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What a Wednesday

Okay, so nothing truely exciting happened, but it was still a Wednesday.

In the morning there was a fire drills, so we skipped about ten minutes of class, in my case it was business. Then in bio, we did a lesson and then homework.

I finally got some hours for mentoring, which I’m seriously happy about. I need like six more though or else I’ll be on probation for HMST. I’ll have to go again tomorrow and next week… I’ll have to go a lot more…
In tech, we’re done with our bandsaw boxes.

Here’s mine~


Cool eh? Now if you saw the other side, you’d see all the mistakes I made. Thank god it was on only one side and not both!

Last period I had to work with these idiots I know. One doesn’t talk. Like EVER. The other was rambling on how if you had imagination you couldn’t be logical. I wish I had a bow and arrow at that moment to shoot him. Then my last other group member sat there trying to prove that one of the characters, Simon, was pure and innocent and couldn’t do anything wrong, while I actually did all the work. Sigh. I hate my group…

My sister and dad went to the AGO on one of her trips. They said that the King Tut exhibit was totally bogus, because they didn’t ever have Tut there, just artifacts, nothing really interesting. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who payed $15 to see it… I, however, did pay $20 to go to the Body Worlds thing at the Science Center. All these tourist attractions trying to rip you off…

Currently: working on my piled up assignments

Reading: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Meet you again by Katty Perry and Timberland

Stressful Thursaday

Sigh. I’m tired. And I have two tests to study for for tomorrow. Joy.

I know this isn’t funny, but I can help but smile a little when I think of it. A few days ago, someone, or ones… tried to set the school on fire. In two of the first floor girls bathrooms, someone filled the trashcan with a bunch of paper, and used a lighter, or match, and set two bathrooms on fire. Unfortunately, it happened at four so everyone, except for the poor girls volleyball team (who were wearing their t-shirt and shorts volleyball uniform). That’s pretty epic that someone actually tried to set the school on fire. Too bad it didn’t actually burn down to ashes. Now we have to still do exams….

Currently: Reading. Yes I’m the worst procrastinator alive.

Reading: Wonderous Stange By Lesley Livingston

Listening to: Loveless by Yamapi

Piano Recital

Since I was five, I’ve been taking piano lessons. I first began at Yamaha’s School of Music, and then went onto private lessons with my Aunt L’s cousin. She’s a pretty good teacher and every 3-6 months, we have a recital at her house, where all her students, and sometimes parents, get together. The students play their selected pieces and then after, we eat, play Nintendo Wii, PS3, or make stuff, like bracelets, etc. That’s where I’m headed off tonight. I’m ready to play, but my pieces are so long, I kind of worry that the audience will fall asleep. One piece is about five minutes while the other is three, but it feels like its so much longer than it is. Eh, I’ll see later whether it really is that boring…

Currently: Getting ready for the recital

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games was AMAZING!!!!!)

Listening to: No Average Angel by Tiffany

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