Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Maybe I should stop getting so distracted and finally finish all my homework… Nah.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday. The day before Monday but you can still sleep in. This week is going to be as boring as any other. I seriously just can’t wait til winter break


No school, no homework, no teachers, yay~~ and best of all, PRESENTS~~ and MONEY!! ahaha. No, I’m not some greedy rich girl, which is probably why I look forward to money because I have about $3 in my wallet. I need something to live off, and $3 sure ain’t enough.

Fact of the Day: Battle of Ypres is pronounced EEp and was fought with the ‘new’ weapon of chlorine gas -.- history is great… if you want to live in the past, but to live everyday to its fullest you can’t live in the past nor future, but in the present, taking each punch as life rolls on.

Currently: Studying for history and still trying to complete my science letter

Listening to: Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson

Reading: My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult (gave up on Resurrection)

Apple Picking and a Classic Kelsey’s Dinner

Today, my family and I went on our traditional trip to Chudleigh’s apple farm, to, naturally, pick apples. Every year, we spend half a day at the farm to pick apples, take pictures and buy some pie. It’s a great way to make new memories and hang out with the family, though sometimes it’s not the most desirable things in my life, it’s usually fun. We started out at 8:00 am towards the farm, getting there around 9:00 – 9:30 am. We took a ride on the tractor into the orchard, spent about three hours picking up a ton of Red Delicious apples, and headed out of the orchard by tractor. My brother and sister joyfully played around on haystacks, and the playground, while I joyfully sat on a bench and chewed gum. You could see my enthusiasm was at it’s highest level. Then we drove home. The End.

I think this year was our last visit there cause the prices are skyrocketing, which didn’t thrill my parents so much… eh. I’ll miss that place though, it’s one of the few places that has been in the photoalbum every single year of my life. Even when I was one we went.

Tonight, the whole family’s getting together again for thanksgiving dinner a day early, at Kelsey’s, which’ll probably epically fun. Hopefully, there won’t be any visits of rats at this place, or else my mom will never step foot into a restraunt again.

Currently: Celebrating the fact that my internet is working again

Reading: Hunted still… almost done!

Listening to: Pittance of Time by Terry Kelly <– this song has many amazing meanings behind it. You should check it out on youtube or something, great lyrics, great music, great artist, great lessons and meaning~! It’s about November 11th and the 2 minutes of silence. Listen~ Listen~~!


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