Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Blowing the Whistle

I don’t know about the title… I just saw my key chain and there was a whistle and I thought ‘hey, when I blow that thing it’s really loud…’ yeah… I don’t know…

This is a very true statement by a very hilarious YouTube…r… youtuber? Anyways. Like seriously. What happens when there’s one of those error reports? I mean I get at least 1 per week and I always press ‘Don’t send’ because well, I really don’t care. It’s not like the crashing of my facebook game will impact me direly. However, once I did send an error report, and it said ‘error report sent’ and I thought ‘okay good, I’m doing something about this, because my project is due tomorrow, it’s two in the morning, and I really don’t want to retype all of that stuff… so what happens now?’ It’s not like some dude appeared at my door and was like ‘HEY! I can get your files back *happy smile*’ Nope. Nothing happened. Well something did happen… I had to retype my project. After that, I just gave up.

So today is Mother’s Day. The day where we honour our mothers (no shit Sherlock, right?) I gave my mom a necklace to show my appreciation for her yelling, and nagging, and all of that junk… Yay.
So my family went out to lunch yesterday with my mom’s parents… that wasn’t interesting really…
And then today, my family went out to lunch with my dad’s parents. That was fun. I ate like three … ha-chengs…. shrimp things… and then was full. My appetite is like sky-high.

The cover for the sequel of Hush, Hush is out~! More Patch ^^ Can’t wait for November…

Currently: Nothing….

Reading: Just finished Peeps by Scott Westerfeld, Tomorrow I’ll start it’s sequel: Last Days… or something like that… it’s in my locker…

Listening to: OMG by Usher ft. Will.I.Am

Stressful Wednesday

So I’m finished with my history essay. But I have to finish my careers assignment by tomorrow, and I seem to have lost the assignment sheet. Not good. And I have a science quiz tomorrow, which’ll probably be like 5 pages long like our last quiz, making it into a test. Then I have to finish my math homework, and I don’t even know why I’m even on here typing. I should be doing my work!!

Currently: stressing over careers assignment

Reading: 18 reasons why. almost done^^

Listening to: Down by Jay Sean ft Lil’ Wayne

Sad Tuesday.

Today… History: Essay due Thurs//Careers: Large and important assignment due Thurs//Science: Project due next Fri; Quiz this Thurs; Test next Thurs; Lab due next Fri//Math: Quiz on Fri; Test next Wed// School makes me sad.

Hate to be me. Order of work: H-Essay; C-assignment; S-Quiz;M-Quiz; S-2 Projects; M-Test;S-Test; WINTER BREAK!

Currently: Working on history essay. almost done!!

Reading: 13 reasons why.

Listening to: why not by hilary duff

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