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Evacuate the School!

So today was very interesting, yet very boring.

This morning I was sitting outside my history room (even though I don’t actually have that class), since my business room’s hallway was lonely. Then Danica cam over and told me to go upstairs with her when my friend V came. So we went, and when we opened the doors to the second floor, I immediately smelt gasoline. After saying this, thinking that it was probably just some chem accident, the principal or the vice-principal came onto the PA system and told us that because of the ‘mysterious’ odor, classes on the second and third level were cancelled. My first period class was on the first floor, so I had to go to class, while Danica went to the cafeteria (where classes that were even numbered were placed). After, they continuously updated us (exasperating my teacher), saying that the fire department was there, and they were venting the second and third floor. For second period, I was in the auditorium (where classes with odd numbered rooms were sent) and was bored to tears for an hour or so.

At lunch time (well, before lunch), they announced that we would have to evacuate the school due to a gas leak on the second level. Everyone was jumping for joy. No class! No homework! Too bad I was one of the few who did have homework. Sigh. So today was basically a half day, due to the fact that our health was in danger. This took them about three hours to figure out. Thanks.

Maybe if they can’t fix it fast, we won’t have school next week too! Hehehe~~ Okay, well technically that would NOT be a good thing, seeing as how we’d have to make up for a week’s worth of work, but hey! Freedom is good sometimes.

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Today I had finally come up with my history essay, and hopefully I have enough information to fake the rest of the essay, cause it’s going to be catastrophic! I’m on the introduction and I already have problems. I haven’t even gotten to the facts, or the thesis yet even. *Doomed*

Science quiz tomorrow
Math test Thursday
History typed notes essay due Friday
Can’t wait ’til winter break….

Currently: Typing out my history essay

Reading: Lock and Key (it’s going really slow due to work…)

Listening to: Good Girls Go Bad by Cobra Starship ft. Leighton Meester~(Gossip Girl~~^^)

Which reminds me… Gossip Girl was on yesterday… and I missed it… *sad* anyone know what it was about?

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