Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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Yesterday is history, Today is a present, and both are a pain.

My Internet is a bum. Sigh.

Today was mostly devoted to finishing my civics newspaper project, which will be worth I think ten percent of my civics mark… I think… Eh. Either way, I’m almost done.

My dad’s going on a business trip this week, so I get to spend a week with my mom. and sister. and brother. all irritating. This shall be a week of confinement in my room, only leaving for school, and nourishment. He’ll be back Friday to over see the fixing on our highly vexing internet. And then Saturday is All Hallow’s Eve. Wee~~ Candy~~!!

I’m dressing up as my sister. I just need to wear colours and put a clip in my hair, and BAM. I look exactly like my sister. We aren’t twins, but we look close enough to be.

Currently: Pasting newspaper articles in my ‘political scrapbook’

Reading: Ressurection… well, attempting to again.

Listening to: Disturbia by Rihanna


Because of dumb Internet, I couldn’t post yesterday. It had flashed on for about five minutes and then turned off… This was yesterday’s entry, a day late >.>

Today was an average Saturday. Piano in the morning, lunch, and then homework, homework, homework. Dinner fits somewhere in between, but you get the idea.

I have to finish a history essay, first draft, by Monday, study for a math quiz I’m bound to fail, start my oral presentation for the first week of November and complete my civics newspaper project for this coming week. I have yet to find a reason why some people think school is fun. I just don’t get it.

On Monday, we’re getting our mentees, and I am feeling sorry for the poor kid who’s stuck with me as a mentor. I’ll be no help whatsoever for him or her. Good luck kid…

Currently: making a small dent in my history essay

Reading: my history textbook…

Listening to: No Boundaries by Kris Allen

Internet, or no Internet. Which would work?

Yesterday, I wasn’t able to post, to my dismay. My internet was being a bum and didn’t want to connect. I would blame it on the company, but they’re already blaming everything else on earth for their problems, so I think I’ll wait for the issue to come up on the news.

Yesterday was my math test. And I think I did pretty well. Now usually that would be considered a good thing. However, last time I had thought I had done well on a test, I had failed…. epically… so right now, I guess you could say I’m on the fence of failure or passing.

Also, I have a history essay to complete. Now normally, I wouldn’t care about something that’s main point was to write about something, but it’s history, and the themes aren’t the most thrilling. Which brings me back to that issue, where you give me a subject I hold no passion to and tell me to write about it. Well, I can only do so much before I run out of less-than-enthusiastic passion.

Currently: Hungry…

Reading: My sister’s keeper. (well the book’s mine, so I feel no obligation to rush through it…)

Listening to: A little too not over you by David Archuletta

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