza that we pass everyday on our way home. To this plaza, there are two exits, one is located on the street we go on, and the other is located on the street after we turn left.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>    In this picture…. or… arrow thing… the ‘ / ‘ are the exits. Now, everday, the drive down the exit
^                                    ^    on the left side, and people insist on turning out from that exit into our lane. Now this would
/                                     ^    seem perfectly reasonable, because, well, it’s a street, and there’s no law saying you can’t turn.
^                                    ^    However. people who turn into our lane (which turns to the right>(or in real life… lefto-o))
^                                    ^    decide to turn left/right… this way>>> from our lane after turning out from the plaza.
^                                    ^    If they were really smart. they’d turn out from the exit at the bottom of the arrow diagam thing.
^>>>>>>>>>/>>>    or plaza lot. There is a traffic light that is specifically stationed in front of that exit at the bottom because it’s meant for people to exit. but no. they have to exit from the left driveway, and block traffic, even though they end up passing by the bottom driveway later on. It’s so stupid, it’s not even stupid anymore. It’s just like they lack every sense of common sense.

Sigh. Again.

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By the way. my diagram got messed up from the format and size, just in case you were wondering…

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