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homework x1000

All I have is homework to do. But I’m so lazy, I haven’t even started, even though I have full knowledge that I won’t be able to do much over the weekend. Put me under the idiot column and be done with it. Math, science, science assignement, science assignment 2, science lab report, careers assignment, and history essay. I mean seriously, can’t teachers give us a break, or like one day that could somehow resemble a break. All there is to do is homework it seems, and if homework isn’t finished, you fail. End of Story. I actually did my homework and ended up with a 75 on the last quiz, so it obviously helps. Too bad there’s SO MUCH work to do. Sigh.

Currently: Starting math, and regaining an ounce of sanity

Reading: nothing… I’m done Tempted, and I’m sorry… it sucked.

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The Failure at Math

Okay, I’m not good at math. Never was, probably never will be. Last week we had a quiz, and I personally thought I did well. So not the case. I had gotten 37%. Yeah… I did really great. Not only did I suck on the test, but then, my idiot of a teacher blamed me for cheating. If I had been cheating, wouldn’t you think I’d get better marks? Ugh. This is what happens when I think I did pretty well on a test, I get worse that the ones I thought I had bombed. How does that work. It seems my self-confidence is beginning to wear on my intellegence. Well, now my math average is 59.25%. Whoa… that seriously sucks. *instert crying here*

Well, at least I’m doing well in my other subjects, hopefully that’ll keep up… hopefully. But if I imagine I’ll get an A… I’ll probably end up with an F. Sigh. Didn’t someone once say that you have to have a goal in order to reach it. Well, I had a goal. I tried. And tried. And ended up with a 59% average. Great, now I’m going to be sent back to my homeschool, which definitely wouldn’t be good for me, my self-esteem, nor my sanity.

Currently: mulling over my 38%

Reading: Re-reading Queste by Angie Sage (probably will just skip to the ending)

Listening to: Disintigrate by Young Steff

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