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Talent Show

Today was the school’s talent show, but I’ll get to that later.

Business, I think our teacher is seriously starting to hate the class. He seems kind of angry all the time now, as if he’s ready to blow up in a second. I don’t blame him though. In our class there’s always like only five people who answer, and then he seems to not like two of the five. Plus, people are always talking and stuff. The problem is, he’s really nice, and people take advantage of that. Oh well, I can’t control em, and I’m not going to try… as much as I like him as a teacher, I also like that I’m not really hated by anyone… well almost anyone…

Biology, we had a quiz and then… what did we do? Just like talk? Oh wait. We got an assignment for some debate about the ‘Planet Earth’ movie we watched yesterday, which I had fallen asleep whilst watching it.

So Talent Show. It was … interesting.
First up: NV cheerleaders. Lots of kicks and dancing and pyramids.
Next: Some girl singing an original song, it wasn’t too bad…
Dance Crew Time. Some Filipino group danced, and they were pretty funny.
Then my friend Anna’s brother performed a long arse piano piece. That was so boring. I’m sorry, but seriously…
Two guys performed a song (instrumental (piano and drums)) called God Knows.
Then a girl sang ‘I’m Yours’ by Jason Mraz
Followed by another dance group that did a dance in another assembly with the song ‘So Dope’ this time with Justin Bieber’s ‘Baby’
M (another friend… kinda… again) sang ‘The Climb’ by Miley Cyrus. It was good (the vocals) but the dance was so … well… yeah… she shouldn’t dance, let’s just say that…
Then a girl dance crew, all asians, they were good. Guys loved them -rolls eyes- pigs.
After, R and D (two guys that are friends (kinda) of mine) played some song on electric guitars. They were REALLY boring… It sounded like they were at a funeral or something… Then for one second, they had a interesting section, and D flew onto his knees as if he was a heavy rocker… it was…. pretty boring. I’m sorry to say…
My (kinda (again)) friend A’s brother’s girlfriend played a piano piece. I liked her performance because it was a song that I’m currently playing : Le Coucou. Funny name, but annoyingly easy but complicated song. Yeah…
Then an Asian girl sang ‘Love Story’ by Taylor Swift which wasn’t bad, except for the chorus…
After, some kid played a guitar solo kind of thing that was really good, but his amp was pretty low, so that kind of killed it.
Then my friend O sang ‘Why Don’t You Love Me’ by Beyonce which was really good, but kinda dragged on…
Lastly, the teacher’s did this whole band rock and roll thing again. It was really awesome.

I think there were a few I missed, but knowing me I’ll never remember until I’m reminded.

Also, today, after school, I watched the Oprah Winfrey Show : Twilight Saga : Eclipse
So she had Rob Pat, Taylor Lautner, Kristen Stewart, and Dakota Fanning on. Rob was pretty funny, and he spoke the most. I know that a lot of girls are obsessed with him, but I don’t get why. Other’s hate his guts. Again, I don’t get why. He’s not the greatest looking person, but he’s not the worst person out there. He’s not bad with things like interviews, but you’ll never see me drooling over him. It’s not him that everybody loves and hates, it’s his character. I just find that dumb. I’m sorry, but seriously, this whole Twilight thing is out of hand. Through the show, Oprah showed clips of Rob Pat going around to stranger’s houses where he’d knock on their door, and give them tickets to the premiere of Eclipse with Oprah. All of these people were fans of Twilight, and even more obsessed with Edward Cullen. It’s crazy how these people are so obsessed about this series. It’s not that godly. Sigh.
Then TL went to a Sorority House on a university campus, I think. All the girls were obsessed with him, and when he walked into the room, they all like spazzed. Crazy obsessed people…

Best series: Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare or Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick (for the supernatural obsessers. Go read those, and you shall toss Twilight out the window. Seriously…)

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Happy Birthday~!

Happy Birthday to you C~! Even though you… kind of… like… don’t read this…

Next up! Mother’s day! Another present to plan/think/buy/make. Fun? Maybe?

I learned I walk really, really fast today. One of my classmates, would I call him a friend? Maybe… but usually he’s just an irritation… anyways. So he likes getting to the bus early, so he can get home faster (… I just like getting away from the school…) so he noticed how I always get to the bus really fast, so he decided to go the same way as I do. So I go down the stairs and he’s like struggling to keep up, then I stop at my locker (which is right beside the stairwell) while he keeps on going down the hallway towards the door. So I shut my locker, and walk towards him, and next thing I know, I’m ahead of him. Then we’re like walking down the hallways and he’s like ‘YO! SLOW DOWN!!’ and I just reply ‘sucker! teehee!’ When we get to the sidewalk, it winds kind of so then I usually cut across the grass, and he’s like ‘quit pushing me off the side walk!!’ and I’m still thinking ‘hehehe…’
I ended up winning still. M’kay, that’s my mini story for the day.

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Oh, so a few days, weeks, whatever, ago, Bieber had met Kim Kardashein… spelling is off I think… anyways. So Justin posts on twitter ‘Check it, my new girlfriend ;D’ or something like that, and then on Kim’s she said ‘I am now a Bieber fan’ because of this, Justin Bieber’s fans went epically balistic. They posted on Justin’s ‘NO! I LOVE YOU JUSTIN!!!’ and on Kim’s they posted things like ‘He’s mine, not yours! I am his number one fan’ and things like that. Some of his fans were even crazy enough to post death threats to Kim. Now those are the insane ones.

^this guy says all that I want to say (and a little bit more…..)

It’s the Weekend!

It’s the weekend, so why aren’t I happy? Oh that’s just because all my teachers give way too much work during it.

I like that song. Canadian pride~~~
Yeah, Justin Bieber sings, but thanks to his young sounding voice, it sounds like there’s a little kid aiming high to help those who need it. Good song. Always have liked it~

I just watched Sonny With A Chance the second show of season two, and I think it’s getting dumber and dumber this season. The dance last episode was dumb, and this show is… well there’s really no words for it’s stupidity…

Ah well, I say this, and next week, I’ll be watching episode three.

I finally finished the Pretties this morning. Now it’s on to the Specials. Not a bad series I have to say.
I should really start on my mountain of homework…

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The… Wiggles?

Yesterday was my cousin R’s birthday, so we had a little party for him at his house. We basically spent the whole time watching Pink Panther and 17 Again, while eating dinner somewhere in between, and dessert sometime after. My grandparents watch over my brother every few days a week, and they know he absolutely loves the Wiggles (he’s 2… or was it 3…). So my cousin, R, is in his twenties, and he was opening his gifts after dessert, and he finds that he was given a Wiggles card~! It was hilarious. My grandparents are amazing. ‘Course it was probably my grandmother who picked it out. Best gag ever ; )
I love spending time with my family, it’s always hilarious~

Today’s another day though. And I’m not quiet as pleased. Sigh.
*Good mood is Far Far Far away*

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Math. Is. Done. No more. GONE! Yay!! *does a funny dance*
So happy~

I missed a question at the end of the exam. I just blank. It was the last question though. I think my mind just decided to stop to take a breather. Overall, though, I think I did well *crosses fingers* But we’ll see by Feb 3rd.

For my history exam, I am going into it with an 85. My lack of minutes for my presentation made it drop by five… so hopefully exams bring it back up~~ As for science, I’ve got an 83 going into the exam. I need to get that up. I’m determined to get a high(er) average.

But for now, I think I’ll just relax for a while~ I’ve worked my butt off for the math exam. Tomorrow, or tonight, I shall begin doing so for my history and science exam!

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Reading: Shrimp by Rachel Cohn (Gingerbread was way good^^ The ending was a happy, teary, kind of ending. Cyd Charisse is cool~ but that Justin kid was the perfect duplicate of a careless, stupid, irresponsible, boy. She did well making these characters~)

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Seven School Days ‘Til Exams

The semester is winding down. I have a math test on Thursday, a science test Friday, and a careers test on Friday. I have my history presentation on Monday, and my careers presentation on Tuesday, or Wednesday. I have my math exam on the 22nd, my history exam on the 26th, and my science exam on the 27th.

It’s not a bad schedule, but I just wish there was less work, though I think everyone wishes that as well.

I seriously have to stop reading and start studying. Sem One is coming to an end.

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