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Math. Is. Done. No more. GONE! Yay!! *does a funny dance*
So happy~

I missed a question at the end of the exam. I just blank. It was the last question though. I think my mind just decided to stop to take a breather. Overall, though, I think I did well *crosses fingers* But we’ll see by Feb 3rd.

For my history exam, I am going into it with an 85. My lack of minutes for my presentation made it drop by five… so hopefully exams bring it back up~~ As for science, I’ve got an 83 going into the exam. I need to get that up. I’m determined to get a high(er) average.

But for now, I think I’ll just relax for a while~ I’ve worked my butt off for the math exam. Tomorrow, or tonight, I shall begin doing so for my history and science exam!

Currently: listening to music, while writing.

Reading: Shrimp by Rachel Cohn (Gingerbread was way good^^ The ending was a happy, teary, kind of ending. Cyd Charisse is cool~ but that Justin kid was the perfect duplicate of a careless, stupid, irresponsible, boy. She did well making these characters~)

Listening to: Miss Independent by Neyo~

Cram Time

Tomorrow is my math exam, which I have repeated about 382498237 times this month. Sorry for that by the way…

It’s cram time. But not too much, or you’ll forget everything.

I think I’m ready. I hope I’m ready. This year, I will not flip out of my chair (you don’t want to know) during the exam! (I’ve already done that in science this year….) I try to defy gravity way to often. I should seriously stop….

^^ I saw some of my old friends on my way back home. Oh how I missed them. We stood outside in the cold for and hour talking about school, life, gravity testing, etc. That was a fun hour~ Totally lightened my mood. And then I remembered, math. Then I though: “Dang, should have ask my friends for help.”

I’m so bright!

Currently: Cramming…

Reading: Gingerbread by Rachel Cohn

Listening to: Don’t Trust Me by 3OH!3

One Day.

One day until math exams. Sigh. That’s sad…. But at least it’ll be the end. The end to the longest, most annoying subject invented.

I’ve spent the past three hours studying, but with my tendency to get distracted, I’ve been on the same questions for the whole time. Smart, eh?

This is such a cute//cool video of Masuda Takahisa, from NewS

^^ I just love him~~

Currently:Still. Doing. Math.

Reading: I’m not sure what’s next. Finished Ironside. It was so good~~ love Roiben~^^

Listening to: Superman by Massu~

Seven School Days ‘Til Exams

The semester is winding down. I have a math test on Thursday, a science test Friday, and a careers test on Friday. I have my history presentation on Monday, and my careers presentation on Tuesday, or Wednesday. I have my math exam on the 22nd, my history exam on the 26th, and my science exam on the 27th.

It’s not a bad schedule, but I just wish there was less work, though I think everyone wishes that as well.

I seriously have to stop reading and start studying. Sem One is coming to an end.

Currently: Have hiccups. Irritating things.

Reading: Valiant by Holly Black

Listening to: Favourite Girl by Justin Bieber (His songs are good… but his voice just bugs me…)

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