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Romeo And Juliet

Romeo, Romeo, where for art thou Romeo~!
Aw shut thou mouth, tis but three in the morning, you barnacle boot face

I don’t know, but seriously. We’re reading Romeo and Juliet in English class. I love the play, I love pretty much all of his plays, it’s my teacher that I’m not so crazy about.
I mean, yeah, not a bad guy, but seriously. We had an 80 minute class, and read two pages of intro stuff for the play. Yeah discussion are meant for learning. But 80 minutes worth, and two pages read. It’s a waste of a class.

Business, we just took up stuff, and then the class ended. I think the teacher hates me now.. He never even looks my way *sad* ah well, I’m still getting 97 so whatever.
Biology, I have a quiz on Thursday. I have done like no work… I’m so smart. *sigh*
Technology, we have to figure out what to do for a final project, and I’m stuck. There’s only one criteria: make it out of wood.
I’m thinking of making a fancy band saw box, a tree that holds jewellery, or an organization box thing. I don’t know… more dilemmas….

I also need to find out where, when, who, what, blah, blah, blah, for my birthday party. My parents want me to have one, but then every idea I try, they shoot down. Their one option that they want is The Glaze Craze, which is where I had my 12th birthday and my sister had her 8th birthday. I think repetition is to their liking..Sigh… again

Talent Show on Thursday, during fifth period. YAY! No English *happy dance* I’m sorry, that class is way more boring than anything else in the world. Like, seriously.

Currently: attempting to study Bio

Reading: The Last Days by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: After the Rain by Yamashita Tomohisa

What a Wednesday

Okay, so nothing truely exciting happened, but it was still a Wednesday.

In the morning there was a fire drills, so we skipped about ten minutes of class, in my case it was business. Then in bio, we did a lesson and then homework.

I finally got some hours for mentoring, which I’m seriously happy about. I need like six more though or else I’ll be on probation for HMST. I’ll have to go again tomorrow and next week… I’ll have to go a lot more…
In tech, we’re done with our bandsaw boxes.

Here’s mine~


Cool eh? Now if you saw the other side, you’d see all the mistakes I made. Thank god it was on only one side and not both!

Last period I had to work with these idiots I know. One doesn’t talk. Like EVER. The other was rambling on how if you had imagination you couldn’t be logical. I wish I had a bow and arrow at that moment to shoot him. Then my last other group member sat there trying to prove that one of the characters, Simon, was pure and innocent and couldn’t do anything wrong, while I actually did all the work. Sigh. I hate my group…

My sister and dad went to the AGO on one of her trips. They said that the King Tut exhibit was totally bogus, because they didn’t ever have Tut there, just artifacts, nothing really interesting. I’m just glad it wasn’t me who payed $15 to see it… I, however, did pay $20 to go to the Body Worlds thing at the Science Center. All these tourist attractions trying to rip you off…

Currently: working on my piled up assignments

Reading: Pretties by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Meet you again by Katty Perry and Timberland


Yesterday, I watched that movie: Starstruck. Starring Sterling Knight, Danielle Campbell, Brandon Mychal Smith, Chelsea Staub, Maggie Castle, Dan O’Connor, Beth Littleford. It was one of the cliche ‘everybody lives happily ever after’ kind of movies, but it was still good.

I also watched Bounty Hunter. That was a good movie. It had a little humor, a little action, and a little romance, that was promptly killed and stomped on. Hey, it’s true. It was one of those movies where they left all these loose ends that were neatly tied at the end of the movie.

English has been my enemy this whole break. I haven’t been able to write at all. This sucks… when the break started I thought ‘great, I’ll be able to do so much with my stories, all of them, and maybe I’ll be able to update some stuff on mibba…’ As if. Nothing came to me. I scrapped so much that I’m starting to doubt my abilities to even finish the chapter, let alone the whole story…
Everything I wrote either sounded stupid, weird, awkward, or all three. Argh. *Epic Writers Block*

Also, Sakura Girl by NewS is out, here’s the PV

Poor Ryo got slapped, and this is one of the few times I thought he didn’t look too bad…
And Massu *tear* he looked so happy, and then… it was so sad… his face just crumpled…

Currently: Attempting my English ISP (like I said. The English language doesn’t like me this week)

Reading: Uglies by Scott Westerfeld

Listening to: Hero by Sterling Knight (Drew Ryan Scott) (I believe Sterling lip synced for the movie… though I think he can sing… hm…)


Today was another average school day. I have a business test tomorrow, so I have to start studying for that… some time today…

There’s this manga, Shugo Chara, which I find slightly childish, but not badly written…
This video was made using clips from the anime (which I’ve never watched…) but makes me want to watch…
The maker is really good with this video making thing, cause all of her videos are awesome~~

That’s her newest one, and it’s so good~ it’s a little off sync in the middle, but that’s just because of youtube…

So the news for today’s Olympic events:
Men’s Snowboarding half-pike was today, but I didn’t hang around long enough to watch it all…
Woman’s Downhill Skiing went over pretty well, though Canada didn’t win any medals, we still did well. The highest ranked person was 6th. Another lady, I believe she was Canadian, had to be airlifted away because of injury… hopefully she’s okay…

Currently, the US has gotten 10 medals, Germany has 9, France has 7, and Canada is tied with Norway with 5. Come on Canada~~!!! Eh, we’ll do well with hockey, that’s a given. Our team(s) (men and woman…) ROCK~!

Currently: Doing my English homework (and avoiding studying…)

Reading: Revelations by Melissa de la Cruz

Listening to: Riding Solo by Jason Derulo

Where is this ‘break’ you speak of?

Teachers talk about long weekends, winter ‘breaks’, march ‘break’, etc, etc. And yet, there is never an actual break from work. Over a four day weekend, there were tests to study for, and presentations to prepare. Over Winter Break, there was a science project, history ISP, math ISP, and careers ISP. Either my definition of ‘break’ is different from the school’s, or the teachers’ or the TDSB just like breaking rules. I thought it was illegal to give more than 2 hours of homework to students, per subject, per night. And yet here I am, staring at about 2+ hours of Biology homework. And I thought teachers weren’t allowed to give homework, projects, etc during breaks or on holiday weekends. So unfair….

The snowboarding event seemed to be doing okay, last time I checked (which was about an hour ago…). Canada was in third in the second run, though it’s hard to hold a place unless you’re first. Even then it’s hard.
Currently, the US hold 8 medals, Germany 6, France 6, and Canada has 4. At least we’re fourth. Hopefully, we get something for snowboarding. It seemed like the lady in third was doing pretty well, though the Switz competitor was REALLY fast, having a time of only 24.45, I believe. That’s crazy! Everyone else kept wiping out on the course… A lady from Australia took a huge, and painful looking wipeout on her second run… while a Japanese woman didn’t fair much better… I think the Canadian course is a little slippery…

In English, we wrote a journal entry from the perspective of one of the characters. I chose Ralph… which I kind of regret, since the people doing Piggy or Simon would have their journals a little shorter than I will….

Bio presentations was…. okay… forgot to do the ‘hook’ at the beginning, though… C’est la vie, what’s done is done. Then tech presentations seemed to go over well, after my stupidity, and a moments panic…

See, I’d say I hate Mondays, but it’s Tuesday, so that really wouldn’t work.

Currently: Doing my bio homework….

Reading: Er… I need to find a book… preferably one from the library… it’s free.

Listening to: Today was a Fairytale by Taylor Swift (aha~ she’s such a ditz in Valentines day. It’s so funny!)

A Break, That’s Not A Break

So tomorrow I have a PA Day and then Monday is Family day. However, over this four day weekend, I have to study for a business test on Thursday, prepare for a bio presentation and a tech presentation due Tuesday, and look over chapter one and two of Lord of the Flies for a quiz in English on Wednesday. Fun. I hate school.

Tomorrow, I was thinking of going to my old school to volunteer, but I found out that it was their activity day tomorrow… as much fun as I’ve had on activity days there, it’s impossible for me to volunteer there when it’s activity day… *sad*

In craft club (okay, that makes me feel like a loser…) we’re doing weaving, or well a few of us are. I brought mine home, and I think I’m having more fun weaving the yarn back and forth than I am doing anything else at this moment…

Currently: Working on my Bio assignment, to my dismay

Reading: Lord of the Flies by William Golding
Reading: Darklight by Lesley Livingston (It’s so good, but I haven’t been able to finish it yet…)

Listening to: I Want It That Way by Backstreet Boys (Epically old song…)


Okay, I have no reason for why that’s today’s title. Though the song is good (Jason Derulo).

So today was a simple, ordinary day. Classes, work, homework, lunch, more classes, work, and homework, and then time to go home. My life is so interesting.

I’m just happy. One more day of this week, then Report Cards on Monday, late-start on Tuesday, and a P.A. Day on Friday, leading into a four day weekend thanks to Family Day.

So I’m actually liking Business, only because it actually has something to do with life. Like the TSX or the company for iPods, or the richest man alive. You get to know these things through watching the news and glancing at the newspaper every now and then. I was happy when I found I was one of the few who knew that Toronto actually has a lacrosse team (who like wins it all every year).

In Bio, it’s okay. The textbook is nice, it has a flower on it (yes, I’m a loser). We did a scavenger hunt today, and I was third done…(first person got a prize(though it probably wasn’t anything good))… oh well.

Lunch… was lunch. Yay!

Tech was… eh. Our teacher is… eh. I think she thinks I ask too many questions. Plus, her assignment, which I really should be doing right now, confuses me, really only because I don’t get it.

Histor-I mean- English was, well, it was as boring as anything. We were supposed to finish a sheet, but we ended up talking more about history than English. It’s like retaking the course! Ah well, so long as I do well, I’m happy. My friend T spent the period half asleep, then he reorganized my pencil case, sharpened his pencil with my exacto-knife, and then played with his watch for the period. However, I really don’t blame him. ‘Fireball’ (my friend’s nickname for him) was like sitting up straight in class, looking like he was paying a lot of attention. The only thing that gave him away, was his closed eyes. He actually fell asleep sitting up straight. I can’t even maintain that position when I’m wide awake! But that was hilarious.

Boys Before Flowers is getting interesting. Domyouji is so stupid though (in a funny way).
‘This place had better have good cake. It needs to satisfy my tum-tum!’
‘Patience is a virtue’ *runs around table three times* (me: what was the point of that?)
‘That’s it Nee-Chan! I feel as if I’ve just been struck by lightning!’ (ouch…)
But he’s so cool~ But I love Rui better, just cause he looks WAY better than Domyouji.

Currently: Doing my tech homework… supposedly…

Reading: Devil’s Kiss by Sarwat Chadda (almost done!)

Listening to: Blind by Jason Derulo

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