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I’m 16~!

Okay, it’s nothing big. It’s not like wonders will happen because I’m one year older. As they say, age is but a number. Yesterday was my birthday, so I woke up at seven and the first thing I had to do… was to go to piano lessons. Fun. Then I went out with my mom’s side of the family, and as usual, there was a yelling festival *rolls eyes* We went out to eat at my favourite Jap restaurant (all my b-day lunches have been held at a Japanese restaurant… and I’m Chinese…) and then we went back to their house to eat cake (I had three cakes in total this year *happy*) So I was trying to light my candles, and the matches that my grandparents had were like them. Old. So when I lit the match, I had about 2 seconds to light my candles because the wood was burning away so fast. I almost burned off my fingers… So smart, right?

So now today is post birthday, and I’m stressing over work. I’m like | | <- this close to finishing my business ISP and then I have to finish my design brief for my tech final project (ISP1), and then start on the tech ISP (a group thing) (ISP2) while the rest of my group is like doing other projects…
Sigh. School's just a bundle of fun…

Tuesday is yearbooks~~!! I don't know why, but I love yearbooks. I still have the dumb ones from when I was in grade 5… When I look back at that one, it's like little notes from old friends, and only one or two actually sounded intellectual. Then when I look at my grade 8 yearbook stuff, I see a tonne of 'have a great summer' and then some 'I will miss you' then there are the stupid/creative ones like 'I hope you graduate SPED' and then there is always the '__insert name__ WAS HERE !!!' The best one was from my grade seven teacher 'If you ever become rich… 10% that's all I ask' He was the best teacher on earth ~~
Then I look at last year's yearbook, where there are little pictures, a bunch of 'see ya next year', some idiotic comments, and long notes from all my close friends~
This year, I predict a lot of stupidity from my friends, the usual have a great summer, and the dumb comments that every year, some kid has to make.

Currently: Finishing up my business ISP =D

Reading: Shade by Jeri Smith-Ready & In the Skin of a Lion by Michael Ondaatje (attempt number 3)

Listening to: What If by that cheetah girl…. Chanel? Don't know her actual name…

New SNSD Song~

Woot~! SNSD (Girl’s Generation) has their new Music Video out: Run Devil Run~
Gosh, all Koreans, I swear they’re all pretty, even the ones who think they aren’t are.

Here’s their new MV:

Awesome, isn’t it?

So today I spent the morning watching my brother in Bayview Village. You see, I love the annoying brat, but do you know how hard it is to watch a three year old kid in a mall were there is not a single toy store, and in the only store there is any chance of playing, your mother forbids the kid to play? It’s hell!
So I spent three hours watching my brother, running back and forth through the mall (it isn’t the biggest mall either), all because of my sister. She had to go to the dentist and get some stuff done, and then she had to go look for a freaking graduation dress. See, usually I wouldn’t mind. But when we got back to our house, I said I had enough of my brother for the day (he was screaming), and my sister just rolled her eyes and said: whatever, you didn’t even do anything. At that moment, I wanted to like stand on her face *seethe*


Anyways, so I kind of started my business report, but got confused, so gave up. I’m halfway through my English ISP book that I’m using for the bookreport (Along for the Ride), and my biology assignment is giving me a headache…

So I went from HAPPY to angry to exasperated.
Sigh. Again.

Currently: trying to do bio, but getting distracted by my book and msn

Reading: Along for the Ride by Sarah Dessen

Listening to: Our Time is Here by Demi Lovato

Kill me now

One day left until break. I have like three projects due. Fun. Tomorrow’s a half day, and then holiday assembly, and then we can sleep in. Yay~

Currently: working on three projects at the same time…

Reading: Blue Bloods (like 30 mor pages, awesome book~~)

Listening to: Two is better than One by Boys like Girls

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