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It is Friday! Yeah! Okay, so there is really no significance to this Friday, since I didn’t need to be in school, but I’m still happy. Exams are done, and my favourite subject, English, is starting once again~

Four more workless days, and then it’s back to school. That should be fun~

I should really get my volunteer hours done… but I’m just too lazy. <-epic dedication right there!

Some random things by my friends on Facebook:
Cops never think it’s as funny as you do. They sent me a picture of me speeding, so I sent a picture of a check… so they sent me a picture of handcuffs.
“It’s so simple to be wise. Just think of something stupid to say and say the opposite.”
“A stupid person should keep silent. But if he knew this, he would not be a stupid person.”

Currently: Reading a little, writing a little, and listening to my music…. a little

Reading: The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen (I’ll read cupcake and shrimp eventually….)

Listening to: Oh! by SNSD (My friend D got me addicted…)


So history is boring me to death and science isn’t any better. Only two more! I tell myself that, but that doesn’t make me feel any better. Especially with this freaking cold….

Math fact for the day:
Alikiya+studying=epic boredom. See, with just that, I should get an A in math~
If only….

So I should really get back to studying, though I probably won’t. I’d either get distracted, or I’ll just sit there, staring at the review sheets and think ‘Why can’t monkeys fly?’ I swear, I can be Einstein! Starting… Never… It’s odd though. I can memorize music lyrics faster than anything, but when it comes down to scientific or historical facts, it just flies over my head to be forgotten. I can remember the stupidest of things, and when it comes down to school, everything slips away as easily as water. Sigh. My common sense is somewhere up there, and yet my math skills are about rock bottom.

I think I’ll just be a hobo when I grow up. Aim low. Shoot high!

Currently: Testing my friend in history. That’s the closest I’ll get to hardcore studying

Reading: History Notes. Oh you meant a book? Haha you’re funny~~

Listening to: What do you want from me by Adam Lambert

Funny/Truthful Facebook Groups/Pages:
Multiple Choice Thinking Process: Hmm I haven’t used C in a while
Paper beats rock OK I’ll throw a rock at you and you defend yourself with paper
Did you see that? No I’m watching this 9347 inch screen because it’s pretty
So I looked at the first question on my test and realized I was gonna fail
98% of kids drink or smoke before 18. Join this group if you like bagels

That is what happens when I’m bored… hehehe~~

Good luck with exams!

I wish I could scream.

Sigh. I’m sick, and that sucks. So I’m coughing away, while attempting to concentrate on studying exams. It’s not easy. I can’t wait until Thursday. Can. Not. Wait.

I’m half-way done studying for history, so I need to start studying for science soon. Joy.

Facts of history (Just because I’m too lazy to start anything) :
-Nellie McClung was the woman who fought for the right to vote, and was voted as Albertan legislature after
-British Privy Council ruled that women were ‘persons’
-Louis Riel was a Metis leader, who led the Metis to many rebellions
-The rebellions of 1837 were the cause of Upper and Lower Canada
-The USA was the result of the American Revolution
-The Quebec Conference was where the colonies agreed on confederation

-Reasons for WWI: Alliance system; Militarism; Nationalism; Imperialism; Assassination of Franz Ferdinand
-Battle of the Marne-First battle of WWI; trench battle
-Battle of Verdun-The longest battle of WWI; Germans declared they would ‘bleed France white’
-Battle of Ypres-Gas
-Battle of the Somme-Most casualties
-Battle of Vimy Ridge-Hill; Great success for Canada
-Battle of Passchendale-Mud; Many died and when it was over, it was abandoned
-Battle of the Mons- Last Battle; Pointless; Occurred Nov 10, 1918-the day before the war ended

Okay, now I’m bored, and you’re probably falling asleep
Good luck on exams (again)

Currently: Bored to death

Reading: Study notes

Listening to: Lost Then Found by Leona Lewis ft. One Republic

Twelve more days ’til exams

Twelve. More. Days. This is what I was reminded of first thing in the morning. The principle of the school is relatively new, just started in September at NV. So every morning, he decides to go onto the P.A. system and tell us how many minutes there are left until the bell rings. Obviously, this guy needs a new hobby. So today he says: “There are ten more minutes until first bell. Let’s finish up those conversations and get to class. Remember, there are twelve more days until exams. You can get a lot accomplished in these twelve days, so let’s get moving.” Is there something about the class averages that you don’t like or something? Are we not getting enough accomplished for you liking?


I can’t wait until next semester. Other than grade 11 bio, all my other classes should be fun, or a breeze to get though. Granted, there will be projects, homework, etc, but there well be a happier me~~

Currently: Starting my science homework

Reading: Dreamland by Sarah Dessen (x-mas present version~~)

Listening to: Already Over by Red

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