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Monotonous Monday

It was nearly impossible for me to wake up this morning, seeing as it was 6:00am and I was used to waking up at 10am everyday. See, sometimes breaks are awesome, this one just messed up my schedule. Can’t say I did badly though. I didn’t fall asleep in any class today~~

First day back and I have a huge bio test tomorrow, and had to complete an extremely long business work sheet. That reminds me I seriously need to get my business assignment in so I can maintain my mark.

In English, we’re watching the Lord of the Flies movie, black and white version. I think I cleared it now. I’ve read the book, and seen both versions of the movies. Can I never ever ever see or hear anything about it again? Probably not, unfortunately…

Gah. I procrastinated way too much over the break. I’m behind on everything. I remember last year, I’d actually read ahead in the textbooks and stuff to learn more, now I’m just behind. Have to start up on everything again… like getting my brain to work at a normal level might help. It’s either overload or too relaxed I’m almost dead.

Currently: Cramming

Reading: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: radio~~

Quatchi, Sumi, Miga and Muk Muk: Vancouver 2010 Olympics

Yesterday, was the Opening Ceremony of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. I, personally, thought that the whole thing was just stupid. They focused all of it, practically, on the Native/First Nation people. The government treats them like unwanted garbage, and then feature them in the Olympics. Not that it’s bad, it’s just hypocritical. They should have focused on the fact that Canada was multicultural, seeing as there were a lot of various cultures there, in the stadium, who will be participating in the games. However, I did think the light show was pretty cool. Nikki Yanofsky is an amazing singer, who sang the 2010 Olympic Theme on the CD and O Canada at the beginning of the Opening Ceremony. At the end, the opera singer who sang the Greece Olympic Theme (the traditional theme) was CREEPY… maybe it’s just that I’m not a great fan of opera singing, but I just didn’t like it… at all…

Nikki Yanofsky singing I believe (CD version)

2010 mascots

I love Miga~ It’s so cute^^

Making fun of MukMuk

I just found that funny~

Unfortunately, yesterday, before the opening ceremony, an athlete from the Georgian team died while practicing for the Skeleton event. The Skeleton is when you’re diving head first on a sled going around the track at around 140 miles/hour. He had flown off his sled and instantly hit a metal pole to the side of the track, killing him. His death was acknowledge during the opening ceremony by the Georgian team, as the brought in their flag with a black ribbon on the pole, and wearing black scarves and straps on their arms.
Terrible accidents happen in any sport. The Skeleton is one of the most dangerous events to be tangled with, and those who go into it know what can happen. However, even with the acknowledgment of the dangers, it is still a loss.

Okay, back to the boring life of lil’ ol’ me~
Eh, didn’t do anything interesting, except go out for dinner at the rat infested Chinese restaurant. I don’t know why we keep going back there after the rat incident… but we do.

Also, yesterday I finished Darklight by Lesley Livingston. The end was crazy, and totally unexpected. Like the last chapter made me sad… no I didn’t cry… this time… I felt so bad for Sonny, especially after everything he went through. He didn’t even know, half the time, what was happening to him, nor what was within him. And I felt sorry for Kelley too, she practically killed both their happiness with one blow. I wonder if Fenn and Kelley are going to get together, because obviously, Fenn is in love with Kelley. Obviously~~

Today, so far has been boring. Piano, then shopping for groceries, yay….

Currently: Working on Bio presentation

Reading: Lord of the Flies by William Golding. (hate, hate, hate, hate)

Listening to: Masterpiece Theater I by Marianas Trench


So, I’ve been watching way too much Hana Yori Dango (it’s so addicting, it’s not even funny…) so I used up half of this month’s Internet allowance. Now, my dad has cut me off. No more Rui or Domyouji this month *Sad*

That drama is epically addicting. Plus it’s always on my mind. Someone could say something and my mind would somehow connect it to HYD, which is highly annoying and yet interesting. I was up to the fifth episode of season two, and it was getting intense. Now I have to wait until I can finish it….
Aha~ When I saw Akira’s house, I broke down laughing, I think it was either episode 3 or 4 that Makino and Yuki went to his house. Either way, if you see it, guaranteed you will either laugh, be disturbed, or be eternally shocked by it.
I have to say (as much as I would have hated to, like… yesterday) but Shigeru is turning nicer in my point of view. She’s come to understand that patience is a virtue… something that Domo (my nickname for Domyouji) took a while to understand. While still thinking it’s from Hemmingyay… I love his Japanese, always needing to be corrected~
But Rui is still the best! He’s finally fighting for what he wants and believes in… too bad other people aren’t as accepting of his choices…

Okay, I’m done teasing you~

So today I have to start this biology project, and it’s dumb mainly because we’re in groups chosen by her. Now this would usually be okay with me. However, one of my group members doesn’t seem to like communicating through technology, thus never going on Facebook nor MSN. While the other is ALWAYS on MSN, but doesn’t respond for two-three hours, sometimes never responding. See now that bugs me.

Tech is also getting bothersome, since, well, I don’t understand the instructions of her assignments (my teacher) she words things odd and very vague, so I’m left confused, and not being able to understand fully what I’m supposed to do.

Currently: Working on Tech and Bio

Reading: Lord of the Flies (hate the book…)

Listening to: Keep You Much Longer by Akon

Lord Of The Flies

Okay. So I hate this book. I’m not sure if it’s the food source, the hunting, the killing, or the fact that they’re all guys running around in their underwear. Sure. It has meaning and all that, but it’s so disturbing.

Okay, I’m going crazy over Hana Yori Dango. Domyouji turned into such an a-hole. Oh Gosh, I cried again cause of Makino. When she was talking to Tsubaki (sp) (Domyouji’s sister) she was like saying all these things and I cried, cause she was crying. I’m so soft. And am still in dire need for a life….

Okay, I’ve got nothing else to say today so yeah.

Currently: mulling over the last HYD I saw

Reading: Lord of the Flies to my dismay… (Darklight on the side)

Listening to: Radio

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