Life must be understood backwards, but we often forget that it also must be lived forwards.

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So You Think YOU Can DANCE !?

Today was the fourth (?) show of season seven’s So you think you can dance.
So there this guy, Alex Wong, and he’s a ballet dancer. However, today, he was told to do hip hop. You’d think: ‘hm.. ballet dancer doing hip hop?’ *turns off tv* ‘Probably isn’t any good’ *goes for a snack*
No way. This guy, is AWESOME, no snack for you!

Their Dance

There’s a weird yellow light thing in the middle of the screen, it’s not part of the background lights or anything, but this is the best video I could find. Enjoy ~~!
*update* GAH the video won’t show on here… *inserts link*

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Quote of the day: ‘Look what I found… MEAT!’ I’ll tell the story to this another day…


Since I get distracted a lot, I’ve finished hardly any homework yet this weekend, except for my tech assignment, and biology homework.

Ah well. Better luck next week~

America’s Best Dance Crew Opening to the ‘Illusion Challenge’

My favourite group, Poreotix’s, dance~ Funny Asians~

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Falling for You

When I first met you
You were foolish
A boy who looked
So familiar to another

Friendships formed
And I never thought
I’d fall for someone
Like you

You were just
Another guy
Among the many
I’ve known through life

And yet, I found myself
Watching you in the hallways
From the corner
Of my eyes

Hoping that one day
You’d come up to me
And say
I think I’m falling for you

Months went by
And our friendship grew
I kept on waiting
Wishing for miracles

They never came

One last dance
One last party
One last chance
One last memory

People knew
You knew
And yet
You refused

I asked
You laughed
I cried
Now I’m back

I’m tired
Of missing your friendship
I’m tired
Of missing you

Memories fade
So they say
So why does this broken heart
Still remain?

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