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First Day Back…

First day back to school. Joy. I came home and had to complete math homework, an over-night careers assignment, my math ISP, my science project. It’s so stupid that these teachers give us all this to do over the break, I do them, and then when I ask questions, I learn that I need to redo them. I hate school.

Then today, I got one of my friends a snowglobe, and it broke. I didn’t do anything wrong, and yet it broke. It soaked my backpack, pencil case, my work, and two of my brand-new books I had gotten for x-mas. I think I seriously care more about my books than my life… So now, my books are water damaged, and everything in my backpack smells like vinegar. Stupid snowglobes. I vow not to put anything glass in my back EVER AGAIN.


I got 92 on my history ISP essay, 18/20 on part one of my careers assignment, 70 on my science (sad…). I don’t like school.

Currently: Getting ready to sleep.

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (I literally have 28 pages left…)

Listening to: Naturally by Selena Gomez

School Tomorrow….

Gah! There’s school tomorrow? I thought we had a two week break… Oh! It’s over? Really? Damn… Hm? What was I doing? Work.

It seems that even when we have a break, we don’t really have a break. It’s so screwed up this system. TDSB says that teacher’s can’t give more than two hours of homework each day. Then why do I spend seven hours each night in my room doing work? TDSB says that teachers can’t give us work over breaks. Then why did I not have a break, but my math ISP to complete, my history ISP to work on, my careers ISP part two to complete and a science project. All due the first or second day back, except my history presentation. How does that work, or make any sense!? TDSB says that cafeterias shouldn’t sell junk food or pop. So in the machines at my school, there is water and juice, but in the cafeteria they sell pop and the most unhealthy food. I’m not complaining but obviously, TDSB rules lie. None of their rules are helping the balance of education we have. Instead, the students striving to get into good universities and colleges to get good jobs in society, are all living their lives glued to books. There’s no time for life when you have a thousand projects to complete, while balancing homework, volunteer work, and ACTUAL work on top of it all. Teachers and parents are always saying ‘you should get a job’ easier said than done Einsteins; 1. Interviews and resumes have to match and be approved; 2. We have to worry about doing well in school whilst still holding onto our job; 3. You want to get me a job, and do all my work, then BE MY GUEST.

I can not wait ’til I’m done with school, then no more stress from school, or volunteer work, or teachers, or parents. Just one simple focus. Work. Sure it’s be stressful too, but it won’t be four different subjects of stress, just one. If I’m an accountant. Numbers. If I’m an optometrist. Science. One main focus.

Being a kid is stressful. The only time we have is during the summer, which doesn’t count for much, since half of us are still confined in our rooms, cause all our friends are on the other side of the earth having the time of their lives.

Hahaha~ so there’s my rant for the day. Now I somehow feel a little bit lighter~

Currently: Gluing my science project together

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (almost done. so awesome~~)

Listening to: Saviour by Lights

Happy New Years (An Hour Early)

Happy New Years!!! ( An hour early in my time…)

Here’s my little blah about New Years~
It’s been a heck of a year. Said goodbye to some old friends, and hello to new ones. Got great marks and watched them fall in a flash. 2009 was filled with smiles, laughs, tears, and losses.

Top 9 of ’09:
1) Great Average for the final marks in gr 9
2) FINALLY got rid of my braces
3) Made a cool vid for an anime
4) Made some new friends at the beginning of gr 10
5) Read A LOT of books
6) Found out i have a niche for poetry
7) Had a hell of a good time at school, just because of my friends
8 ) Got a cell phone (I know that’s materialistic, but seriously I was happy)
9) Had a great Christmas Party with my family~

Bottom 9 of ’09 ( ‘I see the glass half empty, even when it’s full’ LOL )
1) Became a lazy bum over the summer
2) Forgot that studying actually helps
3) Found out that having internet means a lot of distractions
4) Watched my average fall —->
5) Realized that my new years resolution for 2k9 was forgotten and left in the dust
6) Literally, I can not remember my 2k9 resolution….
7) Got my math teacher as my math teacher (evil)
8 ) Lost two chances that I won’t get back
9) Realize I might get kicked back to NB if I don’t get my average up…

This new year is filled with possibilities, some bad and some good, but no matter what, you know it’s a part of life, and these experiences will stick with you. It’s not a test, it’s a lesson, whether you can really get through the bad and good, and not just roll up into a ball when things get rough.

My new years resolution.
Well, I’d say some grand things, but being realistic, I probably won’t accomplish any of them, especially if it’s really setting the bar too high. Baby steps all the way~

1) Live in the moment. Don’t worry about the past or the future, only in the present. Take things head on, and don’t back down if there’s still room to fight.
2) Clean up my room. No philosophy required, just need to clock in some cleaning time
3) Get my average back. Study hard and quit getting addicted to these stupid game sites that are bringing down my marks
4) Get back together with some old friends~ PLEASANT REUNION xP lmao. Never forget those people who’ve helped me through the ups and the downs since I was 1. ;P getting back with old friends can be fun anyways
5) Exercise. Gotta stop being lazy 24/7. I ain’t fat, but I got to move if I want to live long
6) Be safe, and have fun with family friends. Be happy~

Here’s a funny video that’s about the bad parts of 2k9 (it involves the death and mistakes of stars, so if you’re touchy on the subject, don’t watch)

Stay safe tonight, tomorrow morning and throughout 2010~

Good luck in 2010 and have fun~^^

Currently: Getting ready to watch the BT Countdown to New Years~

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins

Listening to: Change by Taylor Swift

Piano Recital

Since I was five, I’ve been taking piano lessons. I first began at Yamaha’s School of Music, and then went onto private lessons with my Aunt L’s cousin. She’s a pretty good teacher and every 3-6 months, we have a recital at her house, where all her students, and sometimes parents, get together. The students play their selected pieces and then after, we eat, play Nintendo Wii, PS3, or make stuff, like bracelets, etc. That’s where I’m headed off tonight. I’m ready to play, but my pieces are so long, I kind of worry that the audience will fall asleep. One piece is about five minutes while the other is three, but it feels like its so much longer than it is. Eh, I’ll see later whether it really is that boring…

Currently: Getting ready for the recital

Reading: Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games was AMAZING!!!!!)

Listening to: No Average Angel by Tiffany

Pacific Mall

Today, I went to Pacific Mall with my friend D and some of her friends from her middle school. P-Mall is basically a large all asian mall. There are a bunch of stores, that don’t have that big of units to set up in and sell stuff for a cheaper prices than you can find anywhere else. It was pretty fun. I got to know her crazy friends, and find my temporary place among them~

A few days ago, I watched the Ugly Truth starring Katherine Heigl and Gerard Butler. It is a hilarious while semi-sweet movie. Though some parts are the dumbest things you’ll ever hear, it was funny~

Currently: Listening to music

Reading: The Hunger Games

Listening to: All the music I have and music on Youtube~

Snap! Holidays are over!

Wow, last week went by so fast. I still have so much work to complete. *sad*

I successfully cleaned my room. It’s amazing how much junk I had stacked up. My method to cleaning on a daily basis is kick everything to the side, and get back to it later. So that’s what I’ve been doing for the past two years, walking on a certain path, surrounded by mountains… of junk… Eh, now it’s totally clean. Which means I can also go to P-Mall tomorrow with a few friends, unless my parents decide to be a bunch of bums and not let me go, even though I cleaned my WHOLE room (when they asked for AT LEAST half) and practiced piano for an hour everyday since Wednesday last week. If they don’t let me go, then I’ll be greatly upset.

Currently: Starting my Science Project… again… I SERIOUSLY need to ACTUALLY start…

Reading: The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Listening to: Fearless by Taylor Swift


Today, I went shopping as to avoid Boxing Day crowds while enjoying BD prices and sales.

I bought a bunch of stuff from Old Navy, Suzy Shier, Body Shop etc. I’m sorry, but being a girl and all, the cliche thought being all girls like shopping, but I hate it with all my might. I like being stylish and all, that I’m cool with, but I hate having to try on clothes. Seriously, they should make like a machine that makes clothes perfectly for each person, makes life so much easier.

Currently: Going to go eat

Reading: Just finished Shadowland ^^ So awesome~~ Starting The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Listening to: In my head by Jason Derulo

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